Chaotic Damnation.
By Pegasia Silverfeather

Chapter one "Neblihiem"

Yuffie walked along the cobbled streets of Neblihiem. She knew where she was going and her eyes were focused on that location. Cold air whiped at her bare stomach as she walked onward to the gigantic black mansion.

'Vince, you better hope and pray that I don't find you here. Or else .....' She thought as she pushed open that heavy wooden door. Immediantly the smell of dust and aged time flooded her sences. Stepping forward she walked on the rotted floor wincing a the protestent squeeks by the floor.

As she approached the forbiden hallway towards the basement she saw that door open. Stepping in she looked in the shadows threw the smell of death and decay to find the smell she was looking for....Vincent Valentine. Her mind sorted scents untill she found a whiff of the peculier smell of faded lavender.

Stepping bravely into the darkness she reached out for the wooden box in front of her. Yanking off the top of the coffin she looked into the shadows at the pale man beside her. Reaching into the coffin she slapped the sleeping man hard on his right cheek.

His glowing bloodred eyes flashed open as he looked for the source of his pain.

"Didn't you learn from before that sleeping away time will not help! Ya know I thought that you were soooo smart." Slamming the coffin door shut as loudly as she could. "I HATE BEING PROVED WRONG!!!" She screamed at the coffin.

She stormed out of the basment and sprinted towards the town's inn. Hurridly paying for room 3 she raced up the stairs and collapsed in a pile on the floor. The tweenty three year old removed her armor and sat weakly on the carpeted floor with her hands to her face. within her sobbing she fell asleep.


He looked into the darkness after the girl had run away. 'Who was that?' replaying the scene in his head he listioned to her words. ''Sooo smart'' 'That sound like something Yuf- YUFFIE!' With this he threw the top of the coffin off and leaped out of it in a bound. Racing towards the end of town. A light caught his attention, it was the only light on in the town. Vincent raced down the wet streets as he turned heading fot the inn. Racing for the clerk.

"Did a Yuffie Kirosagi sign in tonight?' He asked. The clerk nodded and continued looking at his collection of materia.

"She went up to room 3. Seemed really upset." The clerk never looked away from the glowing orbs.

Walking as calmly as he could he made his way to the room marked 3. Pushing the door open he thought of reasons why she would have come looking for him. Looking into the room he saw that Yuffie was on the floor looking as if she were crying. Bending over he saw the dried tears on her cheeks and went to put a hand on her shoulder.

"I....though he'd understand... Help me....He can't help himself....I am so selfish." She said in her sleep.

Vincent looked puzzled at this. Why would she need help from a monster like him? A freash mob of tears shed as she slept. As he was preparing to wake her up she started to float in the air and her tiny body fung back till she was lieing parallel to the floor her arms out at her sides in tight fists. The braid that held her hair up in a tight bun exploded and her raven tresses fell flat agains her shoulders and around her head.

'What is happening? Yuffie?'

A soft cry of pain filled the room and then her body was thrown to the floor once again. Vincent ran ahead and caught her in his arms. As her body slumped against his cheast he walked across the room and over to the bed where he gently placed her in the sheets. Strands of black and sunbleached hair crossed over her eyes. Reaching over he brushed them away only to reveal that gray eyes stared back at him.

"Vincent?" She asked hope preasent in her voice.

"Yes." He said.

"Are you-" She lowerd her eyes "Mad at me?"

"Why?" He asked.

"Because of what just happened."

"No. No, I'm confused. What was that?"

"That was why I've been looking for you for 5 years." She said as she sat up. "You were the only one who could ever understand. I was hoping that you could help me." She said as she wrapped her arms around her knees.

"Yuffie, what are you talking about?" He asked confusion rising in his voice.

"Vincent...I was...It's a long story. Do you really want to know?" She asked.

Vincent knodded his head.

"Ok so a year after that whole meteor thing I was going threw hojo's lab when these guys in white coats knocked me out. When I woke up I was on a table. ...Vincent...they were doing experiments on me. I felt scarred, angry and all sorts of things ....then it happened....whatever experiments they did made me like this. I saw the main doctor and I felt something shift in my soul. It hurt and then I kinda blanked out. When I woke up there was blood all over the walls and that doctor was dead on the floor. and worse was...his blood was on my hands." She said shaking at the tale. "Vincent...they were using Hojo's experiments on me. The same ones that they used on you"

"It sounds like they were planing it. I don't think that they got around to it. I don't see any of the physical signs of the experiments." He said. Yuffie jumped out of the bed. running over to the mirror she turned her back to him and brought her hands to her face.

" much as I would like to believe that...your wrong." She said saddly.

"Yuffie...I am not insulting you but...maybe you are mistaken." He said as he watched her shake her head.

Yuffie sharply turned around and ran at him putting one hand on his chest, pushing him on the bead, an the other on the bed itself. Vincent looked up to see in his horrer matching Blood red eyes...that were turning darker and darker. "Vince....I'm soooo not mistaken about this."

"Y-your eyes were brown a moment ago.." He said.

"I ware contacts so people won't be afraid." She said letting go of him and rolling over on the bed. "Vinny...does Chao's make you hurt. You know causes you pain."

Vincent listioned to her words. "Yes... when I loose control of him. But surely they didn't ....oh my god."

Yuffie closed her eyes and knodded. "It's name is damnation. She makes Chao's look like a walk in the park...but that I'm not sure. I remember waking up in Wutai one day and mothers were pulling their children inside because I was on the street. They thought I was possesed....I guess that they were right." She said curling up in a ball.

"Yuffie...I can't tell you how...much I understand how you feel." He said placing a hand on her shoulder. She turned over and wrapped her arms over him.

"Thanks....Vincent....You're a real pal." She said softly as sleep carried her away.


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