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Every person has their obssessions. That can't be denied in all it's simplicity. Vampires, however, have a much stronger need when it comes to such things.

As it is, it doesn't take a lot for something to catch our attentions- just something new, something we did not know before. But even then, our interests starts to wain with time as our fast processing minds find all there is to know about that one interesting thing.

The thing is, however, if something- or even someone- (no matter what is was) has something- anything really- that captures our attention and interests.... well then it is something different indeed. Our interest starts to expand and transform into an odd need to know anything and everything about it. There is an unconsious need to get rid of the foreign thing so it will become nothing more then an average thing.

If that need still grows, it builds in you, taking over your mind, transforming into an obbssession. And really, obsessions are not the best thing for a vampire to have...

Marcus supposed that that was what Aro held for Alice. She was his obsession. He constantly fought for her, the need to know all there is to know, and the need to have her on their side. Or course his talent showed him the deeper need, something more...potent.... He felt the strength or feeling his brother had had for the pixie-like vampire, but they were one sided. It was easy to know by the weakness of the relationship that they had, with broken links and ridged ends. There was no chance for what Aro hoped.

He, on the other hand, had his own little... interest.

Bella Swan...What a captivating human.....