Summary: Bella is a bad girl with a careless attitude. When she is forced to go live with her father and his family, will she cope? will she decided to change her ways? or will a prince on a white horse dazzle her back to goodness?

Chapter one.

She didn't believe. I knew she didn't. Of course, why would she?

I walked out of the school with mum on my left looking as cross as ever and the head teacher Mr Hardcastle looking impatient but relieved.

As soon as I stepped outside there was a sudden outburst of cheer. I looked around to see the whole year nine-year group on the yard cheering at me. A sudden jolt of excitement rushed through me.

"Oh my…" whispered mum.

"Go on Bella! They can't kick you out!"

"Go Bella!"

"Let Bella stay!"

"What on earth is going on?" roared Mr Hardcastle.

The crowd silenced.

"Don't kick out Bella!" someone yelled from the back. That kicked off the classes again and they were cheering and roaring once more.

"Would you like to stay behind till four o'clock for the rest of the month?" shouted Mr Hardcastle.

"No? Well, I didn't think so", he continued. The crowd died down.

"This is a perfect example of what happens when you don't follow the rules of this school", said Mr Hardcastle, "the only reason miss Isabella Swan is getting a permanent exclusion is because she has caused enough trouble."

"It wasn't me!" I yelled out suddenly.

"Quiet", hissed mum, "let's go. Mr Hardcastle, if you don't mind, we shall be leaving now."


It wasn't me. I didn't do it. It was that back stabbing two-faced bitch Tanya. What kind of a name is Tanya anyway! Pfff! She tricked me. But I couldn't care less. Not after what the year nines did at the yard. I was glad I took the blame after all.

But I didn't expect mum to do this far. Surely not.

"I'm sending you to your father's for a couple of months", she announced at diner. I dropped my spoon.


"Your plane is leaving on Saturday", she explained, "we've talked about it on the phone and he agrees it's the best thing for now. It'll just be for about 6 months but Lauren is fine with it too."

"In California?" I asked, "You're sending me thousands of miles away to California to live with a blonde bitch, her blonde daughter and my so called dad?"

Mum looked at me hard.

"Don't swear in this house please", she said quietly.

"Tomorrow? You can't wait to get rid of me can you", I snapped, "my plane's

leaving tomorrow and you didn't even…when did you and dad discuss this?"

"When you started getting into deeper and deeper trouble", she said.

"And you didn't even think of asking me whether I wanted to go?" I demanded. I was furious by now. She couldn't. No. She wouldn't. Of course not. I wasn't going.

"If this is about today, I didn't do it", I said pleadingly, "honest mum, I know I do bad things and get into trouble quite a lot but I didn't do it."

"This isn't just about today", mum sighed, "it's just…I think it'll be good for you. A good experience."

"At least ask me first! Well, as long as I don't have to wear stupid uniform", I sighed, "they don't wear uniforms in American schools."

"Actually this one's private. So you will be wearing uniforms", said mum.

"What? I'm living at the school?"

"No, it's not a boarding school. A private. It's just a bit more disciplined than usual American schools", explained mum.

"This isn't a good idea!"

"Well I…what's that on your tongue?" asked mum suddenly staring at my mouth. I looked away. Busted!

"Bella look at me. Look at me!" she screamed. I turned around slowly.

"You haven't…have you? No…your tongue…stick out your tongue Bella", ordered mum. As I took out my tongue I could see the horrified expression on mum's face. It wasn't good.


"Calm down mum", I snapped.

"How long? Answer me, how long!"

"Couple of months", I said timidly. She stared at me again long and hard.

"Go pack your bags."


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