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I woke up with a splitting headache. I had drank too much the night before. I remembered bits and pieces, parts of the night flashing before my eyes. A big bottle, idiot friends, and a stubborn barmaid.

The barmaid.

I shot up, my head aching and my mouth dry. Where the hell did that little thing go?

I looked around, turning my head almost violently. Everything in front of my eyes was still a blur.

"You don't wake up easy, do you?" She said, her face less than a foot away from mine.

I didn't expect her to be that close and I jumped, surprised. She giggled softly and handed me something. It took me a moment to realize that it was my clothes.

"Thank you," I muttered softly, standing up. I realized that she was fully dressed and looking completely refreshed. The exact opposite of me.

"That was hard for you to say, wasn't it?" She asked as she went to get my boots. Alice, I think her name was, trotted back over to me and handed them to me once I had my trousers on.

"I don't have many occasions to use it." I said simply.

She watched me intently as I tucked in my shirt into my pants, then placed on my belt on. She stopped me, placing her hands over mine. Buckling it securely then adjusting it, she leaned forward and lightly kissed my neck. I groaned softly, leaning my head back.

"You need someone to give you occasion." She muttered, her hands going around my neck as she pressed her soft lips to my jaw.

"No," I said in weak protest, shaking my head.

"You do. More than you know. Let me." She whispered her soft words into my ear. God, I was getting drunk with her soft breath and sweet words. What was she doing to me?

Her fingers wound in my hair, tugging on the curls gently. I shook my head, my eyes half lidded. "No..." I breathed. She was making me weak.

"Let me," Alice commanded before her lips touched mine. My arms wrapped around her waist as my tongue tangled roughly with hers. She grinned in triumph as she pulled away.

"I'm going to get us some breakfast. Finish getting ready." She said over her shoulder as she swished her way out of the room.

"Damn woman," I muttered under my breath. I still hurried to get dressed to get down to her. I knew I had to leave soon and the idea... the idea hurt for some reason.

Perhaps it was just the hangover.

Yes, it was the hangover. Breakfast would do me some good.

I went down the stairs, taking them two at a time. Alice was waiting at a table with a couple of plates of eggs and sausage, along with a couple mugs.

Alice looked up at me, a small smile on her pink lips, her large eyes sparkling. "You've kept me waiting."

I ducked my head, "Sorry, ma'am."


I woke up with the beautiful wench from the night before, her head lying across my stomach. Her long blond hair was tickling my nose while her hot breath drifted across my painfully hard erection. Her arm was thrown over my thigh with her hand was wedged in between my legs, only inches from where I wanted her to be touching.

I rubbed down the silky smooth skin on her back until I reached the curve of her ass. My hand wrapped around her buttocks and I gave a gentle squeeze hoping to wake her up and continue where we left off last night. She stirred only slightly so I slid my hand further down until it was in contact with the soft folds of her womanhood. I ran my fingers over her slit and found that she was already wet. I plunged two fingers into her and heard her gasp against my stomach, her hand tightening on my thigh.

"Good morning beautiful." I whispered as she turned her head to look up at me, my fingers sliding in and out of her warm core. For a brief moment I saw her eyes softened and they held a longing to be loved. Then the fire flashed in her eyes and it was gone. She slapped my hand away from her and sat up.

"Your night is over and if I remember correctly the only thing you have for payment is the clothes on your back." She commented with a sneer and then climbed out of bed. I grabbed her around the waist before she could move away and pulled her back onto the bed.

"You are not going anywhere." I growled as I pushed her down and hovered over her. The defiance was dancing in her eyes along with her desire, but she was a master at playing hard to get.

"I don't think so, sword boy." She said as she pushed hard on my chest with more strength then I knew she had, sending me rolling off of her. Before I could get my hands around her waist she was out of the bed and across the room. I wasn't about to beg, I had more pride than that, but she looked so tantalizing as she quickly pulled on her clothing. I decided to try a different tactic.

"Please come back to bed." I said in a husky whisper. Rose turned and looked at me so I gave her my most dazzling smile, making sure to flash my dimples at her. For a moment I thought she was going to give in but then she squared her shoulders and gave me a glare.

"You think just because we had a good time that you can get away with not paying?" She accused. My smile faltered on my face but I was determined to have this wench one last time.

I threw the covers back and stood up, my dick making the prominent statement that I wanted her again. I reached down and stroked myself, making sure that she understood my desire for her. Her eyes went wide as she watched me stalk closer to her. Rose shook her head and held out her hand between us, telling me to stay away with her actions, however I kept walking towards her.

"Hold it right there." She said with a slight panicky look. I ignored her and kept walking until she was pressed up against the door. I was only a foot away from her, my hand still stroking softly.

