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I stayed with Bella in the hospital and held her all night. I refused to sleep. I was terrified I would wake up and she would be gone. That it would have all been a dream and I wouldn't have made it in time to save her from James.

Those few hours she was missing were pure hell. My heart ached continually the whole time we were separated. The worst possible scenarios kept running through my mind. I don't know what I would've done if I had been too late. I couldn't live without the angel sleeping in my arms. I wasn't living before I met her. I was merely existing. I put on a good show for my family and friends, but they had no idea how miserable I truly was.

My parents were killed in a car accident when I was eight. I was in the car and the only survivor of the accident. A junkie was in need of a fix and decided to rob a convenience store to get the money. He was running from the cops when he ran a red light and hit our car head on. I didn't understand why they were dead and I wasn't. I literally walked away without a scratch. Everyone in the ER was calling it a miracle. I saw it as a curse.

Carlisle was finishing up his shift when he heard the news of the accident and the boy who miraculously survived. I was curled up in a ball on the exam table when he walked in. I had refused to respond to anyone who attempted to talk to me. Something about Carlisle, though, put me at ease. I wouldn't talk to him, but I did latch on to his arm and refused to let go.

Esme was unable to have children; therefore, she and Carlisle had gone through the process and were approved foster parents with the state of Oregon. Carlisle had made a few phone calls, and they were appointed my emergency foster parents. I had no other family, so Carlisle and Esme adopted me.

I went through the motions of day to day life, but I was suffering in silence. I was only content when I would immerse myself into my music. I spent every free hour at my piano. I composed several songs reflecting my anger, sorrow, and loss.

I had never truly been happy after my parents died. I learned fast what to say and how to act to make people not worry about me. Esme was never fooled. She understood my misery and never pushed for anything, and I loved her even more for it.

Esme was the person who noticed the changes Bella caused in me. I hadn't even noticed how Bella affected me until Esme pointed it out. She said I was more responsive and actually initiated conversations with everyone, but the biggest change was the sparkle in my eyes.

I was in the middle of remembering when Bella's voice brought me back to the present. She was mumbling in her sleep again. I was afraid she would have nightmares, but I was pleasantly surprised to find her dreaming of our future again. My heart swelled with the love I had for the amazing woman in my arms.

I was almost too late tonight. I couldn't hold back the rage I felt when I saw that monster on top of my angel, molesting her. I had never felt rage like that before. My love for Bella was so intense that I would do anything to protect her. If she hadn't stopped me, I would've killed him.

Bella started to stir and slowly opened her beautiful eyes. I smiled at her and stoked her cheek.

"Good morning, beautiful. Did you sleep well?"

She stretched and yawned. "Most definitely. Of course I always sleep best in your arms. Can I get out of here yet?"

"A doctor should be in here soon and let us know when you get to leave." I kissed her forehead and gently stroked her hair.

"I can't wait to get out of here and put this nightmare behind us." I couldn't agree with her more. I was ready for us to have a normal life.

I was surprised when my father was the doctor to check on Bella. "Morning, Dad."

"Edward, Bella. How was your night?"

"I haven't slept that good in years," Bella said.

My father flipped through Bella's chart and made a few notes. "Everything looks good. I think you will be able to get out of here before lunch. I want you to take it easy today and tomorrow. Bed rest both days. Monday you can return to classes and your normal routine. Your wrist will remain in the cast for about four weeks. Your leg will take a little longer, probably six weeks. Edward or Alice can help you bag your casts for bathing. Do you have any questions?"

Bella shook her head no. "I've broken several bones before. I'm an old pro at bagging a cast," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Very well then. I will finish up your release papers. You can go ahead and change." Carlisle handed me a small duffle bag. "Alice ran home last night and dropped this off at the nurse's station. She thought both of you would like a change of clothes. Remember, take it easy today and tomorrow."

My dad patted Bella's leg and headed to his office to finish her paper work. We quickly cleaned up and changed clothes. The nurse showed up with Bella's release papers about ten minutes before noon. I took Bella back to the dorm and got her settled into our bed. It was nice not to have to worry if James was watching us. This was the first time we were truly alone in our room.

"Edward, could you do me a favor?"

"Of course. What do you need, love?" I knelt on the floor beside the bed and stroked her cheek with my thumb.

"James said one of the tacks on my Beauty and the Beast poster is a camera. Could you please replace all of them? I don't want any reminders of him around here." She shuddered.

"Your wish, my command," I replied, smirking.

She breathed a sigh of relief when I had disposed of all of the tacks. It was so nice to realize that there were no more cameras tracking our every move.

