The group of warriors stared in fear at the Legendary Super Saiyan; apprehension at the likelihood that the giant would eliminate them all before they had the chance to use the Time Milieu. To be so close yet so far from their goal...

It couldn't end this way.

"Son of Kakarot!" Broly shouted, much to the surprise of the fighters. To the humans and Piccolo, they had no clue what the Super Saiyan was shouting; to Goten and Trunks though, they knew what he meant.

"Son of Kakarot?" Tien questioned, keeping his voice low so as not to antagonize Broly. "What is he talking about?"

"It's probably a 'who'," Piccolo replied. "Kakarot is a saiyan name, I'm pretty sure."

"It is," Goten said. "Kakarot is the name of my father."

That caused everyone except Trunks to look at the Son boy. "So what does he want with you?" Videl asked.

"It's probably not me, so much as it's Gohan he wants," Goten responded, never moving his eyes from the giant Broly. "My guess is he wants a rematch with him." Continuing to study the larger saiyan, the Son boy couldn't help but notice the large burn make on his chest, along with what appeared to be a scar on his right shoulder. The singed flesh around the mark made it a bit too hard to tell.

Trunks had also noticed the wounds. "But Gohan isn't here and from what I can see, he was the only one who was able to injury Broly. That must be pissing the guy off to hunt us down all the way out here."

"So what do we do?" Tien inquired. "We can't reasonably fight him off; even Gohan couldn't do that. Sixteen even killed himself trying to do that."

"Well, he wants a Son of Kakarot; I say we give him one," Goten said. This caused the whole group to look at him.

"No, no way are you gonna get yourself killed fighting this guy!" Videl protested. "You're the only one we can't afford to lose right now!"

"And I'm the only one that can hold him at bay, even if it is for only a few minutes," the Son boy replied. "All of you go on ahead. I'll catch up with you at the first chance I get."

Turning his head, Goten looked at Trunks and Piccolo, looking them in the eyes as they both looked into his intently. With a subtle nod, a silent message was passed to them. Turning his attention away from them after that, he settled on Erasa, who looked as if she was gonna burst into tears at any moment.

If there was any one thing Goten felt regret about, it was leaving that girl by herself, just as Gohan had Videl, though that had been unintended. Whereas Videl would continue to fight on, even if she wasn't in the same ideal mindset to, Erasa was more vulnerable. Who knew if she would be able to go on.

Giving her a half-hearted smile, the saiyan turned to look at Broly, who looked as if he was losing his head by waiting. "Son of Kakarot! Come out and fight!" he shouted.

"That's my cue," Goten said. "Get going, now; while you all have the chance to."

Not seeing the nods from his companions, the group made their way to the other door and went through it. Erasa was the only one to look back at the Son boy, a look of sorrow on her face. Finally, she followed the others.

"Son of Kakarot," Broly said, his smirk back on his face.

"Can't tell me apart from Gohan, huh?" Goten commented to himself. "That's okay; I'll make sure you see him shortly."

With a gathering of ki, the saiyan let out a war cry; a golden aura enveloping as his hair stood stiff brightened into a golden color, his eyes becoming teal.

Seeing the transformation, Broly slowly moved into a defensive stance, all the while keeping his smirk.

With a war cry, Goten launched himself at his larger opponent. Using a burst of speed, he disappeared from sight, reappearing off to Broly's right. With a leg drawn back, the saiyan swung it at his foe.

Reacting, Broly blocked the kick easily, turning his body to face the smaller saiyan. As he did so, he allowed his opposite arm to hang back before swinging it at Goten.

In response, Goten used another burst of speed to disappear, reappearing a small distance away and charging his opponent once again. With a fist drawn, he threw it at the Super Saiyan.

This time, Broly moved back a step, watching as the fist flew right in front of his face. Using his right arm, he once again threw a punch at the Son boy.

Swinging his legs up, Goten barely moved his body upward, dodging the punch. Holding both of his arms out to his sides, he drew his right leg up and swung it down, finally landing the blow on Broly's shoulder.

This blow caused the larger saiyan to flinch back, allowing the Son boy to twist himself in midair as he fell back to the ground. Landing on his feet, he immediately pushed off the ground as he threw another punch, this one nailing Broly on the chin and forcing his head to jerk back.

However, before he could carry on with his attack, Goten couldn't help but notice that his opponent had kept his smirk on his face throughout the whole exchange. In fact, the smirk grew wider, causing Goten to widen his eyes. Leaping backwards to put more distance between the two, the saiyan couldn't help feeling a twinge of dread going down his spine as the Legendary Super Saiyan tilted his head forward and begin taking steps towards him, looking as if he had never been hit. Gathering his ki, the Son boy allowed a large orb of ki to appear in his hand. With a throw, he launched the ki ball at his opponent, watching as it detonated on the larger saiyan.

