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Shu and Bouquet

Chapter 10 - Have no Fear

"Hehehe", Victoria giggled deviously to herself in a very "girly" way.

Kluke marched up to Victoria with a look of battle in her eyes.

"Hiyee Kluke", Victoria faked a smile.

"OH DON'T GIVE ME THAT SMILE!!", Kluke yelled at her obviously annoyed of her fake smiles.

"But my smile is genuine this time".

"Never mind!!", Kluke walked away saying something about how stubborn Victoria was.

"H-hi Victoria", Troy approached casually up to Victoria.

"Hi Troy!! Bye Troy!!", Victoria walked off quickly before Troy could say another word.

"B-but I baked you these...", Troy held out some banana bread but then walked off with his head down.

"Ooh I just can't do the play Shu anyway Victoria can take my place", Bouquet turned to walk away.

"Wait I can help you overcome your stagefright", Shu tried to negotiate with her.

Bouquet stopped, "How do I do that?".

"Umm... Just leave it to me I'll think of something", Shu began to think.

"Okay I don't think this is a good idea", Bouquet said with a confused voice.

"It's perfect! How could you be scared of a large audience when you can't see them", Shu finished tying the blindfold on Bouquet.

Bouquet tried to move around and held her arms out.

"I can't where I'm go- ING!!", Bouquet stumbled over the stage.

"Sorry I don't think this will work", Shu helped Bouquet up to her feet.

"I'm sorry Shu I don't want to do the play anymore... Thanks for trying to help me overcome my stage fright but ", Bouquet explained sadly.

"You know you don't have to come tomorrow but we would be really happy if you'd like to come", Shu told her with a smile and left off.

Bouquet stood there thinking to herself and walked away.

The Next Day was the Day of the performance.

The opening act was going on.

"Any sign of Bouquet?", Shu asked hoping she would come.

Zola, Kluke and Jiro shaked their heads.

Shu sighed when they were about to enter the stage.

In the dressing rooms Victoria was getting putting on make up and finishing touches.

She walked to the backstage.

"Are we all ready now tee hee hee!!", Victoria giggle ever so cheerfully.

"Sure am Is'nt that right Vikki?", Bouquet winked at her.

"WHAT?!?! BUT YOU HAVE STAGEFRIGHT!!!", Victoria grew angered at her reluctance.

"I know I worked hard on this play and I'm not just going to give all away to you Ms. Posh Spice!!", Bouquet said back.

"B-but she always!! Grrr!! Never mind do your stupid play!!", Victoria stomped off to the audience and took a seat.

"Popcorn?", Troy smiled at Victoria.

"Sure", Victoria finally smiled back.

"But why? How did you?", Shu started.

"It's curtain time!!", Bouquet said and they entered the stage.

"You know I just wanted to do this play soo much right", Bouquet whispered before they started.

"Right", Shu whispered and they smiled at eachother.

The End

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