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It was gone, all of it; not even a shred of it was left.

Staring out into the endless expanse of space, Gohan wished this was all just a bad dream, that he would wake up from it anytime now and see his home planet.

That wish wasn't fulfilled.

"It's gone…" the saiyan whispered softly, a small welling of tears appearing at his eyes. After all the suffering, all the pain, the sorrow, this was how he and his comrades were repaid? Their home destroyed and left as small chunks of debris? Somewhere, the gods were laughing at their plight.

How could something like this have happened? The last Gohan had seen of it, he, his little brother Goten, and Trunks had left the planet on a last resort mission to free their people. The mission had been a success as they had defeated the leaders of their enemy, the people of Earth.

However, as they were on their way back, they had to make a couple detours, courtesy of the Cold Empire and a centuries-old demon. That wasn't much of a big deal since they put both enemies down and out for the count. That had actually been fun.

But now, all of that didn't matter. Their home, all their friends, family; all of it was gone and they had no answer as to how it happened.

While the Son boy couldn't say that this was what Hell must've been like, since he had been there not too long ago, the feeling had to be similar. Last time, he had only been a visitor, along with the other two saiyans, and hadn't had much time to think about being in Hell.

"How…how could this have happen?" a voice belonging to a human, one known as Tien, asked. He, like the rest of them, was rendered almost numb from the dreadful sight.

No one was able to answer that question. All of their systems, mental and emotional, had been overloaded with this. There was nothing they could think of that was reasonable or even felt logical.

They were trapped in a void of depression with what appeared to be no way out.

Silence hovered over the mixed group of saiyans and humans. There would've been a Namek too, but he had decided to return to his home planet, wishing them the best as they continued their way.

Finally, Gohan broke the dismal quietness. "I think…I think I'm going to my room."

No one replied to his statement, all staring out the large main window. Slowly, the battle worn warrior left the control room and headed to his quarters, entering it once arriving there.

The moment he sat on the bed, tears finally leaked out. This was just too much; first he had lost his mother and home; then his father and the closest person he would ever have to a second father; and now his uncle and friends were gone. What had he ever done to deserve such a fate? One of the last of his kind in the universe?

Falling backwards, the saiyan's back landed on the mattress, allowing him to seek some form of comfort in it. However, that comfort would be delayed a little while longer.

A knock on the door broke the stillness of the room, announcing the presence of another person. Quickly wiping his face to destroy any evidence of crying, the saiyan rose back into a seated position to await the newcomer.

Slowly, the door opened and in stepped a small human girl. Though short in stature, she was a firecracker when she wanted to be and stopped at nothing to get what she wanted…well, almost nothing.

Now, when Gohan had said he would be going to his room, it probably would've been a better choice of words to say he was going to his and Videl's room. Ever since they had left Namek after their confrontation with the Cold Empire, the two had been sharing a room, not to mention a bed. One thing led to another and the two, a saiyan warrior and a daughter of a war hero, had gotten quite close intimately. If there hadn't been a war between the two's peoples, it would've been likely that they would've gotten closer faster than they had.

As soon as Videl had closed the door, the dark headed girl slowly approached Gohan, a forlorn look on her face. Though any grief she might've had for the loss of Planet Vegeta, she knew that it wouldn't amount to anything that was being felt by the two younger saiyans and her lover.

Yet, that didn't matter. Sitting down next to the fighter, she leaned against him, soon wrapping her arms around his body; Gohan repeating the action soon after.

Like before, no words were express, just the couple taking solace in the other's company. After awhile, Videl finally broke the silence. "Do you remember, when we first met, that boy that attacked you?"

While that wasn't exactly what the Son boy had thought the girl would say, it was also something that he had pretty much forgotten about. In all honesty, he didn't remember much of their first meeting besides the fact that they had met. There was something about a basement and then destroying a mansion, but that was about it.

"Not really. You might have to be more specific about the guy," the saiyan answered.

A small silence passed before the Satan girl replied "He had long blond hair and was acting arrogant around you."

"Not ringing any bells."

"…you punched him through a wall?"

Now that sounded familiar. Looked like the "Son memory" was starting to affect him. It had once been said that no one of the Son family could remember any detail of their personal life but when it came to battle, they could remember every single detail of it, even if they had gone senile. Heck, his great-great-grandfather had once recited an entire battle on his deathbed, or so family legend claimed.

"Okay, I think I know who you're talking about. What about him?"

"You did quite a number on him, you know?" Videl said. "He had a leg cast and a neck brace after that. It was actually pretty funny," she ended with a couple giggles.

"So what brought him up?" Gohan inquired.

"The last time I saw him, me and Erasa had persuaded him not to join us in chasing you. I haven't thought about him since." Videl paused for a moment. "But the last I knew, he was still on Vegeta…so he's probably dead now. He might still be alive had we let him tag along."

Gohan saw where this was going almost immediately. The Satan girl was starting to feel guilty about a decision made long ago. Though there was a slight pang of anger in him for her thoughts of her loses, the saiyan pushed that aside. Everyone on this ship had lost someone at some point, and anyone left had obviously died when the planet died. Grief would be hanging over everyone for the time being.

