Chapter 32

The group were now outside of the Pyrite Town Jail where Gonzap and Ein were watched carefully by loads of police. Also when they were there they caught a glimpse of Evice and Nascour.

"I guess this is it dawg!" Miror B. said with a dance.

"Yup, it's time to go our separate ways!" Venus added.

"We made a fantastical team though dudes!" Gonzap said with a punch to Umbreon's human arm.

They all started to laugh.

"So where are you guys off too?" Justy asked curiously.

"I'm off to go be Lady Venus again in The Under. You can catch me hanging around Phenac City though because of their wonderful mall!" Venus said as if she was on her hit show, Under Time.

"I'm off to dance the night away!" Miror B. said, "But just because I'm friends and all with you guys doesn't mean I'm going to quit being a criminal! First I'm going to find Trudly and Folly, then I'm off for the big road!" Miror B. said with a point to the sun.

"We better keep an eye on him…" Umbreon whispered to Espeon.

"And I'm off to some training up in Mt. Battle, I was a boss there once remember? Well I lost that and I'm planning on being a boss again!" Dakim said proudly as he showed off his guns.

"So, guess we'll see you guys in the near future, toodles!" Venus said as she jumped into her vehicle, Gonzap and Miror B. doing the same.

"Bye!" Wes, Rui, Justy, Jumpy, Umbreon and Espeon said.

Justy, Jumpy, Wes and Rui were all sitting in Justy's living room. They were practically just talking about how strange the past few weeks have been for them, all because of the Ein and Maza incident and such. Wes and Rui were also explaining about their time travelling stories. Right after Wes and Rui had said their goodbyes to Gonzap, Venus and Miror B. they decided to tell their story to Rui's grandparents. Eagun, of course had a smile on his face as he remembered the times that he saw them.

"So, that's our story." Rui finished off.

"That's so awesome!" Jumpy said, "I sort of wish I time travelled with you guys, that would've been so much fun!"

"Yup, it's pretty epic if you ask me." Wes said.

"Hmm." Justy said as he looked up at the ceiling, "I still wonder what Ein was doing with that other dude…"

"Yeah…hopefully it was nothing." Wes said with a sigh, "we really don't need any more troubles around here!"

"You got that right!" Jumpy said.

"You know what I've been thinking?" Rui asked as the three put their attention on her, "I think we need a new name for Jumpy!"

"What?!" Jumpy said in shock.

"Well, you were a Pokemon before, a jumpluff to be specific, and I guess at that time Jumpy suited you. Now you're a human so its name changing time!" Rui squealed.

"Aw man, this is so girlish!" Wes said as he received a nod from Justy.

"You know what Rui? I'm so up for that!" Jumpy said.

"Ok, lets keep the J in the name just so it will be easier for us…" Rui said as she thought about names starting with a J.

"I know a name that starts with a J!" Wes yelled as they all looked at him, "…Justy…"

Everyone sweat dropped at the stupid comment.

"Alright, alright, how about…Jennifer?" Wes asked.

"Naah, doesn't suit me at all!" Jumpy said.

"Ooh, how about Jessica? That's cute!" Rui said in awe.

"Eh, not into that one either…" Jumpy said.

"Jamie." Justy said.

"Hey…that's a cute name too!" Rui said.

"I think that one will suit you well!" Wes added.

"Hmm…Jamie it is." Jamie said

"Oh! Then we can nick name you JayJay!" Wes said as they all laughed again.

"Thanks for the name Justy." Jamie giggled.

At that time Umbreon and Espeon walked inside Justy's house with a box in their hand. The four of them in the living room looked at the two humans as they walked into the living room.

"Hey guys!" Umbreon and Espeon both said as Wes got up and held onto the box. They each took a seat in the living room.

"Hey guys, meet Jamie!" Justy said as he presented Jamie.

"What?!" Espeon asked with confusion.

"Wait, isn't she Jumpy?!" Umbreon asked.

"Yeah but Jumpy didn't fit, so her names Jamie now!" Rui said as Jamie giggled.

"JayJay works too!" Wes said with a smile.

"So Wes, I'm pretty sure you can't just steal a box from Umbreon's hands, hold it through our conversations, and not expect us to wonder what it is!" Justy said as Wes shifted in his seat.

"Well, uh. It's…it's a present…for Rui…" Wes said as he handed the box to Rui.

"Hey! But Umbreon and Espeon brought it in!" Jamie said.

"Wes came up with the idea, he just needed Umbreon and I to…err…pick it up?" Espeon said.

"Yeah…we had to get it from Agate Village, so yeah…picking it up…" Umbreon said not really adding much.

"Oh, but why are you getting me a present Wes?" Rui asked as she held the unopened box.

"Well…I…err…I wanted to ask you…uhhh…" Wes said as he scratched his head. "Man, I just had to do it right now…"

Rui nodded her head as she waited for the answer. She smiled at Wes as he went bright red.

"Will you…will you….will you be my girlfriend?" Wes asked not looking up at Rui.

"Aww!" Jamie said as she waited for Rui's answer.

"Of course I will!" Rui said as she hugged Wes from her seat on the sofa, "took you long enough to ask!"

The room laughed as Rui started to open up the box.

"Oh, congratulations by the way you two!" Espeon said.

"Oh right! Congratulations!" Jamie said.

Umbreon walked up to Wes and punched him in the arm, "nice pick Wes!"