"Why don't you take over for me, Rosie? I know you want to." She licked her lips. I couldn't help closing my eyes and picturing that sweet pink tongue gliding over my shaft. Closing my eyes had been a mistake though, I heard metal on metal and then my eyes snapped open when I felt that metal slap against my thigh.

"What the hell!" I jumped back and saw the triumphant look on her face, my sword in her hand.

Damn! How did she get that? Better question would be why was I so unobservant when it came to this woman that I would allow her to get the upper hand not once but three times. And with my own damn sword!

Rose advanced towards me with the sword pointed at my erect member. Just the sight of her with my sword was making me harder than before. I didn't think that she would actually use the sword. She had plenty of opportunity to last night but hadn't. I think she likes me.

"I hate to be called Rosie!" She seethed and my previous thought left when I realized that she was out for blood. She pointed at my clothes lying on the floor. "Get your clothes." She commanded and I quickly scooped them up, covering myself with them the best that I could. She flung open the door to my room and flicked my sword towards it before pointing it back at me.

"Out!" She said with a small smirk and I shook my head.

"Let me just get dressed first." I said quickly, but she shook her head and advanced on me with the sword again.

"If you want to keep your precious gems you will go. NOW!" I wasn't about to find out if her threat was hollow or not so I quickly squeezed past her and into the hallway. I held my clothes in front of me as I descended the stairs with Rose hot on my heels.

I looked around the tavern quickly and saw that Edward looked to be passed out at the bar and Jasper was eating breakfast with the dark haired barmaid. I felt the slap of my sword on my bare ass and let out a surprised yelp, drawing the attention of Jasper and his friend.

"Move it, sword boy!" Rose commanded. I needed no further prompting as I quickly made my way to the door of the tavern. As I opened the door I heard a booming laugh from Jasper and thought how odd the sound was, I couldn't remember the last time I heard him laugh. My contemplation was interrupted by a hard slap right on my ass from my pursuer. Then she grabbed it roughly in her hand.

"Nice piece of ass, baby." She whispered in my ear. "Next time you're in town make sure you come by and see me." Then she gave me a shove out the door and slammed it behind me. I stood in the middle of the street for a moment, naked and stunned at this turn of events. She wanted me. I couldn't contain the huge smile that spread across my face as I strutted towards the outhouse.

She wanted me.


I felt feather light kisses on my bare chest as I slept. I felt like I was sleeping on some cloud with an angel. It was all a dream, but it was the best dream I had ever had.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." I heard an angelic voice whisper in my ear. "We have to start getting up."

"Do we have to?" I asked opening my eyes and seeing my Nessie. She looked absolutely gorgeous in the soft light of the rising sun.

"I think the boys will leave you." She commented looking almost depressed.

"Why the sad face, my love?" I questioned leaning down to capture her lips in a tender kiss. I wanted her to know just how deep my feelings really were.

"I'm scared." She admitted looking down at the sheets.

"Scared of what? I'm right here." I reminded her taking her small hands in mine.

"I'm scared of loosing you. I feel like I'm never going to see you again." She replied a single tear falling down her cheek.

"Nessie." I whispered bringing her close to me. "I promise you to come back. Once, I truly become a Musketeer, I promise to come for you. We will get married one day and have kids."

"Never forget me." She pleaded looking deep into my eyes.

"I'll come back for you. We will be together." I reassured her kissing her again.

"Make love to me." She requested her hands leaving mine to touch my hair.

I knew we didn't have much time, but I couldn't refuse her request. I wanted to feel her wrapped around me one more time. I needed something to get me through the time we were going to be spending apart.

I moved on top of her resting my weight on my arms. I was more than ready for her, but I wanted to make sure she was ready for me. I didn't want to hurt her.

"Please, Jake." She begged kissing my neck. "I need you."

I slowly entered her both of us hissing in pleasure. I held her close to me moving slowly as I kissed her and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. I wanted to be as close to her as possible, both physically and emotionally.

"I love you, Nessie." I admitted for the first time as I looked into her eyes. "Don't ever doubt that."

"I love you, too." She replied before crying out my name in release. I closely followed after her placing small kisses all along her face.

We stayed in bed a lot longer than we should have and I knew I was not going to have time for breakfast. The boys wanted to make an early start.

"They'll be leaving soon." I said breaking the silence.

"I know." She answered in a small whimper as tears flowed down her cheeks. "I love you."

"And I you, my love." I replied pulling myself out of bed my eyes still on her.

I got dressed quickly before smiling at her. "I'll be back." I added pressing my lips to hers before leaving the room. I wanted to look back desperately, but I couldn't risk it. If I did I knew I would be unable to say goodbye.

I made it downstairs realizing that the boys were already outside. Would they leave without me? I grabbed a piece of bacon from one of the plates before rushing outside. I was going to be a Musketeer.


