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Epilogue. (Eek! Already?)

Bella's POV. (Edward's still 16, Bella's still 14)

"The stars don't show as much here", I whispered to Edward. He linked his fingers through with mine and held it tightly. I smiled at him, turning my head so that he could see my offering beam.

"It doesn't matter", he answered, returning me a crooked grin that made my insides melt. The grass underneath us was slightly damp but I didn't mind. We lay on our backs next to the giant Oak tree in my back garden. It was as close to Tifins forest as I could think of. Except here it was slightly colder so I had to be wrapped up in a couple of layers. Also, I think my mother was spying on us from her bedroom window.

"Alice is going to be sad that Jasper's leaving tomorrow", I told him quietly. It had been two weeks since Emmett, Edward and Jasper had come to England. And now, Jasper had to go back home unfortunately. He was coming back soon in the summer anyway, but it wouldn't be the same without him here. I knew that Alice would be exceptionally upset.

"He really loves her", Edward murmured. He propped himself up on an elbow on his side and smiled at me gently, "at the same time as their little staring thingy is creepy, it's also quite sweet. Jasper's never been in love before."

"Neither has Alice", I explained, admiring his features. His hair was sticking up in its usual mess, the dim light we had was highlighting the red tinge. A loose strand flopped on his forehead. I lifted my hand to smooth it back into place.

"And neither have I", Edward whispered, leaning his head closer to mine. Our lips had just about brushed when Edward jumped back.

"Beautiful night, isn't it kids?" my mother called out, stepping through the back door. She smiled at us both fakely.

I groaned as I sat up.

She looked at Edward and me pointedly before sitting down on the outside chairs with a cup of tea in her hands.

"Bit nippy. Still, I wouldn't lay about on the grass like that", Renée said shaking her head, "bugs have a field day at night, Bella."

"I thought you had work to do?" I asked her, with an arched eyebrow. She shrugged.

"Get back to that later on", my mother answered. I rolled my eyes at her subtleness. A glance at Edward showed that he was thinking the same thing as I was. Renée was spying on us.

"We're going inside", I told her cheerfully, hopping up and dragging Edward with me, "hope you enjoy the lovely night, mum. Even though it's only half past eight."

"I'll have to go soon", said Edward as he walked behind me. We jogged up the stairs, straight to my room.

"Soon can be changed to later", I told him, locking my lips with his as soon as my door was closed.

And we kissed.


4 years later. (Bella's 18, Edward's 19 going on 20)

"The fucking bastard", hissed Alice, narrowing her eyes at the door, "the arrogant, piss-taking, fucked up son of bi ––"

"Yeah, we get the point Alice", said Edward, grimacing at the profanities. I rolled my eyes at him.

We sat in Alice and Jasper's apartment living room. Rosalie sat cross-legged on the couch, staring at her hands. I sat next to her, my arm rubbing her shoulders gently. Edward stood by the apartment door, waiting and Alice paced around the small space, clenching her fists and muttering curses under her breath.

"Where the fuck is Jasper?" Alice cried out suddenly, throwing her hands in the air dramatically.

"He's with Emmett", Edward answered, watching me intently. I shrugged at him.

"Why is he there? He should be here! I told him to come straight here", Alice, screamed, stamping her foot, "doesn't he understand the situation? You know what, I'm not waiting for them anymore, let's go. Bella, get your arse up and let's go."

I nearly made a move to go but Rosalie tensed. The only sign that she was even alive was the fact that eyes were opened and she was breathing softly. Apart from that she was a lifeless soul. It hurt me to see my best friend in that position.

"No Alice", said Rosalie quietly, she looked up and shook her head, "please…just don't. I don't think…I don't want you hurt either…just leave it…"

The pleading look on Rosalie's face was something I had never seen before. She bit her bottom lip, tears threatening to flood out of her eyes. I leaned my head on her shoulder, holding her tighter making sure she knew I was here for her. That I loved her no matter what would happen.

Alice, Rosalie and I had been best friends and I knew that, that fact would never change. Even if Alice had a fiancé now. Jasper had proposed on her eighteen birthday. Men wouldn't come between us. I still had Edward and I loved him. We had broken up twice in the last four years but even then I still knew that I was unconditionally in love with him.

"You have to report it", Edward said gently, "What Royce did to you…it's not right. You have to tell the police, Rose."

"No", she hissed, tears finally spilling out, "I won't! I…I can't…it's not…you don't understand! NONE OF YOU UNDERSTAND!"

She ripped herself away from me, jumping off of the couch and running to a corner of the room. Alice froze and so did Edward.

"I TRUSTED HIM…I…I trusted him…trusted him…" she whispered over and over again as she shrunk down to the floor, "trusted him…loved him…"

A sudden banging on the door made me look up. Edward yanked the door open and Emmett and Jasper flew into the apartment looking as if they had just been in a fight.

"Raised…" the word escaped Emmett's lips as he saw her shaking in the corner of the room.

"She feels betrayed", Jasper said softly, "She feels alone."

Rosalie looked up, her eyes puffy and red. I hadn't seen her this broken in all my life. She was always strong, confident and indifferent. Not broken. Not like this.

"You're not alone, baby. We're here. We're here for you", Alice said fiercely. I got off the sofa and went to sit beside her on the floor in the corner.

"If I were a bad friend I'd say I told you so", I told her quietly, "if I was a good friend, I'd say let the bad go and let the good come."

"Where d'you read that?" Emmett quirked up his eyebrow at me. I grinned, rolling my eyes at him as Edward chuckled.

"I can be deep. Not everyone's as shallow as you", I retorted. Rosalie looked up, smiling at me faintly.

"Huh…you were right", she whispered, shrugging lightly, "Royce wasn't the person I thought he was."

"Looks can be deceiving", Jasper added in.

"So…he's the bad. But exactly is the good, Bella?" Rosalie asked me, "please tell me now because I honestly don't know."

"Speaking of not knowing, where the hell were you guys?" Alice asked, tapping her toe on the floor impatiently, "huh? Huh? Because we've been waiting for you to come for over two hours. We've got a job to do."

"Done and dusted", Emmett said, walking further into the flat. He sat on the other side of Rosalie, taking her hand and playing with her fingers gently.

"You did what?" Alice shrieked. I turned to Emmett immediately.

"It was Jasper's idea", he said putting up his hand in a defensive mode. We all turned to Jasper.

"Really?" Edward asked.

"No, it was mine", said Emmett quietly.

"You could've gotten hurt", said Rose to him. He grinned sheepishly.

"But I didn't. And he did", he said seriously, "Because he deserved it. And I won't ever let him hurt you again, I promise."

Jasper and I exchanged looks. Emmett had confided in only us two about his feelings concerning Rosalie a couple of weeks ago. I intended on helping him.

"Hey Alice, want to see something cool in my car?" said Jasper, grabbing Alice's hand and towing her towards the door.

"What? Your car…Jasper, not now. Besides, I prefer beds rather than the back seat", said Alice shaking her head. Jasper turned a perfect crimson colour. Everyone stifled their laughs but Emmett didn't even try. He barked out laughing.

"No. I meant, there's something I want to show you", said Jasper rather forcefully, practically pushing Alice out of the door.

"Come on, let's go", I said hopping up and grabbing Edward's hand. He quirked an eyebrow at me but asked no questions.

We walked out and closed the door carefully. Then Edward turned to me curiously.

"What was that about?" he asked.

"Unlike Alice, I don't mind the back seat", I told him, throwing my arms around his neck to press our lips into the perfect love shape.

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