Breathe not a word of this.

Amelia was everything a noble woman shouldn't be. She was insubordinate towards her father, thought little of her royal duties, and often snuck out to hunt werewolves. At wits end Corvus seeked out the only man he thought could help, the vampire elder, Viktor. Amelia despised her father for his betrayal and did all she could to anger Viktor, to put her father at shame for his decision. Little did she know the man she tried so hard to anger would be the very man she fell in love with. Afterall, there is a thin line between love and hate.

A lovely little Viktor/Amelia story.

Chapter 1: Solace.

Clouding the murky town streets hundreds of lycans worked hard to please their vampire owners. The sight did not shock me, I knew well of how things worked outside of my small town, and outside of my father's coven. I passed by a blacksmith lycan with long dark brown hair, he seemed tamed compared to the state I normally saw his kind in. He was working hard on completing a sword, barely even paying attention to me as I passed him by.

For a moment I glanced to the side where my father continued to walk in pace with me, there really was no chance for me to escape this time. I had finally reached the end of my insubordination; my grand adventure had finally reached its ending. There was only one reason we had come to this larger, stricter coven, and his name was Viktor. He was the elder of our breed, the first from what knowledge I had collected over the years. Ruthless, elegant, and anything but compassionate.

I on the other hand was rebellious, never listened, and spoke back on more then one occasion. Not the typical behavior of a nobleman's daughter, though my parents had the best intentions for me, it was merely something I did not desire to become. I wanted to be in the field, I was a fighter, passionate about my cause. I cared not for the frilly lace dresses; the social gossiping, and I certainly would never become a man's trophy.

In good faith my parent's named me Amelia, after the beautiful and elegant elder that shared power over this coven alongside Viktor and Markus. I was not that Amelia though, I was my own person, and I wanted to make my own rules. My father had dragged me here literally kicking and screaming until we crossed the gates of this large town and I realized there was no turning back. My father hoped that our breed's old-fashioned elder could turn me into the noble woman I was bound to become, I highly doubted it.

"Father please." A soft spoken plea to get him to turn around. I had heard hundreds of horror stories of the things Viktor was capable of doing, I was not ready for this kind of change. I knew I could behave if given the chance, I also knew a week back home pretending to be elegant would banish my father's insane plan to have Viktor mold me.

"You've left me no choice Amelia," My father said with a hint of coldness. I had finally drawn a line and pushed him to this point, atleast that is the way he presented his side of the case to me. "I have forgiven you time and time again and still you betray my trust. This is how things must be, this is exactly what you need." He explained as if it were a simple transaction of some kind to leave me here, There would be no way for me to talk my father out of my already decided fate… Unless I presented myself in an elegant manor before Viktor. I would parade around, acting elegant and kind. He would see in a noblewoman in me, one that did not need his harsh training. It was fool proof.

My father moved to stand before me as we entered the council's room. The walls were a dark washed out granite color, bathed in shadows. Vampires lined every wall dressed in elegant black clothing. At the very end of the room a stone throne lay with an intricate 'V' design etched into it. My eyes met the elder's. They were unlike anything I had seen before, a magnificent blue that burned like the sun's rays, penetrating deep into my very soul shattering my 'fool proof' plan to bits.

"Corvus." Viktor's tone was as cold as his eyes.

"Sire." I watched my father kneel before the elder with admiration. I stood in place unaware of what to do. Viktor's eyes stayed glued to mine, staring me down, stripping me of all courage and knowledge.

"Kneel." My father demanded with a whisper. I dropped down quickly and kept my head bowed, barely daring to look through my lashes as the elder seated in front of us.

"What brings you here Corvus, what is your urgency to see me?" He questioned in a dark tone. My father slowly looked over at me.

"Viktor, I seek your guidance, I need you to help my daughter become the noble woman she was born to be." My father answered in a tone I had never heard him use before. Viktor truly frightened him which surprised me, never had I seen my father spewing such respect. Viktor looked away from my father and back to me. His long fingers slowly curled around his goblet, blood sloshed over the edges of the cup dripping onto his clothes as he eyed me with a vague expession.

"And what is the trouble with Amelia?" Viktor questioned in the same cool tone. My father glanced to me for a moment then back to the elder.

"She is far too adventurous for her own good. She sneaks out at night to fight, will not oblique to any council partaking, shows no respect, and refuses to become what she was born into." I wanted to grind my teeth together, and spit out every insult I could think of. It was not my fault I behaved this way, if my father had just let me be who I wanted I would not have to go about things as I did.

"You may stop gnashing your teeth together Amelia." Viktor's icy tone broke the silence. I looked up quickly, how had he caught my reaction? I had done my best to keep the strain from my face but still he had seen through it.

"I do believe it will be in Amelia's best interest if she remains here at my castle…under my close watch." Viktor's eyes bore into me as if he had seen everything wrong I had done in the past. "I will bring her to her full potential." He promised my father as he took a sip of the crimson liquid in his cup. My jaw nearly sunk to the floor in one swift motion. He was an elder, didn't he have better things to do then trying to make me into a 'council woman'?

"I am forever in your debt, Sire, thank you." My father's voice was full of excitement.

"Go now Corvus, I shall take things from here." Viktor flicked his first two fingers toward my father who in turn rose, bowed a second time and left me behind. The doors sealed loudly, as I felt the last fleeting moments of my free life slip away. I was now under Viktor's watch and command.


-I know most people don't like Viktor but for some reason I do, so this little idea popped into my head.

-If you're interested I'll continue it, but if everyone is a Viktor-hater...then I'll put the stake through the heart of this story.

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