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Memory lane

Chapter One: A Wonderful Surprise

Rui opened her eyes to see the bright sun poking its way through the curtains. It was probably around 3am, and she didn't really want to waste her 'precious' days in Agate Village. She really missed having to sleep in her own house in Phenac City. But she never got to find a new house ever since Miror B and his minions destroyed her house.

It had been almost a year since her house was destroyed and she helped Wes stop the Cipher organization from making Shadow Pokemon. How could she forget all that happened in that year? Rui absentmindedly got off her bed and opened the curtains, still lost in her thoughts.

The only thing she missed about those days…..was Wes. Wes was her prince in shining armour, and no it was definitely not an idiot in tin foil. He rescued her from being stolen by the Cipher organization, and from then, they became partners in justice. Even thought he was an ex-member of the evil team Snagem.

But they weren't gone for long. They were still out searching for Wes and trying to get revenge on him. Wes didn't want Rui to get in any more trouble so he hid among the dark alleys of Pyrite Town. Rui wasn't to worried as he had his two loyal Pokemon; Umbreon, and Espeon. This meant that she didn't get to see much of Wes anymore….

Rui sat back down on her bed, before collapsing from exhaustion.

-Actual Morning-

"Um, um, breeoonn"

Rui sat up in her bed to find Umbreon sitting on her lap licking her face.

"UMBREON?! Wha-what are you doing here?"

"Umbree-Umbreeeeonn" Umbreon jumped off of the bed and walked out of the room.

If Umbreon is here… that had to mean Wes was here too! But what would he be doing in Agate Village? At the moment, Rui didn't really care, she jumped out of bed, not caring that she was still wearing her pj's, and ran to the living room.

"Morning Rui, we have a special guest for you" Rui's grandma called from the kitchen.

Rui looked at the empty living room and sighed. Nobody was there, she was about to walk away when she heard a sneeze.


"Good going Umbreon" Wes said as he got up from behind the sofa and rolled his eyes.

"W-Wes….is that really you?"

"No Rui, its just a clone" Wes rolled his eyes again before appearing in front of Rui.

"WES! Oh how I've missed you." Rui bear hugged Wes, Wes gave her a little hug back.

"Where have you been all this time?"

"Well y'know hanging out in the streets. Team Snagem is still after me, but I came here just for you."

"Oh, thanks Wes…" Rui said as she was suddenly cut off by her Grandfather- Eagun.

"WES! How are you doing? Long time no see, you got my message on your PDA right?"

"Got it right here" Wes said as he stood up to pull out his PDA from his pocket. "I think I need a pair of keys though"

Eagun handed Wes a pair of keys. "Now I want you to make sure she is safely there, both of you call me when you get there!"

Wes nodded then turned to face Rui. "You coming?" Wes started walking through the door with Rui following behind.

"Wait!" I still need to put some clothes on before we leave!" Rui ran towards her room.

Still the same old Rui, but when Wes saw her smiling face, he knew that it was a good thing that he got to bring her to her….surprise.

Rui was back down in a matter of seconds wearing her usual outfit. Together they walked outside and towards the entrance to Agate Village. They walked towards Wes' motorcycle like vehicle and there was Espeon sitting in Rui's usual spot.

"Espy-Espeon" Espeon rubbed her head against Rui as she got in the seat. "Hehe, hello there Espeon" Rui said as she stroked her head. Umbreon jumped into the seat too.

"You guys ready?" Wes asked, but before they could answer he was zooming across the desert. From what Rui could make out, they were heading towards Phenac city. Once they got there they went towards the new apartment buildings.

"So what exactly are we doing here in Phenac City?" Rui asked as she walked along side Espeon, Wes, and Umbreon.

"You'll see when we get there." Wes said with a tiny grin.

They got near one of the buildings and Wes covered Rui's eyes. They went up the elevator and finally reached room 412. He opened the door then let go of Rui.

"Wes! This is beautiful, whose going to be living here? OH and look at the view, its gorgeous!" Rui got all excited as she pondered the little house.

"Well, it was mostly your grandparents idea, but I sort of helped too…" Wes said with a grin forming on his face.

"Wes….is this…." Rui pointed a finger to herself and Wes nodded. "Oh Wes! Its wonderful, thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!"

"Haha, your welcome, but let me remind you it wasn't all my idea." Wes took his two Pokeballs out and called Espeon and Umbreon back. "Now how about we get some food? I bet your starving"

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