I was startled awake by a loud booming laugh. As I rubbed my eyes with my hands I looked over at Jasper, stretching. I felt the stiffness of my back and neck from sleeping on the bar top. Blinking a few times, I tried to get my eyes to focus and I felt my head start to pound. Next time I wouldn't drink so much! Oh, who was I kidding? I told myself this each time this happened. Suddenly remembering last night, I felt a smug smile forming on my face. It had been a good night if I had remembered correctly.

What was that thieving wench's name again? Heidi was it? Shrugging to myself I could still hear Jasper still chuckling next to me. Well, wasn't that a change? I don't think I had heard him so carefree in many years. I raised an eyebrow at him from across the bar.

Damn, I needed a drink. I tried to get the bar wench's attention to order myself a drink. I noticed out of the corner of my eye the beautiful thieving wench descending down the stairs. She was more beautiful than I remembered. She approached me with her hips swaying. "Hi Edward," the girl smiled sweetly but I saw a glint in her eye of pure mischief.

"Good morning, Heidi," I said, smirking at the memory of her pink little bottom over my knee. I was surprised when I saw anger in her eyes, then felt the slap across my face.

As I looked confused at her she yelled, "the name's Bella, you idiot".

Damn, that wasn't suppose to happen. "Sorry Bella, I have had a few too many ales and I can't see straight." Her eyes narrowed at me, but she seem to accept my feeble excuse.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her into a passionate kiss. I immediately felt myself go hard. I whispered in her ear, "I will be passing back through here in a few weeks," I paused to kiss and bite her neck gently, "care to have a replay of last nights events?"

Bella pulled back and looked into my eyes. "Of course, I will be waiting." She said to me smirking and with that she turned walking away from me, swaying her hips again.

Groaning , I looked over at Jasper and his little friend. "Jasper, lets get a move on." As I start moving towards the door I called. "Have you seen the others?"

"Emmett was just marched through the bar naked and is locked out side." He said, looking amused at me. Huh? What a shame to of missed that one.

"What about Jake?" I asked.

"Haven't seen him yet." Jasper said, smirking at me.

"I am sure he will catch up. Lets get the horses saddled up and ready to go." I said, walking out of the bar. Emmett started to walk toward us, a bemused smile on his face as he still buttoned his shirt. Well, it looks like we, Jasper and I, weren't the only ones to have a good night last night.

"Come on Emmett, lets get the horses saddled up" As Emmett came out of his daze and looked at me a little apprehensively.

"Edward." He started, smiling at me, showing me his dimples, using that tone of voice that told me I didn't want to hear what was about to come out of his mouth.

"Um, you see I don't have a ...rs.. anymore..." He mumbled quietly.

"Sorry Emmett, what was that? I didn't quite hear it." I replied. I thought to myself, did I want to hear this?

"I don't have a horse anymore." He spoke a little more clearly this time.

I was dumbfounded. How could he have been so stupid? "What?" I barked out at him. "And, how do you propose you get to Calais? Walk?" I was beyond furious.

He gave me that smile again, "I was thinking I could ride with you. Please?"

"Emmett, I will not share my horse with you." I stated in a huff. "How did you lose it in the first place?"

"It was an accident. I lost my purse and Rose threatened to cut mine off." He stammered causing me to roll my eyes. Only Emmett would lose his horse to a wench.

"Take Jacob's horse. He's nowhere to be found." I suggested. I didn't want to be seen riding with Emmett on my horse. It wasn't my fault he was a complete ass.

Emmett made his way to Jacob's horse, making sure the saddle was fastened. A small carriage pulled up to the bar and I watched as beautiful older woman stepped out, smiling kindly at us. "I trust my girls treated you well?" She asked.

"Yes, Ma'am." Jasper replied with a nod before she made her way inside.

"What are you doing with my horse, Emmett?" Jacob asked as he flew out of the bar with a piece of bacon still in his mouth.

"I'm just getting him ready for you." Emmett lied. Just then all four girls from the night before appeared at the door.

"Right." He replied in a sarcastic tone, untying his horse and effortlessly mounting him..

"Edward?" Emmett asked. "Come on. Just until we get into town and I buy a new one."

"Fine." I sighed in defeat before Emmett mounted the horse behind me.

"Looking good!" One of the girls yelled at us causing Jacob and Jasper to laugh.

"Not funny." I seethed as I willed my horse to go.

"Which one of you hussies used my bed last night?" I heard the madam angrily yell at the four girls.

"Which one of you was it?" I asked curiously as we moved forward. It had to have been Jasper or Emmett, because our little Jacob was far too innocent and I knew it was not me.

"It wasn't me." Emmett said, looking over at Jasper who was shaking his head.

"Guilty!" Jacob admitted with a silly grin.

We all turn to look at Jacob, our eyes narrowing on him. A small grin crept up on his face, his chin lifting in the air as he rode his horse past us. Each of us looked at the other in turn, smiling and shrugging.

Maybe he could be a Musketeer after all.

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