"Get up, Nick! Get up!" The excited voice was accompanied by a flurry of energetic knocks, and Phoenix groaned as he was unceremoniously pulled into consciousness.

"Yeah, I'm getting up, don't worry..." Biting back a yawn, he rolled out of bed and rubbed his eyes blearily. Just what time was it? A glance at the window told him that it wasn't even dawn yet, and he cringed. Who would want to be up this early?

"Nick!" A moment later, he had his answer as Maya swung open his door, barreling in with a giddy grin. "C'mon, lazybones! Get out of bed already!"

"M-Maya!" Phoenix stammered, jerking his arm back as Maya attempted to pull him up. "Can't I at least get dressed first?" The young woman paused to eye him critically, and Phoenix shifted uncomfortably. While he was hardly indecent in shorts and a T-shirt, he didn't feel it would be appropriate to walk around the Fey household dressed as such.

"Oh, come on! You're wearing clothes, aren't you? Anyway, it's Christmas! Who cares about clothes when there are presents to be opened?" Before he had time to protest, Maya yanked him up, dragging the hapless attorney out of his room. Phoenix sighed, realizing that resistance was futile.

Phoenix was quite surprised when the two Fey girls planted themselves in front of the Christmas tree to find that had hadn't been the only one to stash presents underneath it the night before. A veritable mountain of gifts loomed, nearly as high as the tree itself. Of course, some of them were quite large, the logical side of the lawyer pointed out, so there really weren't as many as there seemed. He pushed back that thought, not wishing to consider anything that would dampen his Christmas cheer. He turned to nudge Maya, and whispered. "I see you had fun with the presents, huh?"

Maya gave him an odd look. "Me? All my presents were under there yesterday afternoon. Those must be from Santa!" Before Phoenix could respond, Maya launched herself at the pile, savagely ripping apart the wrapping of the nearest gift to bear her name. Sighing, Phoenix shook his head, deciding that he'd play along. He sat down on the carpet beside Maya and searched for a gift with his own name on the tag.

"This one must be yours," Pearl announced, handing a small box to Phoenix. "It's blue." Phoenix was about to point out that the color of the wrapping didn't necessarily indicate the intended recipient when he realized that it was indeed his name scribbled on the tag in sloppy writing, and he smiled. "Thanks, Pearls," he said, accepting the present. Though the tag claimed the gift was from "Santa Closs", the childish scrawl was enough to give the defense attorney a good guess of who was really behind it. Grinning, he peeled back the wrapping.

It wasn't long before all the presents were unwrapped. Phoenix, now finding himself the proud owner of a kitten sweater, a checkers set, a board game called "Guess Who?", and two very pink mittens – "They match your tie," Maya had pointed out – was feeling very happy with the morning, and had even forgotten his previous grumpiness at being woken early. Maya and Pearl had both seemed to wholly appreciate the gifts he'd gotten them, and were currently making use of one of them – a drawing pad, on which they were both contributing elements to what they claimed was a portrait of him. After seeing the absurdly jagged eyebrows and mohawk hairdo, Phoenix wasn't sure he agreed.

"Hey Nick, what color underwear do you wear?"

"What?" The defense attorney glanced at the drawing in alarm, only slightly mollified to see that the caricature was, indeed, wearing pants. "Why would you ask something like that?!"

Maya shrugged. "Just curious. I'm thinking about the next drawing we should do in here..." Phoenix's jaw dropped, and the spirit medium burst out in laughter a moment later. "Oh, relax! Jeez, Nick, you really have no sense of humor! I was just kidding, but you should have seen the look on your face!" Reddening, Phoenix turned away with as much dignity as he could muster as Maya cackled at him.

At least it was going well until then, he thought with a sigh. Still, he realized, he was pretty happy with the holiday. I hope Larry has a girlfriend next Christmas, too...