They all started to laugh again and Justy spoke up, "Ok, because of this wonderful moment how about a party at my house on Saturday?!"

"Saturday's in two days, do you really have that much time to plan everything?" Espeon asked.

"Haha, two days is just enough time!" Justy said.

"Hmm…you know what, I think it's time for Justy to ask Jamie something…" Wes said as he grinned at Justy's glare.

"What is it Justy?" Jamie asked, she knew what was coming if it wasn't obvious enough.

Justy stood up from his seat and bent down on one knee. Jamie thought it was obvious but she did not expect this at all. Justy reached into his pocket and the whole room was in shock. He finally pulled out a cloth and looked up at Jamie.

"Jamie…may I shine your shoes for you?" Justy asked with a smile.

That's when everyone started to laugh like there was no tomorrow. After everyone settled down Justy jumped up and sat down on the sofa again, still facing Jamie.

"Will you be my girlfriend Jamie?"

"Obviously!" She yelled as she literally attacked him, "I swear you scared the living daylight out of me with that 'shoe cleaning' stunt you just pulled!"

They all started to laugh again and Rui realized that she was still holding the unopened box.

"Oh, I better open this…" Rui said as she tore off the tape off of the poorly taped brown box. She peered inside and let out a loud gasp. She reached inside and pulled out a Pokemon egg. She looked up at Wes and squealed, "Wes! Thank you thank you thank you thank you SO much!"

"You're very welcome, Rui." Wes said as she pecked his cheek.

"Hey! I never got an awesome present like that!" Jamie said as she turned towards Justy.

"I'm throwing you a party, I think that's pretty awesome!" Justy said in defence.

"Hahaha, good enough." Jamie said as she rested her head on Justy's shoulder.

"So what Pokemon is it?" Justy asked Wes.

"We'll have to wait until it hatches!"

Umbreon and Espeon both rolled their eyes.

"As if it weren't obvious enough." Umbreon said.

"Hey! No hints now! It's gotta be a surprise!" Wes said as he got up and tackled Umbreon.

The two got into a play fight as the rest of them laughed. This was surely a friend group that wasn't going to ever break up.

Rui held onto her egg and walked over to Wes who was sitting down on the sofa of her apartment watching television. Rui sat beside Wes as he put his arm around her.

"So, isn't this so much better than Justy's party?" Wes asked.

"Teehee. As long as I'm with you, I'm pretty much as happy as can be." Rui said as she giggled a bit.

"That wasn't corny at all!" Wes said.

"Hey!" Rui said as she left the egg in her lap and crossed her arms. She turned her head away, "Hmph!"

"Hahaha! You know I'm kidding Rui!" Wes said as he took her chin and turned it towards him. Wes looked into Rui's blue orbs as Rui did the same, staring into Wes' golden eyes. Wes brought his face towards Rui and kissed her without any word. As they kissed Rui felt the egg shake, that's all it's been doing lately so she decided to ignore it. But when it started to shake like crazy Rui quickly pulled away and looked at her lap which was now a white flash. The egg started to take form of some Pokemon and it turned out to be an Eevee.

"Oh my god!" Rui said as she picked up the little Eevee and held it in her arms, "my first Pokemon!"

Wes laughed, "say thanks to Umbreon and Espeon, it truly is their baby."

"WHAT!?" Rui said in disbelief, "But…how?!…When!?…WHAT?!"

"Don't worry about it!" Wes said as the eevee opened its eyes and yawned, then closed its eyes once again and fell asleep. Wes stroked the eevee's head.

"Wes…" Rui said as she looked up at him, "This is the best present ever."

"And once again…you're welcome." Wes said with a toothy smile.

Rui never left her gaze and decided that this was probably the right time to say it. She took a deep breath and smiled up at the confused Wes.

"Wes…" Rui started.

"Is there something wrong?!" Wes asked worriedly.

Rui giggled before looking Wes straight in the eye again. "I love you."

Wes smiled, "I love you too." Rui rested her head on Wes' shoulder and Wes took a deep breath, "and…I guess…I've pretty much loved you the day that I saved you."

Rui looked up at Wes, "guess it was love at first sight huh?"

"Probably. I guess we were just meant to be, c'mon Eagun saw us together about 10 years ago, he must've known this was coming and did anything in his way to make sure the future went accordingly."

"I guess so." Rui said as she watched the sleeping Eevee in her arms, "we were meant to be…"

"I guess what happened those few weeks ago was meant to happen too. Without those events, we probably wouldn't be here right now like this."

"You know how they say 'The past always comes back to haunt'? Well, I guess they left out a part in that quote. It should really be 'The past always comes back to haunt but it also brings stronger bonds between people.'" Rui giggled at her stupid quote, "Well, it should go something like that."

Wes laughed, "Lets just hope the past doesn't come back to haunt anymore, we don't need anymore of those troubles!" Wes grabbed the Masterball out of his pocket, "You have caused us enough problems, now you get to live a life inside a Masterball, HA. HA."

Rui giggled, "you better not let that ball get out of sight!"

"It's safe here in my pocket! Don't worry, Maza won't be causing us any problems anymore."

The figure in the long blue trench coat sat on the window ledge of Rui's living room. He smirked as he heard the two talking about the past never coming back to haunt again. He also smirked at the fact that Wes thought that Masterball was safe in his pocket.

"I guess they're in for a VERY big surprise…" the figure murmured as he jumped off the window ledge and onto his skarmory.

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