I spent all day tending to Bella's every need. I refused to let her do anything. The only time she left the bed was to go to the bathroom. Around nine o'clock I finally relaxed and crawled into bed with Bella. I had missed having her wrapped in my arms. I had refused to cuddle with Bella today. I knew she needed rest, and if we cuddled I wouldn't have been able to control my actions.

Bella started smiling while staring off into space. "What are you thinking about that has you smiling like that?" I asked and tightened my hold on her.

"Just earlier when you refused to hold me." I knew exactly what put that smile on her face.

I smirked and started placing butterfly kisses all over Bella's face. My lips found their way to hers and I captured her lips in a passionate kiss. She licked my bottom lip, begging for me to open my mouth to her. I obliged and greedily sought her tongue with mine. Our tongues tangled until we had to separate to breathe.

I continued to place kisses down her neck until I reached the collar of her shirt. I concentrated on the spot just above her collar while I slowly raised the hem of her shirt over her head and threw it on the floor. I couldn't help but gasp at the sight of her bare breasts. It had been too long since I'd laid my eyes upon their magnificence. A small smirk graced her lips at my gasp. I kissed my way down to her right breast. I slowly circled her nipple with my tongue before taking it into my mouth. My left hand rolled and pinched the nipple of her left breast while I lavished her right one with my mouth. She moaned and writhed at my ministrations.

"Bella, your moans are the most glorious sound I've ever heard."

She was so lost in sensation that she couldn't respond. I kissed my way down her flat stomach and ended at the top of her midnight blue boy shorts. I slowly dragged her panties down her legs and threw them on the floor with her shirt. She lay completely bare before me. I was in heaven.

I kissed my way up her right leg and massaged her left leg as I moved up. I lightly nipped at her inner thigh before I spread her legs further apart. I glanced up at Bella and was stunned by the beauty of her face displaying nothing but pure pleasure and passion. I gave her my crooked grin and slowly ran my tongue from her dripping entrance to her swollen clit. A loud moan escaped her lips.

I pulled her nub into my mouth and slowly sucked and nipped it. I slid two fingers into her depths and was rewarded with another loud moan. I started pumping my fingers in and out of her slowly but picked up my pace with each new moan. Bella started thrusting her hips in time with my fingers. I added a third finger and continued pumping faster. I curved my fingers looking for that sweet spot that I knew would bring her over the edge. I knew the moment I found it. She let out a loud cry and fisted the sheets. I continued to stroke the spot while I continued stroking her clit with my tongue. I gently bit down, and she came violently. I couldn't help but marvel at the beauty of her orgasm. I greedily lapped up all of her juices. She tasted so sweet.

I kissed my way back up her body and finally claimed her mouth once again. My cock twitched when I realized that she was tasting herself when I kissed her. She seemed to be turned on by it.

"You taste so sweet, love. I don't think I could ever find anything that compares."

"This isn't very fair. I'm completely naked and you are fully clothed," she pouted.

I quickly pulled my shirt off and threw it into the growing pile of clothing on the floor. I teased Bella by slowly unbuttoning my pants and lowering my zipper. I could see the frustration in her eyes. I stood up and continued the slow removal of my pants and boxers. She let out a sigh of frustration at my teasing. I smirked at her and finally stood before her completely naked.

"Bout damn time. Now get over here," she demanded.

"As you wish."

I lay next to her and kissed her slowly. She fisted her hand into my hair and pulled me closer to her. I rolled on top of her, supporting myself with my arms. She grabbed my painfully hard erection in her good hand and started stoking me slowly. It was such sweet torture.

"Bella," I moaned.

"Edward, I love you. I need you, now."

I grabbed her hand and placed it above her head. I laced my fingers through hers while I settled myself between her legs. I looked deep into her eyes as I slowly pushed into her warmth. We both groaned when I was fully sheathed inside her. I was home. I moved in and out of her at a torturously slow pace. The feeling of our connection was so wonderful that I wanted to prolong it as long as I could. She let out a frustrated sigh.

"Edward, please move faster. I need more." Bella raised her hips to meet my thrusts. I increased my pace, and we found a wonderful rhythm. I gently squeezed her hand then ran my hand down her body and cupped her ass and pulled her closer to me. I was getting so close, and I wanted Bella to come with me.

I kissed my way up her neck and to her ear and softly whispered, "Come with me, love." I gently sucked and nipped the spot just behind her ear. That was all it took to push her over the edge. Her muscles clamped down on me and I started to pulse inside her. We were both crying each other's name. I finally came back down from my high and dropped my head onto her chest.

"I love you so much, Bella." I kissed her tenderly.

"I love you too."

We curled up under the covers together and drifted off into a blissful sleep.


