Phoenix Wright twiddled his thumbs as he stared out the train window, breath fogging the window as he watched the scenery roll by in a blur. Everything he could see was white; ground and trees were hardly visible under a thick coating of snow, and the sky was bleached white, threatening to bear down more of the sparkling snowflakes at any moment. It was a tremendous sight, and he found himself wishing that Los Angeles was more prone to such weather. Ah well, he thought with a shrug. That's not where I'm spending Christmas, anyway.

Maya had invited him to come to Kurain and share in their celebration of the winter holiday. He'd gladly accepted the offer, remembering that he'd have otherwise spent the holiday alone. Normally, he and Larry celebrated together, drinking and hitting on girls, and exchanging terrible presents that each man knew the other wouldn't want. This year, however, Larry had a girlfriend at the right time, and Phoenix had been left to fend for himself. Maya's invitation was just the escape he needed from a lonely and depressing Christmas.

He had no idea how the Fey clan celebrated Christmas, of course. Maya had mentioned that they had traditions, which made Phoenix nervous. The last time she'd decided to show him Kurain "traditions" - his birthday party, which she'd insisted would be ten times better if celebrated in Kurain style - he'd spent an hour trying to find his clothes after Maya had taken them, hoping none of the Fey girls saw him naked. When Pearl had finally brought him his suit (covering her eyes, naturally) he'd been less than thrilled to learn that there was no Kurain tradition that mandated nudity for any reason on one's birthday. Christmas, Phoenix firmly told himself, was not going to be a repeat of that event.

He glanced at his suitcase, resting on the seat opposite of him. He'd packed lightly; he would only be staying for a few days, after all. But there was still little room, because he'd brought quite a number of presents for Maya and Pearl. Phoenix had had some difficulty trying to determine what to get the Fey girls, but knew he couldn't just show up empty handed, and so had eventually raided a toy store, selecting gifts he hoped were appropriate.

He was stirred from his thoughts as the train pulled to a halt at the station, a gentle bump telling him that the ride was over. He glanced out the window, unsurprised to notice that very few people were waiting outside. He couldn't imagine anyone wanting to spend too much time outside – not when the temperature was in the single digits. Already, he was dreading the walk to Kurain from the station. It was only about a mile, but it wouldn't be a pleasant trip. Grabbing up his suitcase, he got off the train and headed towards the station to warm up before heading out towards Kurain.

He'd hardly taken a step off the train when he was tackled from the side roughly, and found himself lying in the snow, staring up at a figure bundled in a large purple jacket. "Maya?" he asked incredulously. "What are you doing here? I thought you'd be waiting at Kurain."

The spirit medium grinned impishly as she held out a gloved hand to help him up. "What, and let you walk back there all alone in the snow?"

Phoenix laughed as he accepted her hand, brushing the snow from himself as he rose. Already, the moisture from the snow was creeping into his pants, the cold nipping at his legs, but he couldn't quite bring himself to care. "It's just as cold for you as it is for me, Maya."

Maya waggled a finger at the defense attorney. "Nope! Not quite. You see, I've got something that'll make the trip twice as fast and twice as fun." Phoenix raised an eyebrow and followed the young woman as she led him around to the side of the train station. Sitting beside the brick wall was a gleaming red vehicle, and Phoenix's jaw dropped.

"A snowmobile? When did you get that?"

"It belongs to the whole clan, " Maya replied offhandedly. "Since we get so much snow every year, the elders decided to get it a few weeks ago, so if we have to go anywhere, it'll be easier." She sat on the vehicle and grabbed Phoenix's arm, yanking him into the seat behind her, adding, "C'mon! Wait 'til you see how fast this thing goes!" Before Phoenix even had a chance to respond, Maya revved the machine to life, and the defense attorney quickly planted his hands on Maya's shoulders, nervous about trusting Maya to drive safely.

"How much experience do you have with this thing?" Phoenix demanded as the snowmobile shot forward, icy air stinging his cheeks.

"Driving here was my first time," Maya yelled back, the wind whipping her voice away so that Phoenix hardly caught the answer. "But I'm a natural! I almost hit some trees, but almost doesn't count, right?" Phoenix paled and his grip on Maya's shoulders tightened.

- - -

Fortunately, the pair arrived at the village quickly and without incident (although there were a few close calls, and though he was too numb from the cold to tell, Phoenix was afraid that he might have wet himself). Maya grinned as she got off. "See, Nick? Wasn't that fun?" She turned to face her companion, who was a strange shade of green, and was staring dully ahead. "Nick?"

Phoenix shook his head, trying to regain his bearings. "Maya... I will gladly walk ten miles in the snow barefoot if I never have to ride that thing with you again." The spirit medium stared at him a moment before bursting into laughter.

"That's why I love having you around, Nick. You've got a great sense of humor." Ignoring the feeble protests from the defense attorney, Maya latched onto his arm and pulled him along until they reached Fey Manor. "Pearly's really excited that you're here. She can't wait to see you." Some of the color returned to Phoenix's face as he smiled, fondly recalling the affectionate child.

The two entered the manor, and indeed, Pearl was waiting. Phoenix had barely crossed the foyer before he found himself the victim of a tackle-hug, not unlike the one he'd received from Maya earlier that day. He couldn't help grinning as he hugged the young girl back, dropping to his knees so he cold see her at eye level. "Heya, Pearls," he greeted.

Pearl gave a bubbly smile. "Mr. Nick! We missed you so much! I'm so glad you came!" He found her excitement contagious, and it wasn't long before all three were laughing and smiling as they launched into stories of what they'd been up to. It was a long while before Phoenix remembered to unpack and, remembering his gifts for the girls as he pulled them from his suitcase, he resolved to slip them under the tree that night, when Maya and Pearl had gone to sleep. Hiding them under his bed, he came back out and joined the Fey girls in the dining room so that they could explain their Christmas traditions over dinner.