Unfortunately, Broly kept marching on, as he emerged from the cloud of smoke that had covered him, still smirking. With another gathering of ki, Goten threw another ki ball, watching the same result of flames and the continued march.

Suddenly, Broly let out a yell as he launched himself at Goten. Holding one of his arms out by his side, the giant moved to clothesline the saiyan. Reacting, the Son boy ducked the attack, keeping his senses on the hulk to make sure he knew where he was.

This proved to be a mistake as Broly bent his arm at the elbow and jerked it down, slamming it onto the smaller saiyan's head. As Goten fell to the floor from the blow, the golden saiyan was unable to launch another attack as his momentum carried him a little too far from his opponent. Instead, Broly leapt into the air as he gathered his ki. Holding one of his arms above his head, a decent sized ball of green ki appeared.

With a swing of his arm, Broly threw the ball at Goten, who had managed to recover from the previous blow. Turning his head, his eyes widened at the sight of the incoming attack. Quickly gathering his ki, he pushed it threw his arms and fired it at the ground, sending him flying away as his opponent's ki ball detonated at his previous spot.

As green flames consumed the area, Goten suddenly felt a large shoulder ram into him from a side, sending him crashing into a wall, his body being imbedded in it. A bit disoriented, the young saiyan managed to shake it off in time for Broly to appear right in front of him and slam a fist right into his chest, causing his body to be forced deeper into the wall. A small crater formed around him.

"Surely this isn't the best you have?" Broly questioned disappointedly.

He didn't get an answer though as Goten was trying to recover from his bed in the wall. It had been a bit of a surprise to hear the question as Broly had only said "Son of Kakarot" since he arrived.

The Son boy had to admit that things weren't going his way so far. If this was the thing that his brother and Sixteen had gone up against on Earth, there was no way he was leaving this room alive. The only option left to him was to stall this menace for as long as he could, so that Trunks and the others could reach the Time Milieu.

Well, if that was the only path left to him, he was gonna have to pull out all the stops. Looking towards his floating opponent, who looked as if he was becoming impatient with waiting on him, Goten quickly formed a plan. All he needed was to catch this giant baboon off guard.

Growling, the younger saiyan gathered his ki before releasing it all around him, incinerating the wall around him as his aura roared. There was a momentary musing about how easily the wall was destroyed since Hirudegarn's earlier efforts hadn't obliterated them. But then, perhaps it took physical force to actually damage these things or at least get past the protective barriers around them.

But those thoughts were the least of his worries at the moment; his sudden burst of ki had had the desired effect on his opponent as the hulk had backed off slightly.

Free from the wall, Goten used a burst of speed to disappear, reappearing towards the opposite side of the room and standing on the ground. Raising his right arm, he began channeling as much ki as he could into his hand. Soon, a swirling orb of blue ki appeared in his palm.

In the meantime, Broly had found him and was on the move to continue their fight. With his menacing green aura flaring around him, the Super Saiyan charged at his golden opponent.

Goten could feel he was running out of time to charge his attack. It was all or nothing and the Son boy never did things half-assed. Pulling his arm back, he waited until he was sure Broly couldn't dodge his blow, shouting "Alright Broly! THIS ENDS NOW!!" as he threw the ball of ki.

The last thing he saw was his attack colliding with Broly and the resulting explosion covering everything.

After leaving Goten to deal with Broly, Trunks and the others had found themselves in a very strange place. As far as the eye could, jagged mountains littered the landscape. It was almost as if they had entered a whole other world.

However, there was something at the horizon. The sky around them held a dark bluish color that wasn't reciprocated at one spot. If Trunks looked hard enough, he could've sworn the spot was multi-colored, like a rainbow.

"I take it that's the place we have to go," the oddly colored saiyan spoke, receiving no answer in return. Taking the initiative, Trunks began flying towards that rainbow, the others flying behind him with Videl carrying Erasa.

For awhile, it seemed as if they weren't covering any ground as the location they were heading towards didn't seem to be coming closer. A small concern until they began to notice the rainbow colors were starting to cover more of the sky.

That was when the sound of a large explosion caught their attention, causing the group to turn around and look back at the place they had left Goten. No one said a word as they all caught the significance of the explosion. A heated battle was going on and someone had just released a lot of ki at once. Hopefully, the Son boy hadn't been on the receiving end of the blast.

"Keeping going," Trunks said out loud. He and Piccolo had made a silent vow to each other and they had to keep it, regardless the outcome of the present fight. Though he didn't like leaving his comrade, his brother behind, there was no other option at the moment.

It seemed the humans understood this, even though a fresh bout of tears were streaming down Erasa's face. Silence held the group captive as they continued their quest.

