George knew that he faded into the background whenever he was next to Fred. He was the magician's assistant. He was Chewbacca to Fred's Han. He had become quite addicted to Muggle movies, but that is entirely beside the point. He was Sonny to Fred's Cher... And no, Fred did not dress in drag... George was the Ron to Fred's Harry… George here. Hi everyone, I just wanted to tell you that the last sentence came out wrong… He was the carrots next to Fred's pot roast… Yeah, it's me again. I have to say that I'm hungry. The author should have never mentioned Fred's pot roast. It's better than Mum's… Suffice it to say, that George was overlooked.

It wasn't just Fred that caused this phenomenon either. When around Bill or Charlie, George might as well be invisible… Hey! I'm standing right here you know!

Even when next to Ron… Okay, now let's try to be serious here. I mean, come on, RON? ... Okay, so when George is next to Ron… people turn to look at Harry That's better… I mean – WHAT? How could you?

George always wanted to be the popular one, but he just never quite got there. It was always 'Fred and George' but never 'George and Fred'… Ain't that the truth.

This is why, in the middle of his seventh year at Hogwarts, George did something that was either quite stupid or extremely bright… It was extremely bright, thank-you-very-much!

He ran off and joined the Death Eaters… HEY! That's a complete lie! … I was just checking to make sure you were paying attention.

He met a cat. Despite the extreme oddness of that statement, it was true… but the cat was an animagus, and no I don't mean Minerva. Where do you people get these ideas anyway? You're channeling Sirius aren't you?… And what pray tell, is wrong with channeling the great and powerful Padfoot?

And so it came to pass… What are you doing? Writing a fairytale? This is 2009, people! Get with the times!

There he was, lost on a desert island… or in this case, lost in the south tower at Hogwarts. It's that one that no one ever talks about … Kinda makes you wonder why they don't talk about it doesn't it?

This cat was not ordinary. This cat was a magical cat… Okay, we already established that when you said it was an animagus!

He wandered around in circles for hours… It was only an hour, and it was a bloody TOWER, so of course I wandered in circles… After an hour… Happy? . . . Yes, thank you… He wandered into the bedroom at the very top of the tower, aside from the roof, of course. There, curled on a chair in front of the fire was a beautiful brown striped cat. Upon noticing the stranger entering her abode, she stood, stretched, jumped off of the chair, walked over to him, and sniffed his legs.

After determining that yes, that was aftershave that he spilled on his jeans, the cat rubbed against him, making her appreciation of the scent known.

George, being George, picked the cat up then sat in its chair, with the cat on his lap. There were two problems with this situation. The first was that this cat was female (and as we've already established, she was an animagus), this meant that she had the awkward feeling that he was touching the northern part of her female anatomy. Second, he placed her on his lap, which was unfortunate because he was a male, and she most definitely did not want to 'get to know him'... If you know what I mean.

"Well, Cupcake, it's just you and me then as I can't find my way out of this bloody tower. Hell, I never even saw it on the Marauders Map," George said, rubbing her ears.

Ooh, that feels gooooood, she thought. Then she thought, Waaaaiiiiiit a minute, buster. My name ISN'T Cupcake!Unfortunately for her, it was too late by then, Cupcake I named her, and Cupcake she shall remain.

Cupcake meowed plaintively, but he didn't seem to notice.

"Did you ever feel like nobody notices you except as backup, or worse only notices you to say 'Hey, do you know where you-know-who went'… And no I was not referring to V – V – Voldemort… I do," he continued, "I feel that way a lot."

Cupcake noticed the sad look on his face, as being a cat did not diminish her observation skills. "Mew," she said sympathetically then questioned why she did so, as he had never been particularly nice to her, not that he was mean or anything. Nice save!

George, who had paused in rubbing her ears while lamenting his woes, resumed rubbing them.

This resulted in… Oooooh, why didn't the animagus handbook warn about this? A little to the left… No, no, your other left… Closer, closer… Oooh, that's the spot.

"I wish that someone would see me, not 'Fred and George' but just George," he continued. He was now stroking her tail, which was an odd but likeable sensation.

"Puuuuuurrrrrrrr," she said.

George smirked down at the cat. "Well, you seem to like me. So maybe I'm not hopeless." He paused as he continued to pet her. "You know what? You're a really good listener."

He then noticed that it was getting dark out and checked his watch. "I have to go or I might miss dinner," he said.

"Mrow," she said, panicking slightly. What are you waiting for? Get lost so I can transform back and take my secret passage to beat you to dinner!

"Well," he said, standing up.

And again with the hands.

"Come and find me for a chat sometime, okay Cupcake? I'm in Gryffindor," he added for good measure.

He left the room, and did not see Cupcake transform into a very feminine young woman… Very feminine indeed…Shut up, George!

She moved to the bookshelf by the bed and pulled out one of the books, and (ironically enough) the shelf moved, revealing a secret passage.

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