Turning his head to look at her, the saiyan studied the girl. After a moment, he leaned in and pressed his lips on her forehead, causing a small confusion within the girl.

Letting another moment pass, Gohan finally spoke "There's no way you would've known that Vegeta was gonna be destroyed; none of us did. If there's any feeling that you indirectly caused someone's death, you better get rid of it. No way, no how is his death your fault. If anything, it's his fault. He tried picking a fight with a saiyan warrior and paid the price for it. That was the only thing that kept him here."

A small smile graced Videl's face as she moved her head to look at the boy. "You sure have a way with words Gohan."

"I try my best."

Keeping her smile, Videl's face soon drifted up to the saiyan's, their lips meeting in a gentle kiss. After that, Videl returned to her original position of leaning into Gohan, looking out in front of her. "Thanks Gohan; I needed that."


It was cold, freezing cold. And dark, as if light had never existed before. Those were the first thoughts of the man as his conscious awoken.

How long he was in that stasis though, that of the freezing darkness, he didn't know. Sometimes it felt as if he was just recently born there and other times as if he had been there for all eternity. There were even times when he knew that he had experience things before this darkness.

From what he understood of those experiences, he was a man that would've demanded answers for being kept in this perpetual state of obscurity. Anyone that would've proven unsatisfactory in pursuit of his demands would've been removed immediately…and permanently.

Yet, despite this recollection, he found an infinite amount of patience. It was almost as if he was waiting for something to happen, something that would trigger an event that would allow him to dispose of this desolation and allow him to once again enter the world.

That line of thinking proved to be correct. Whether it had truly been an eternity of waiting or just a few moments' worth, a trigger was activated, and he dispelled the prison of darkness.

Opening his eyes, the man found that he was in a dimly lit room. Make that a freezing, dimly lit room; not that it mattered since the cold didn't seem to be affecting him.

It took only a moment for the man to realize that he was laying on some sort of metal table; one that was surrounded by large machines that were currently running. Odd; the room didn't seem to be as dim as his first analysis told him. It seemed as if he could see as plain as day in here, yet no lights had been turned on.

Almost mechanically, his top half rose from the table. Instantly, he took notice of his clothes. Baggy brown pants covered his lower half with white and black boots on his feet. A yellow shirt adorned his chest with a black vest over it. A slight weight on top of his head informed him that a hat of some sort covered his skull. It was then, almost as if a switched had been flipped inside his head, that he knew his name.

Gero…his name was Gero.

"I see the operation was a success," a high pitched, shrill voice commented. "I never had a doubt that the operation wouldn't be, though the plans were a bit different from what I'm used to."

Keeping his body perfectly still, Gero slid his hard piercing, blue eyes to his right, catching sight of a man. If there was ever a need to find someone old and feeble, this man was the perfect definition. Dark, leathery skin was revealed where ever his white lab coat and suit stopped. His bald head and wide eyes were noticeable, though Gero couldn't help but drift his sights to his mouth, where a single tooth remained. A cane was supporting some of the old man's weight as he leaned on it.

"Where am I?" Gero methodically inquired, sounding as if he was demanding the answer.

"You, my friend, are in the laboratory of the great Dr. Wheelo. It was he who instructed me to more or less bring you back to life. You may call me Coten, Dr. Wheelo's assistant."

In the same tone of voice he had used earlier, the former leader of Earth said "And who is this Dr. Wheelo? I've never heard of him."

The reaction from Coten looked as if the man had spoken blasphemy. "Dr. Wheelo is the universe's greatest mind! No man or creature could ever hope to match his brilliance, not even someone of your mind, Former Twentieth Chair Gero!"

A slight frown creased the wrinkly face of Gero. There was that usage, that reference of him being dead. Why did this man continue to use that?

That was when a memory answered his question. The recollection showed him lying against a wall, his arms torn right off his body. In front of him, there was a saiyan with a bloody hole in his stomach and he held a swirling orb of energy in his hand. After speaking, the saiyan threw the orb and blew him to smithereens.

Gero's eyes widened. He had died! Actually, physically died! Yet, he was here, alive and well. Something was up and he intended to find out why.

"Tell me…Coten…how is it that I've been revived?"

Coten smirked. "I created a mechanized body of your original one and placed your consciousness in it. Though I do admit that part was tough. I was lucky enough to find your brain relatively intact."

"My brain? But that should've been destroyed in the blast."

"That it should've, but I guess you must've forgotten that titanium plate you had inserted around your skull. Even I must say that was ingenious. If it wasn't for that plate, your brain would've surely been destroyed; but fortunately for you, it wasn't. As a matter of fact, the plate had been partially covering you brain when I found it."

That answered some questions of Gero's, that was for certain. However, there was still one more he needed to be solved. "And why is it that you've found it convenient to return me to this world?"

"Isn't it obvious? To restore Earth to its proper place as the ultimate ruler of the universe."