He didn't know why he kissed her. He meant to kill her, strike her down. But she kept on laughing at him and it was Sirius' laugh, Sirius' mouth and with a pang he realized how alike they were.

He kissed her.

For a second she stilled and he wondered if that was a danger sign and should he stop and should he let go but no because now she was kissing him back.

He grasped on to everything he could of her and dimly wondered when he'd let go, when he'd go too far but not now, not yet because she was grabbing him too.

He remembered Sirius' laugh. Exhilarated. Cocky. He died that way and Harry was grateful because he died the way he lived and would she die that way too, he wondered. Would she die right now? She felt eternal.

She felt hot too, and tight. And clammy, or was that him, yes it was him and he was nervous and scared and growing and it was because of her, this witch, this devil.

He couldn't tell where he began or where he ended. They were together, mangled, and he hated himself and hated her more and loved touching her and tasting her but she needed to shut up now, and stop laughing, laughing, LAUGHING!

She grew quiet after his outburst and looked at him strangely and he had his wand out but there was no fear in her eyes, no fear, no fear, but he wanted her to have some but she wouldn't and neither did Sirius when he was about to die.

Would he kill her? She felt eternal, as Sirius should have been. Sirius should have stayed. Have come back. All he had was her and he hated her and he drew his wand slowly across her neck and she let him and he thought it was wrong and he wanted to kill her, to strike her down, but he kissed her instead.

She kissed back.

He needed her. He knew he needed her. He wondered what drew her to him. But did it matter? It did, but not now, not at this moment. Now he felt her legs around him, her hands gripping his hair hard, and her laugh echoing in his ear, himself inside her.

Time stood still and grew tighter around them. Pressing themselves together and suffocating them.

He was still inside her, she grew tighter and tighter and tighter, his breathing was labored and her laugh came in pants, his scar burned and she screamed as he came.

His scar burned and he cried in a chorus of agony as she lay beside him, her left arm stinging. She rejoiced in the pain and he saw she was mad. Quite mad. He lifted his wand to kill her. Right in this moment. Right now. His wand twitched with longing. She locked her gaze on him. Sirius' gaze.

He meant to kill her. He kissed her instead.