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Hermione lay in the middle of a green field staring up at the bright blue sky, creating objects out of the big white puffy clouds that hovered above her. Lying beside her was her boyfriend of 5 ½ years, Draco Malfoy.

"Remember that time I accidentally hit you with that jinx and made your teeth grow?" Draco Smiled

"Remember that time I slapped you for insulting Hagrid?" Hermione laughed.

"Remember that time I introduced you to the 'M' word?" Draco asked kissing Hermione's hand that was placed in his.

"Remember that time I called you and your father out on bribery?" Hermione growled.

"Hey, remember that time when you we're in love with the Weasel?" Draco gagged.

"No, but I remember the time that you were engaged to Pansy Parkinson." Hermione teased.

"Remember that time I saved you from my Aunt Bellatrix?" Draco chuckled.

"Remember that time Harry, Ron and I saved you and Goyle from that burning room?" Hermione shoved at Draco.

"Remember that time I joined the Order?" Draco breathed.

"Remember that time I pushed you off the roof of the burrow for walking in on me in the shower?" Hermione cocked her head to the side with a smile.

"Remember that time the Weaselette walked in on me naked and told you I was well 'Packaged'?" Draco Leered.

"Remember that time I decided to find out for myself?"

"Remember that time you told me you loved me?" Draco asked seriously.

"Remember that time at the final battle when your father tried to kill me, and you came up from behind us and hit him with the killing curse?" Hermione asked and felt Malfoy shift uncomfortably.

"Remember that time you found out you were pregnant?" Malfoy moved closer.

"Remember that time we had to return all of our baby shower gifts?" Hermione grasped Malfoy's hand tighter.

"Remember that time I promised it would all be OK?" Draco breathed.

"Remember that time Ron and Harry gave us their blessing?" Hermione asked with a grin.

Draco turned his head to face her and raised an eyebrow.

"Remember that time I didn't give a shit?" Hermione smacked his arm.

"Remember that time we all moved on with our lives?" Hermione asked with a sigh.

"Remember that time I asked you to marry me?" Draco asked.

Hermione tore her eyes from the sky and stiffened as she felt something cool close around her left ring finger. She looked over at Draco who was staring at her with a wide grin. Hermione smiled back and turned her head back to the sky.

"Remember that time you were really drunk and kissed Harry on the mouth and cried while telling him how much you loved him like he was your own brother?" Hermione smiled wildly.

Draco glared at her.


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