They say that the first day in a new environment is always interesting. Whether you're scaling the cliffs of Mount Everest or simply beginning your job as an stenog at the office down the street, you're bound to have an interesting day.

But let me say that I now hold the record for the most interesting day in the history of first days in new environments. No one and no thing could possibly even beat the first few MINUTES of my arrival at Professor Abner Ravenwood's house on the Chicago University campus. To say I had an interesting experience is a bit of an....understatement.

Just picture it, alright?

You have your typical rich-Professor house on the corner of the street. Everything is spic and span, and the butler is standing dutifully at the door.

Enter a young, intelligent, and rather sexy man on the doorstep, pushing his glasses up his nose and making sure that his tie is straight.

This is the part where I introduce myself.

Dr. Henry Jones Jr.

College major in history and archaeology.

Apprentice of Abner Ravenwood for the next three years.


But you can call me Indy, of course.

So there I stood, completely nervous and thinking that Mr. Ravenwood would be awake at this hour. I checked my watch for what seemed the fiftieth time, wondering what sort of apprentice would show at his tutor's house at nine o' clock in the morning.

Apparently, an over zealous one.

I rang the door bell, checked my watch again and waited.

A thin, wiry and decidedly tall man answered the door. Mr. Ravenwood had explained that he only had one butler, who was to be addressed by his first name.

"Ben, I presume?" I asked, putting on my good-school-boy smile.

"Mr. Jones." His tight smile was kindlier than I expected it to be. "This way."

I entered the main hallway, a huge oak paneled floor with many artifacts about the room. I felt like I was in a museum instead of an actual home.

Ben lead me through it into a small but comforting study. The walls were adorned with more artifacts and shelves and shelves of books. My mouth nearly watered with the thought of the stuff I would learn here, how much my career would be advanced. How many surprises were going to be around the corner.

Little did I know that the first was only minutes away.

Ben took my suitcase and told me that breakfast was set on the table. Truth be told, I had already stuffed my face full at the cafe down the road, but that didn't stop me from pouring myself a cup of coffee and seating myself down at the table.

The Morning Paper had an interesting article headline on the front, so I casually picked it up and began to scan the story. Ben came back and stood dutifully at the door.

"The Master is out with the Dean of the college." Ben said a moment later. "He should be back at by dinner tonight. Feel free to go to your room and rest, Mr. Jones."

I nodded and smiled, "Thanks, Ben."

Truth be told, I was exhausted, despite the fact that I had had the last twelve hours or so to sleep on the plane. I can never sleep on planes, because the people around me are too fascinating to not watch. I did plan on going up to my room and getting some rest, but first, I wanted to read the paper.

It was quiet, and peaceful. I really could get used to this kind of environment.

I really should have taken the slamming of the door and the patter of feet as a sign that something was going on. But, hungry-for-knowledge idiot that I am, I was unable to care as I read the front page story.

Next, a shattering crash on the floor above us. I looked at Ben over the edge of the paper, who seem completely unfazed by the ruckus upstairs. Supposing it was nothing, I turned back to the paper, hiding from the study itself behind the black and white print.

The door to the study flew open with a bang and the patter of feet became quite apparent. Still, I was too immersed in the story to even look up. I figured it to be either another servant or (if I was lucky, which now that I think on it, I wasn't) Mr. Ravenwood.

My attention wasn't really caught until I heard the voice that accompanied the light footsteps.

"Good morning, Ben!"

Loud, decidedly feminine, the voice broke my concentration. I lost my place in the story and had to blink twice before going back to reading it.

But when a pair of hands settled on my knees, and the voice addressed me as 'Daddy', I knew that I had to see whoever this person was.

I lowered the paper, making sure to plaster the cockiest grin I had on my face.

Whoever I thought that person might have been...well, I certainly wasn't expecting who it actually was.

And I wasn't expecting to see a pair of brilliant emerald eyes staring at me widely.

I blinked at the person, and then turned to Ben and asked in a haughty tone, "Whose the girl with the green eyes?"

In an instant, the girl let go of my knees and sprinted out of the room, tripping once on her way out. I heard her run up the stairs and slam her door in a matter of five seconds or so.

There hasn't been a sound from upstairs in over three hours. first experience at the Ravenwood House?


Most definitely interesting.

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