My eyes popped open and I was screaming, but no sound was coming out. I finally calmed down and realized I was still in bed with Bella. She was curled up on her side with her back to me. I glanced at the clock and let out a frustrated sigh. It was only 12:15. I hadn't even been asleep for two hours. There was no way I could get back to sleep after that nightmare.

In my dream I got to Bella too late. I ran into the room and found Bella screaming and James pumping in her hard. I kicked him off of her and started beating him like I had done earlier. Bella curled into a ball, screaming and crying. James was finally unconscious, so I ran to tend to Bella. She screamed louder when I touched her. She cringed away from my touch. I was shattered.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" She screamed over and over. I was so busy trying to calm Bella down that I wasn't paying attention to James. He threw me across the room. I looked up in time to see him choking Bella with a piano wire. I grabbed a screw driver that was covered in blood and thrust it into James over and over. I threw him away from Bella and pulled her into my arms. I realized she wasn't breathing and started screaming. That was when I woke up.

I was covered in sweat and couldn't stop shaking. I was terrified to close my eyes again. I don't know what image was worse, James raping my angel or her holding her dead body in my arms. Both were equally horrifying. Thank God I did make it in time to save her from either fate. I pulled Bella close to me and held her tight the rest of the night.

The next morning, Bella turned over in my arms and started placing kisses on my chest and up my neck. I stroked her hair while she continued her path up to my lips. I gladly kissed her back fervently when she reached my lips.

She pulled away and we were both panting for air.

"Good morning, love," I chuckled.

"Morning," she said smiling.

"Sleep well?" I questioned.

"Each night my sleep gets better and better. I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders with James gone. Honestly, I don't think I would sleep as well if you weren't here," she said sheepishly.

I smiled at her and kissed the tip of her nose. We were lying in bed wrapped in each other's arms when Alice bounced into the room.

"I'm so sorry. I forgot I have to knock and make sure you two are decent before I walk in."

Luckily we were fully concealed under the comforter so we didn't put on a show for my sister. I rolled onto my back and pulled Bella into my side.

"What did you need, Ali?"

"I wanted to see if Bella felt like going shopping. I haven't been since Black Friday and I'm dying to go."

"I hate to burst your bubble, but Bella is on bed rest today. Doctor's orders." I could feel Bella's relief at the thought of missing a shopping trip with Alice.

I groaned when I heard Emmett laughing in the doorway.

"Looking at both of you, I would say there wasn't much bed rest going on last night. I wonder what the good doctor would say about your form of rest," Emmett smirked.

"Bella is just fine, Emmett. Would you like my foot up your ass?"

"My virginal ass puckers at the thought of anything being inserted," he shuddered. "Don't worry. I won't say anything to Dad about little Eddie taking care of Bella."

I could feel the heat from Bella's blush at my brother's teasing. "Thanks a lot, Em," I said sarcastically. "Would you both please give us about ten minutes?"

"Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem seeing Bella naked, but the thought of seeing you naked just takes away the fun of it all." Emmett was laughing as he walked into Alice's room. Alice followed him and closed our door.

I looked down and saw the last remnants of Bella's blush from Emmett's comment about seeing her naked.

"Sorry about that, love." I kissed the top of her head.

"Don't worry about it. I know it's just Emmett teasing. I need to get used to it," she said, shrugging.

We spent the day watching movies with everyone. Bella and I curled up together on the bed while the other two couples made comfy spots on the floor with pillows and blankets. It was nice to spend the day with my family and Bella and not worry about a psycho ruining it.

I had the same dream that night. I was thankful I hadn't screamed out loud each time I woke up. I didn't need Bella to wake up and worry about my nightmares. She had been sleeping so soundly each night. I didn't want to be the one to disturb it. I finally relaxed again and drifted off to sleep for a second time. The nightmare woke me again. I wondered how long this nightmare would haunt me.

I spent the rest of the night holding Bella, stroking her hair and placing light kisses on her face. Classes started back in the morning, and I was hoping it would be enough of a distraction to stop the nightmares. If the nightmares didn't stop by the time finals were done, I would talk to Dad about it.

My thoughts drifted to Bella's dream. She seemed to be having the dream of our wedding and kids every night. I loved hearing her talk in her sleep while she dreamed. I was ready to start making her dream come true. I needed to get my mother's jewelry box from Esme. I needed to be sneaky and find out Bella's ring size. I was more worried about when and where to ask her to marry me. I wanted it to be perfect.

Bella sighed in her sleep and mumbled, "Mrs. Edward Cullen." My heart swelled.

I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear, "I promise you will be Mrs. Edward Cullen as soon as possible."