Inter canum et lupum

-Between a dog and a wolf.

The darkness was so thick it was almost tangible. It covered the ground like a thick blanket and the only light were the silver rays of the full moon that shone through the foliage of the Forbidden Forest. It was as if the blanket also muffled any sound as the vicinity was uncommonly silent. Not a single inhabitant of the woods made a single sound, perhaps in anticipation of something.

After a long charged silence a high keening wail pierced the stillness of the air. The sound reverberated from the broad tree trunks to an impossible length before it was disturbed by a new, a more familiar thud of paws against the hard ground mixed with rustling of a large body crashing through the undergrowth.

A wolf.

In the scarce light it seemed to be silver-grey in colour with intense golden eyes that eerily glowed in the shadows of the giant oak. Something about the beast was off. The creature's displayed too much of… emotion for an animal. It was barely noticeable, especially in the dimness, but there was no doubt about it.

It wasn't just a wolf. It was a man-wolf. A man cursed to transform into a beast at the time of full moon when the magical properties of the undiluted silver radiance were at their strongest. To be a man-wolf, or werewolf was to be ruled by the basest brutish instincts which were contained deep within any man.

It was said that they all became monsters at this short time each month, hundred times worse than women during their time of the month. Some welcomed the opportunity to break loose, leave behind the manner of humanity. Who would have expected Remus Lupin to be any different?

Perhaps it was because he refused to let loose. To give into the beast inside that clawed desperately to be freed. Who knew?

Maybe the enormous black shadow, a dog that stood in the darkness, obscured from the vision of the wolf. He waited. Always waited.