She was bored. Beyond bored. Bored to tears even. I think they get the point. Bite me! Sorry, but I'm no vampire. She jumped delicately off of her plush blue chair and stretched her legs. And what lovely legs they are, too. Shut up, George.

She thought for a long moment before deciding to visit Gryffindor Tower.

Perhaps he'll pet me again, she thought excitedly. Yeah, the girls just love my hands on them. No, but the cats sure do.

Wait. What am I saying? She thought to herself. She was so confused. As a girl, he was an annoying git, but as a cat, he had magic hands. "Mrowr," she said to herself, and shook her head.

She padded softly out of the room and down the spiral staircase, occasionally pausing to look outside one of the floor length windows that were on every landing. The views alternated between the Quidditch pitch and the Forbidden Forest, and consequently, Hagrid's hut as well.

She padded down the seventh floor corridor, and until she entered the hall the held the Fat Lady's portrait. She meowed pitifully at it, and it swung open. It was a little known fact that each Common Room's entrances would automatically open for animals, that way familiars could come and go as they pleased. Sirius told me that the Marauders used that to their advantage when setting up pranks on the Slytherins. And that is pertinent to this story? No, but I just thought I'd share. Mummy always told me that sharing was what good little boys do. RIIIIIIIGHT! Note the sarcasm.

She leapt over the small ledge, that somehow always managed to trip Neville, and then hopped down into the red and gold room. She meowed a hello to Crookshanks, who was eyeing her in a very odd way, then flicked her tail and walked serenely toward the boys' staircase.

She walked up the stairs slowly, eyeing the signs on the doors as she went. She sidestepped Lee and Fred who didn't see her as they pounded down the stairs, and at long last, she was outside his door.

She meowed and pawed lightly at the door, then meowed again when he didn't answer. When he still didn't answer, she began to get mad, and when she got mad… bad things happened. You have NO idea. I am shuddering in my neon green dragon skin pants. He really is. It's quite amusing actually. Says you. Hmmph.

"MROWRRRR!" she said angrily, then hissed for good measure.

The door flew open with a slam, and she looked up to see a panicked George framed in the doorway.

"Meeow," she said softly, then rubbed against his legs.

"Great Merlin's most scary ghost, Cupcake, you scared the dragon shit out of me," George said. Which was really quite a crude and disgusting thing to say, George. Do I look like I care? She scared me.

"Aah well," George said, before bending down and scooping Cupcake up to his chest. He idly rubbed her head as he walked over to his bed and sat down on it. "It's nice to have a visitor. Fred wanted to slip some Canary Creams to some Hufflepuff third years, but I just didn't feel up to it today."

"Mrow?" Cupcake said. Imagine, one of the Weasley twins not wanting to prank someone.

"So, I told Fred to go ahead if that's what he felt like doing, and I'd just be up here studying," George continued, gently rubbing her ears.

"RROW?" Cupcake had never been so confused before in her life.

"Don't look at me like that," George said, glaring at the cat who was staring incredulously at him. It is amazing the looks one can see on a cat's face. I never thought before then that a cat could have so many expressions. You shouldn't underestimate them. I know THAT now.

"I do study quite regularly. Our products don't make themselves, you know," he continued. "I was thinking about Arithmancy. Does that interest you, Cupcake?"

"Meow," she replied, meaning 'yes, please study Arithmancy. It's my favorite.' I never would have guessed. That statement was drier than Vernon Dursley's mouth the day after a drinking binge.

So George pulled out 'Arithmancy for Mathematical Geniuses'. He flipped it open to somewhere in the back, proving that even popular pranksters sometimes study ahead. Aww, you think I'm popular? That is SO sweet. Well, Fred is popular, and you look just like him. You are SO mean.

"Mew," Cupcake said when she finished reading the page. She batted lightly at the corner, trying to turn the page herself.

George chuckled in a deep baritone and rubbed her head before taking pity on her and turning the page.

"Okay," he said when they finished the chapter. "I think I can finish the Arithmantic formula for our Daydream Charms." He pulled a battered notebook out of his trunk and set it down in front of Cupcake before plopping onto the bed on his stomach.

He flipped through pages upon pages of formulas before reaching the one he had mentioned. And a difficult one it was, too.

"So Cupcake, if I add the three then carry the eight and divide it by the osmosis, I think it'll work," George said.

Cupcake heaved a sigh… Cats can sigh? Apparently so. And shook her head meowing funny.

"What's wrong?" George asked. "Was it the three?"

Cupcake shook her head.

"Carrying the eight?"

Cupcake nodded.

"What should I do?" George asked.

Cupcake lifted a paw and tapped his arm with it five times.

"Ahah! So you're saying that I should carry a five, not an eight," he said.

"Meow," Cupcake replied. Yes. That really is one smart cat. ………….. What? Does the word 'animagus' ring any bells with you? Yes. Why? MOAN!

"Then that would mean… carry the five, and divide by the osmosis… AHAH! The answer is twelve and two-thirds," George declared proudly. "Thanks Cupcake. Are you sure you're not Hermione Granger in disguise?"

"Mew?" Cupcake said, acting confused. Gee! I wonder why.

35 Points: An actor from Harry Potter also acted in a Disney movie, playing a bad guy who turned to the light side. Name the Disney movie and the character he played in it. For 5 bonus points: Name the actor.