Chapter 34: And we shall inherit.

"Amelia, wake up." Viktor's soft tone called to me from my slumbered state. I reluctantly opened my eyes; my body was strained and tired. I'm certain whatever he wished to tell me could wait till I had my rest and let my body regain the strength he had taken away. It was his fault I was in this weakened state, so it only seemed fit that he let me continue to rest. Viktor had been like an animal the night before, the roughest I had ever seen him, and I had loved every minute of it. Our frustrations with each other had been physically expressed and I could not even gather the slightest ounce of anger against my husband. I simply did not have it in me at the moment.

"Can it wait?" I begged pulling the covers tighter around my body, for some reason the room seemed ice cold. On top of that the bed was much too comfortable for me to get up from it. Viktor's quiet laughter filled the bedchamber giving me the answer I did not wish to hear.

"I'm afraid it can not wait. Now wake, dress, and follow me." He instructed. His tone let me know there was no room for discussion, something had to be done and he would not leave me in peace until it was done. Though I was certain after everything I had allowed him to do last night, he should be tolerant with me and give into some of my wants. It only seemed fair to have an equal relationship, but then again, did I really expect the highest rank elder to give me an equal role? No, that was simply not my husband's nature, if it had been…I probably would not have desired him as passionately as I did. I let out a groan keeping my eyes closed; there was just no way I'd be getting up right now. I was much too sleepy.

"How about an hour longer?" I begged keeping my head planted firmly against the soft pillow, negotiating seemed like the most beneficial thing for me to attempt. Pouting, crying, and throwing a tantrum would do no good to win him over. He was a leader, leader's had to negotiate to make compromises. I jolted up when the blanket was pulled away from my body and the chill of the room hit my skin in one large gust. A deep shiver ran down my skin.

"Amelia, get up." Viktor's tone was demanding this time. He was regaining his role as the elder, the leader, and my dominating husband. He knew that tone was the only one I'd listen to…well, that is, when I wished to listen to it. I was known to question that tone on many occasions, but the fact that I was freezing helped me decide I would just do whatever it was he wanted me to. It would allow me to make it back to the bed soonest.

"Pushy jerk." I mumbled forcing myself from the bed grabbing clothes quickly. I could not remember a time the chill of the weather had such an effect on me of this magnitude so I rushed to put some kind of fabric on my skin. Why in the world was it so cold?

"You would love me no other way dear." Viktor's arms encircled my waist as I pulled my shirt down into place. I let out a short tired laugh. He did have a point. If he had been a coward, or broken easily under my dramatic antics I would not have loved him the same. It was the way he challenged me, forcing me to strive to be something and someone more that I adored. He helped me push away the princess attitude, he helped teach me that crying didn't always mean you got your way. He was strict with me; he raised his voice to me when he felt it was deserved. My father could not do such a thing to me though, feeling I was delicate because of my mother's death…but it was the very thing I needed. Viktor gave me guidance, a place to finally fit in.

"You are probably right love." I responded upon settling my clothes into place. Viktor's lips touched my neck and I jolted with a hiss of pain as nerves cried out in unison. Viktor pulled back instantly inspecting my neck. What at first was the closest thing to worry on his face, turned into a smug grin, leading me to worry just what he had seen?

"Perhaps I was too rough with you last night, I forgot you are so young, you have yet to learn how to handle your pain." He continued to grin opening the door walking out without waiting for me. I couldn't fight my curiosity as I rushed to the small vanity in the corner of the room. I tilted my head to the side, brushing my messy hair away from my neck. The skin was a deep purple color; Viktor's teeth marks predominate, his bite had branded me deeper then any other time. I glared at my reflection for a moment before rushing out of the room after him. Earlier I could not find my anger but he had managed to help me locate it when he once again, just had to be the best. I would beat him one day, I was sure of it.

"I was able to handle my pain. It is simply that your lips crushed so roughly against my skin…" I fabricated trying to cut off the very idea that he had found another weakness in me. This caused Viktor to pause and turn towards me, watching me expectantly. He knew my lies, he knew my fables, he read me like a book.

"Are you blaming others for your actions yet again Amelia? Do you not remember what has happened to you the last time you blamed another?" He was teasing me, evident from the grin on his face. I rolled my eyes. It was useless sometimes.

"Fine, I accept full responsibility for my actions." I finally said just to make him happy. Viktor waited for me to catch up him before he took my hand in his. I could tell he was in a soft, playful mood. I liked it; it was a nice change to have him be sweet with me. "So what do you want to show me?" I asked when we were out in the open towards the front of the ship. I glanced to the sky and saw the bright full moon gleaming back at me; it was close to us, beautiful and radiant. In the distance, somewhere on the shoreline I could hear werewolves announcing what they thought to be victory. They had no idea the elders still breathed; Lucian had probably spread his 'heroic' story of slaying Viktor. It enraged me beyond belief to think of the slanderous lies he was telling. I let out a small hiss remembering the vision of what Lucian had done to Viktor, but Viktor took my attention with his authoritative whisper.

"Look." Viktor said pointing far off in the distance. I could see a tall dark shadow but I could not make it out fully. It was still too far away. The ship continued to climb closer, and the fog seemed to part as if on cue. I could now make out the massive shadow to be a castle of some sorts settled neatly on a hill. "That will be our new home Amelia." He said bringing me in front of him. I rested my body against the wood of the ship; leaning down to set my arms against it as a brace. Viktor loosely put his arms around me, holding onto me as if he feared I would loose my balance and slip over the edge. He must have really thought I was as helpless as when I first came to be 'corrected' by him.

"I can't wait to see it up close." I was excited for this new life with Viktor. This castle would also bring a new era to the vampire race, when looking at the bigger picture. An era I would be able to shape beside my feared warlord husband, I, without really realizing it had become a part of our breed's history. An elder myself though I chose to ignore my rights in order to have my secret love.

"We will arrive a mere hour or so before dawn." He told me softly as he held me still. I nodded my head watching the shoreline in anticipation. It seemed so far away, and unattainable but I knew sooner or later we would arrive and my new life as Viktor's bride would kick into full effect. It was easier to live, when your enemies thought you were dead. Though I knew once the vampire civilization picked up the pieces and pulled back together my marriage to Viktor would never be spoken of, our romance forever hidden, and no one would breath a word of it…no one.

The End,

[Of Part 1].


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