An eternity later, the group finally arrived within their destination. Surrounded by the multi-colored sky, they soon find a plateau. Taking the opportunity, they landed on it and began investigating it.

There wasn't much to describe the plateau other than flat. However, towards one of the edges, a small rectangular block of stone sat, almost as if it was a makeshift altar. Moving towards it, Trunks soon saw what appeared to be the impression of a handprint on top of the stone.

Turning his head to look at Piccolo, the oddly colored saiyan nodded his head and approached the altar until he stood right next to it.

Piccolo, however, moved in front of Tien, Videl, and Erasa before they could move, standing in their way of reaching the altar. "This is as far as you go," the Namek said gruffly.

"What are you talking about?!" Videl shouted. "What's going on?!"

Tien scowled. "We've been doubled-crossed."

"Not exactly," Trunks spoke up from the altar, standing right in front of it as he looked at the handprint. "What I'm about to do only requires one person and I'm just the man to do it."

"Explain yourself!" the Satan girl roared.

Instead of answering the question, Trunks replied "We've lost Gohan. My brother, Goten, is most likely losing his life as we speak. The world is becoming lonelier with every second."

"I don't know what you're up to," Tien spoke, "but I won't let you do it."

"For someone that has yet to avenge your own friend, I doubt you'd be able to stop him," Piccolo said suddenly.

That comment caught the bald human's attention immediately. What that had to do with the Time Milieu, Tien couldn't see, but the mentioning of Chiaotzu's death by the very man that killed him was enough to get his mind off of it. The bodyguard felt the call of a challenge and he was gonna answer it.

Videl, however, saw the enraged look on her teacher's face. "Tien, this isn't the time to be thinking about that!"

"Oh no, Videl; this is the perfect time," Tien growled. "You want to fight me so bad, Namek? Fine. I'll kill you to avenge Chiaotzu!"

Piccolo merely nodded his head with a small smirk. Reaching up, he removed his turban from his head. During this action, he turned to look at Trunks, seeing the saiyan looking back at him. With a nod of his head, the Namek looked back at Tien as he tossed aside his head gear.

As he took off his mantel, suddenly, Piccolo heaved it at the bald human. In response, Tien caught it and tossed it aside. It was then that Piccolo rammed his shoulder into the human and carried him off his feet. Flying, the Namek forced his opponent to the other side of the plateau, crashing into it soon after.

Time was of the essence, Videl knew. With her teacher consumed by his anger, there was no way the man was in the right mind to stop their betrayers. Since Erasa didn't have the backbone to stand up to Trunks, that left her as the only sane person at the moment who could stop this whole disaster.

"Trunks, stop this!" she shouted, catching the saiyan's attention. "You have no idea what you're doing!"

"I know exactly what I'm doing," the oddly colored saiyan said. "I'm gonna undo this all; everything."

Videl's eyes widened. "Undo everything? Are you insane?!"

Trunks shook his head. "An insane person can't tell the difference between right and wrong, Videl. What I'm about to do is the greatest wrong in history; I know it. I'm sorry it has to be this way."

"You don't have to do it," the Satan girl pleaded, taking a couple steps closer to the saiyan.

"I have no choice. Everything is so wrong, can't you feel it? Things weren't suppose to happen this way and unfortunately, this is the only way I know how to fix it."

Before Videl could do anything else, Trunks pressed his hand into the handprint. Suddenly, the world of rainbows began to change. Small orbs of purple began to float everywhere; some by themselves and others in long chains.

Because she was distracted by this occurrence, the Satan girl failed to notice as a multi-colored mist began to cover Trunks. It wasn't long before Videl finally caught sight of the mist though, and by then it was too late. Right before her, she watched as the saiyan seemed to become a two-dimensional outline of himself before fading into the rainbow mist.

It was strange. While within the mist of color, Trunks watched as the world around him seemed to melt. Colors literally dripped down until they reached the ground. The next thing the saiyan knew, he was standing in a corridor of stone.

Looking around, the oddly colored saiyan immediately froze. Up ahead, standing at the entrance of another hall, two figures stood. One he didn't recognize at all but the other was someone he was all too familiar with.

Wearing brown suit pants, a white button-up shirt, and a white lab coat, the man known as Gero conversed with his colleague. His long, shaggy, white hair fell to the middle of his shoulder blades; his blue, piercing eyes staring at the man he was talking to.

Keeping absolutely still, Trunks watched the conversation, hoping that neither man would look at him. It seemed some deity was smiling upon him at that moment as both men finished their talk.

The unknown man turned to continue down the corridor away from Trunks as Gero turned to go down the new passage.

Quickly, the oddly colored saiyan was at the juncture of the passageways. Looking down the one Gero went down, he saw the old man walking towards a set of brown wooden doors.

