I'd taken the whole of the summer vacation off, to make sure I could totally control myself around humans. Today was my first day back, as a vampire. I was worried.

Would I be able to control myself?

What if the sun shone on me?

Would people ask me questions?

I had no idea. Edward held my hand in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze.



"What if it goes wrong? What was it like for you at first?"

Edward looked down at his feet.

"Well, it hard at first, being in those warm cosy rooms with the scent of human blood around you. But as you've had time to prepare, you should be ok. Just be careful with the sun though remember."

Edward opened the car to his shiny Volvo that I used to hate when I was human. I don't understand why now though. This car runs with a nearly silent engine. I can understand the frustration he held against the truck I had when I was human. As vampires, we have faster reflexes, so we can drive faster without crashing. I clicked in my seatbelt in a millisecond. Edward was already backing out the drive. The sky was grey, as usual. Any sign of the sun and we would have to stay at home. As we pulled into the parking lot at school, I caught a glimpse of Angela, Ben and the other people I used to call friends walking to class. I got out of the car at human speed, as not to surprise anyone. Edward put his hand round my waist and pulled me closer to him.

"Don't worry Bella."

"I'm staying with you."

"Yes, we are in every class together, remember?"

I searched through my faded human memories. I could vaguely remember Edward saying he had arranged our timetable so that we would be together in every class. A lot of things had happened during the summer, I'd gotten married, had a baby and become a vampire. I'm literally a different person now.

We walked through the door, and I prepared myself to face school for the first time as a vampire.