I woke up alone and naked. I'd been raped and I could feel the soreness already. I quickly sat up and took note of my surroundings. I was in an alleyway near my school. I wasn't sure who had done this to me; I only knew that I didn't want to live in this town anymore. Phoenix wasn't safe for me anymore. I found my clothes about ten meters from where I was. They were torn and covered in my blood. I looked down at my stomach and sure enough, I remembered where the rapist had cut a long thin line over my skin and tried to mop up the blood with my uniform. I put them on anyway and hurried home in tears. I had barely any energy left in me; after all, I had tried to put up as much a fight as I could. Kicking and scratching and screaming; all the things you were told to do. And they didn't help a bit. I ignored all the worried stares that I got as I ran back to my house in Scottsdale. My face felt stiff and streaked with tears. I couldn't even begin to imagine what I looked like to an outsider. I got home finally and open the door. I slammed it shut behind me and slid down the door in tears. I was crying violently when my mum, Renee came up to me and fluttered her hands over me. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw my uniform.
"Isabella Marie Swan what happened to you!? I've been trying to reach you! Why didn't you come home last night?" Mum shrieked in concern. Up until now, my name was Isabella. But not now… now I was just Bella.

"I-I-I-I… he-he" I sobbed and stuttered as I tried to steady my breathing.
"Spit it out Isabella. Come on honey" Mum pleaded her face a mixture of worry and fright.
"I was…. I-I-I-I was-"I calmed down slightly, I inhaled then exhaled deeply. "Mum, I was raped" I confessed and broke into a loud cry. When I finally looked up my mum's face was frozen in the mask it wore before I told her. Except now her eyes were wider and her mouth was slightly open. She stood up silently and exited the room. I heard her dial a three digit number, and only hoped it was the police.
"Hello, my name is Renee, and my daughter didn't come home last night?" she asked. I wondered why she stopped talking until I decided she was listening to the person on the other end.
"Yes, she is home now, but-"she started and stopped again. "Yes, it is good news that she's safe. But she has just informed me that-"she stopped abruptly and took a deep breath. "She was raped last night and now she is covered in her own blood" mum said into the phone. I rested my head on my knees and wrapped my arms around my legs. I could feel the tears filling my eyes and spilling over but I couldn't bring myself to care. I was broken… broken beyond repair.
"Isabella" my mum called. I got up slowly, using the door as a lever. I walked into the kitchen where I saw mum with a tears streaked face and her arms were wide open. I ran into her arms eagerly. I needed to feel safe, and they were the place I felt safest in the world.
Oh, mum I'm so sorry" I cried into her shoulder, staining her clothes with my tears.
Sorry? Isabella what on Earth are you sorry for?" she asked, sounding confused.
"My name isn't Isabella" I whimpered.
"What is it then?" Mum asked. Her arms tightened around me.
"Just Bella" I whimpered quieter, almost a whisper.
"Okay Bella. We have to go down to the station and give a formal report" she sighed. I nodded solemnly and walked out to the car. I couldn't be bothered changing my clothes so I thought I'd give them some more evidence.

I walked into the police station and every cop in sight froze in their place.
"Yeah get a good look. It's my blood" I yelled rudely. I've always hated people staring at me and I especially hated it under these conditions.
"Isab-Bella, their shocked honey" My mum defended them… of course.
"I know. I just hate people staring at me" I mumbled, looking down. Mum and I were led into a small room and there was one cop in there.
"Hello Isabella, my name is Constable Riley and I am going to help you today" he smiled politely.
"The name's Bella" I huffed menacingly.
"My apologies Bella" he smiled and nodded. I nodded stiffly once and looked away with my arms folded tight across my chest.
"So, Bella, could you tell me what happened?" Constable Rile pushed.
"I was raped, isn't that obvious?" I hissed while fluttering my hand over my whole figure.
Constable Riley cleared his throat uneasily.
"Uhm, Bella, if you could tell me exactly what happened?" He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. I settled into my seat for the long story.