As quietly as he could, the saiyan warrior drew his sword and then walked as fast as he could towards his enemy. "Gero!" he called out.

That caught the older man's attention as he turned to look at him. "Who are you?" he demanded.

Keeping a stoic face as he closed in on him, Trunks said "The man who'll kill you."

Gero's eyes widened. Before he could say anything,

Trunks was in front of him, his sword sliding through the old man's body like a knife through butter. Gero's breath hitched inside his throat, his body numbing all over.

Grabbing his long-time nemesis by his shoulder, Trunks pushed him backwards, allowing his sword to slide out as blood dripped from the blade. Once free, the saiyan spun in a circle in an attempt to gain momentum. With a swing of his sword, he aimed his blade right at Gero's neck.

The strike rang true, just as the saiyan expected, separating the man's head from his shoulders, sending the removed head bouncing down the hall. As Gero's body fell to the ground, Trunks gathered his ki. Aiming his hand at the head, he fired a ki blast that completely incinerated it, ensuring that the brain couldn't be used or resuscitated.

And with that Trunks dropped his arm. It seemed as if a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders; a relief he had never known washing over him.

Slowly, his grip on his sword loosened until the blade fell to the floor and caused a loud clatter. Staring at it, the oddly colored saiyan watched as his sword slowly dissolved into small orbs of golden light and fade away as each light reached the roof.

Closing his eyes, the warrior tilted his head to look up at the roof, opening his eyes then. "Gohan, Goten, I'm coming," he murmured as more orbs of light began to appear.

Slowly, Trunks's dissolved, just like his sword until he was no more. It was some time later that Gero's decapitated body was found with no sign of his assailant anywhere.

Through the trees, quicker than light, a young boy raced through the forest, his mind clouded in disappointment. With this long, spiky hair flowing behind him, tear stains on his face, the boy continued his mad pace, finally breaking into a meadow, the grass overgrown from years of neglect.

"Boy, what do you think you're doing?"

Immediately coming to a halt, the young boy looked to the source of the voice, a smile slowly crossing his face. "Nothing much, Grandpa Bardock."

Standing in his battle armor, Bardock looked down at his grandson, no emotion on his face, though his eyes gave away his amusement. "Why is it I don't believe you Gohan?"

Quickly hiding his smile, Gohan answered "Maybe it's because you're old."

A scowl made itself known on the warrior's face. "Watch your tongue, Boy. One of these days, it'll get you in trouble."

Swallowing, Gohan nodded his head.

"Now then, tell me why you've run away from home again," Bardock said as he turned around and headed for the woods.

Running after the man until he was walking with him side by side, Gohan answered "My dad went off to train without me again. He told me he was gonna teach me a new kata but he said he had to prepare for something. It's as if he never has time to do anything with me!"

Shaking his head, Bardock replied, "You know that your father is busy, especially with the Earthlings. They're gonna be arriving here within a month to establish a couple settlements and it's always best to be prepared for the unexpected."

Jumping in front of his grandfather, Gohan looked at him with pleading eyes, "But he promised! He should be training with me now, not with some trees in the mountains!"

"And what about your mother? She should have to worry where her son is?" Bardock countered.

"No…she shouldn't," the young boy gave in, sorrow welling up in him again.

Sighing out loud, the old warrior continued, "If you want training though, it should be something more than some stupid kata. What you need is something that'll make you a man; put hair on your scrawny chest."

Gohan looked up with surprise. "You're gonna teach me something?"

His grandfather nodded. "Its something Kakarot should have the right to teach you but under the circumstances, it looks like I'll be the one to do it."

Seeing the hope grown in his grandson's eyes, Bardock smirked. "Now watch carefully, Boy; I'm only gonna do this once."

Nodding with a serious look on his face, Gohan gave all his attention to his grandfather as the man fell into a stance, his right hand held out before him. Soon, swirling blue energy surround his hand, the ball growing stronger as Bardock fed it more ki. "You see this energy, Gohan?"

"Yes I can," Gohan answered while nodding his head.

"This, my boy, is an attack that's been passed down our family for generations. My father taught me this move when I was a boy, just like I taught your father when he was one…and now I teach it to you."

Gohan's eyes widened. His grandfather's whole story was overwhelming him, along with the ki buildup. Who knew what he could do when he could wield this technique.

"Listen up now, you won't be leaving this property until you've mastered this move, got it? You'll be staying with me and won't see your home until then," Bardock barked, surprising Gohan. He could only nod to this command.

"Good," Bardock smirked. "Now let's see what this puppy can do."

Well, that's it. The end of a story that started with Battle Stain. Man that was so long ago; can hardly believe its become a trilogy. And like the two fics before it, it leaves rooms for more story; my kind of ending. That and it has become my longest chaptered story, just like BS and Breaking Grace.

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