The cat like Alchemist

Ch. 25

"…oy…Roy…ROY!" Hughes shouted trying to get his friend out of his trance. Mustang had stayed motionless and silent for over an hour now. It was as if his mind turned off and his subconscious took over. Basically just walking around and staring off into the distance.

"Roy!" Hughes shouted running out of one of his rooms. They had all arrived back at his house and Max was not there to greet them back. She wasn't there to sit by the window to see if they were coming back and if she got caught, she wasn't there to blush and deny everything. Saying she didn't need a short-tempered shrimp or a useless brother to survive and that she wasn't waiting for them. There had been no sign of her.


Mustang blinked, finally regaining his composure. Edward just stared at him for a moment. The bastard had never looked so lost, not in the time that he had known him.

Mustang stood up straight. "Maes, where's Max?" He asked calmly.

"Gracia said that two military men showed up a few hours ago and she went with them!"

Edward scoffed. "Willingly? I doubt it!"

Hughes looked at Mustang. "She said that Max wasn't staying at her house. That she was staying somewhere else…"

"Damn it!" Roy shouted. He ran past the Elric brothers and to the phone, shaking the whole thing while dialing the numbers. The phone rang for what seemed far too long until something showed mercy on him and someone answered him.




"I need you to do something for me!"

"I am not going to wear a miniskirt tomorrow-"

"It's Max!"


Edward looked at Mustang. Even though he had a straight-face on, he could tell his mind was going a million miles a minute. Ed scoffed; the feeling was all too familiar. The moments in your life when you panic and you always expect the worst to happen.

Roy slammed the phone down and Hughes got his keys.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Alphonse shouted, totally confused about the situation.

"To the train station!" Hughes shouted.

"Come on Fullmetal!" Roy shouted.

Alphonse flinched for a moment but soon ran after the two adults. "Wait!" Edward soon followed.

Max starched and yawned, making a few of her joints snap and pop. Staying in a train's bathroom for over seven hours would leave an awful crick in the neck. Once she had gotten herself away from the two military men she didn't want to see them again. The two men kept pounding on the door, ordering her to get out. Really, they were both just annoying.

"Mustang, if you don't open this door this sec-!"

BAM! Max had swung the door open so fast the M.P had no time to get out of the way. Max yawned again in the doorway, showing no remorse or recognition of what she had just done. She snatched her suitcase out from the other M.P.'s hand and started to head down the aisle. Stepping over the man she knocked over. "You really shouldn't stand in front of doors." She stated with no bitterness or sarcasm, just bluntly.

She squinted when she got out of the train. It had taken them back to a, basically deserted part of Central. Even though Central was a city, some parts were either knocked down for new buildings and districts, or people just moved out and left the place as is and abandoned. It had become dark out. Then something caught her attention.

"The smell of… gun powder?" She turned her head to see a tall, blonde woman. "Hawkeye!" Max shouted happily, dropping her suitcase to the ground and running over to her. "You're here! How?"

"The Colonel sent me to make sure you arrived unharmed." She stated.

"Big Brother sent you?" She asked. "Do you know where he is? Havoc said he went on a mission a while ago…"

"Did he now…"

"Yeah, I haven't heard from big brother in forever!"

"He has…been doing some investigating." She answered.

"…so you don't know where he is?"

"I do."

"Then where?" She asked, starting to get flustered.




"Fine! Don't tell me!" She pouted. "…is he safe?"

"Should be."

"…ok then." Max said sighing.

"Hey!" One of the Military men shouted running over to Max, the other holding a growing bump on his head. "Who are you?"

Max glared at him. "She's a good friend of mine…" She declared burning holes into the man with her gaze. The man glared at Hawkeye.

"We should get going." Hawkeye said.

The man open his mouth to protest, however there was something in Max's scowl that told him A) she was going to find a way to allow it and B) she would be able to kill him the minute he would say something. He decided not to.

Max took the lead with Hawkeye and they started to chat a little while the two M.P's followed them telling them where to go. Hawkeye would look over her shoulder at the two men and give a small glare every now and then when Max wasn't looking. Max always dropped her guard when Hawkeye was around. That was because Max trusted Hawkeye with her life.

About an hour later, Max and Hawkeye found themselves in front of a huge mansion. It was white and had a huge garden in front and back, there was also a huge gate out front to keep people out. Max sneezed.

"Ug… I hate all of these flowers!" Max complained. "They're tacky and they smell awful…" Hawkeye couldn't but to smile slightly at the girl's bluntness.

"Hurry up you too! Our superior wants to see you now."

Max scowled at the man, but pushed back the gate and walked along the past leading to the mansion. Hawkeye took a deep breath, hoping Mustang would arrive soon.

Ed was nervous… no that wasn't right. He was restless. After learning what happened to Max… and why… it made no sense! And now Mustang, Hughes, Al and himself were about 10 minutes after Max, trying to prevent an unwanted marriage. Mustang had said the guy's name was Richard or something like that…

Edward glanced at Mustang, even though he looked calm, he was absolutely livid. Hell, he could feel the hated radiating from that man.

"Fullmetal…" Edward had jumped, but only a little bit.


"…I know you are completely unaware of this, but this man…"


"…yes… he wanted to marry Max."

"Right…" Edward nodded, growing a bit suspicious.

"…but he has been dead for months now…" Edward became silent. Did Mustang… "And no, I did not kill him…"

Edward nodded.

"Though I wanted to."

Edward laughed dryly but froze when he realized something. "Wait… If he's dead… then who went to get Max…?" Hughes flinched, from what, Ed didn't know.


"…that's what we're going to find out."

Max was completely stunned. The inside of the mansion looked like a storm went off inside and destroyed everything. Walls were knocked over, things looked liked they've been set on fire; anything made of glass was broken, the electricity didn't work… it looked liked a small warehouse now with everything broken inside. Hawkeye turned to the two MPs.

"What is the meaning of this?"

The two guards looked just as shocked as they did. "I don't know! But- Ah!"

Max froze when she heard the sound of a gun go off…twice. She looked at the two guards and they were on the ground…


She looked at Hawkeye, she hadn't fired her weapon… "Then who…?" Max frantically looked around when she heard demented laughter. "Hawkeye?"

"Stay on your toes Max!" Hawkeye braced herself and looked around as well. Max gasped when someone appeared out from the shadows. Hawkeye aimed her gun. Max shook her head, not believing the sight in front of her; Richard, the man she so completely loathed was laughing his head of like a maniac. "Drop your weapon!" Hawkeye shouted forcefully.

The crazed man dropped it, uncaring, but continued to giggle to himself.

"Richard?" Max asked, now a tad apprehensive.

The man laughed a little more before shrugging. "Not quite."

Max could only stare as the man's appearance began to change starting with his toes and up to his head. Her first thought was that he looked somewhat like a palm tree, but that wasn't important right now. Max shook her head… just what kind of monster was she dealing with right now?

"Hello, my name's Envy… pleasure to meet you…"

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