"I was walking home from school and I heard a woman's scream come from inside this alley. I went to go and check it out. Then, I remember someone covering my mouth and putting something over my eyes. I tried to run but I think there was more than one of them, so they had my arms and legs in their grip. I was kicking and screaming, but they would- they wouldn't le-"I cut of sobbing… again. I leant into my mum for support and she rubbed my arms soothingly.
"Bella… they wouldn't what?" Constable Riley pushed.
"They wouldn't let me go, and then I felt them ripping off my clothes and I tried to scream, but I was gagged by something. And then, I felt something n my stomach." I stopped again and lifted my shirt to reveal the cut that was still seeping with small amounts of my blood. Constable Riley was on his feet and examining my cut closely.
"That'll need at least twenty stitches" he said, clicking his tongue against his teeth.
"Stitches?" I squeaked. He nodded slowly and returned to his sit.
"Go on Bella" he said, using his hand to motion for me to begin.
"He tried to mop up the blood with my uniform. I don't know what he looked like, because I was blindfolded. Then I felt something hit me really hard in the head and then I remember waking up alone and naked in the alley, drenched in my blood" I whimpered, sniffling.
"Well Bella, if you were unconscious, how do you know you were raped?" Constable Riley questioned.
"Because I can still feel the pain of the guy being inside of me" I screeched. I broke down again and slammed my fists down on the table.
"WHY ME!?" I shrieked while sobbing and banging my fists repeatedly on the table.
In the end, it took for police officers to restrain me so I could calm down and that was degrading.

"Mum, I don't want to live in Phoenix anymore" I confessed. I had been raped a whole week ago, and I'd always bear the scars as prove.
"Okay baby, do you want me to call your dad?" she asked kindly. I could see in her eyes that she was conflicted with letting me go. I didn't want to leave her, but I couldn't stand being in Phoenix, not when I felt so unsafe.
"No, it's okay, I can do it. It'll make it easier on me" I sighed. She nodded and I headed to the phone. I dialed Charlie's number and put the receiver to my ear.
"Isabella, is that you?"
"Yeah Dad, hi"
"Well, hey there's Isabella. How you been?"
"Not so great Dad. And it's Bella now"
"Is-Bella… what's wrong?" I could hear the concern in his voice.
"I'll explain later. Hey Dad, I have a favor to ask you"
"Anything Bella" he said earnestly.
"Can I come and live with you?" I choked.
"Why? Is there something wrong with your mum?" he asked urgently.
"No, mum is fine. I just really want to live with you. I can't live in Phoenix anymore, I'll explain why when I come… home" I whispered.
"Okay Bella. When did you want to come?" he asked comfortingly, because I had begun to cry.
"Is tomorrow okay?" I asked, jumping to get there quicker.
"Tomorrow sounds great, see you then honey"
"Thank you Dad, I love you" I cried and hung up the phone. I immediately got onto the phone to the airport and booked my flight to Forks, Washington… my new home.

"Goodbye honey, call me anytime. I love you" mum cried as the over voice called for me to board my flight.
"I love you too Mum, thanks for everything, and I'm sorry" I whimpered as I hugged her tightly.
"Don't apologize honey, I'll see you later okay? Bye" she smiled and sniffed away her tears before kissing my forehead. I then boarded the flight and had nothing to think about but my tortured week for the next three hours. I fell asleep and woke up screaming as I remembered what had happened to me.
"Ma'am I need you to calm down" a stewardess begged me.
I stopped screaming and started crying again, but I only had ten minutes left of the flight so I relaxed and tried not to think, period.

"Bella" My Dad greeted me and got me in an awkward one armed hug.
"Dad" I sighed as I snuggled closer to him and squeezed my arms tightly around his waist and he automatically tightened his grip on me too.
"I missed you" he sighed into my hair.
"Me too, it's good to be home" I smiled into his chest.
We got into the police cruiser and headed to our house. It was raining which was no surprise to me.
"I enrolled you at Forks high school, you start tomorrow" Charlie smiled at me.
"Thanks Dad" I smiled back at him and headed to my room with my things.
My room is simple. It has purple walls and a double bed at the east wall. A small desk held a computer and a phone and there was a small built in wardrobe next to the large window that looked over into the forest that surrounded the house. I smiled to myself. This is it. This is the start of my new life.