The bell rang, signalling the end of the day.

"Your friends are waiting. I'll see you later." said Edward, before walking round the corner. The others were waiting at the parking lot. I could see that Angela was crying.

"Bella! Please, stay in touch won't you?" she sobbed.

"Yeah, here's my cell number." I wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to her.

She pulled me into a hug.

"I'll miss you." she choked. Everyone joined in the hug, they weren't as upset though.

"Well, guys I'm gonna have to go now. I promise I'll stay in touch. Love you all!" I mumbled.

"Bye!" they shouted. Edward was waiting by the Volvo, smiling at me.

"What're you so happy about?" I asked.

"Getting away from hearing the fantasies involving you that Mike's always thinking about." he chuckled.

"Right…" I laughed. Edward opened the car door for me and I jumped in. When we got home, I saw a whole load of suitcases by the door. Alice was pulling another one down the stairs. They were full of her clothes of course! Carlisle stepped out of the kitchen.

"Hi Bella. I told Charlie that you were going to move away with us. He seems fine about it, saying that you are old enough now to make your own decisions. He wants you to phone him every week to see that you're okay." said Carlisle with a grin on his face.

"That's great." I chuckled.

"BELLA WAIT!" someone shouted. I turned round, it was Jacob. I ran to clutch Renesmee to my chest protectively. Nobody was taking her from me.

"No Bella! I've managed to rent an apartment in San Francisco! I can visit you every month, or week or whatever! I can spend my time between Renesmee and the pack!" Jacob laughed.

"That's great Jacob, how did you find the money for that?" I asked.

"Oh, the pack helped me to raise a few thousand dollars, they're great!" Jacob squealed.

Edward seemed a bit disappointed that Jacob was able to spend time with Renesmee. But I was ecstatic.

"Brilliant!" I laughed. Renesmee was laughing too.

"I'll visit you next week, give you time to unpack and get used to San Francisco!"

"Cool!" I exclaimed. Jacob left, literally skipping back home.

"Well that ended well." I sighed.

Edward growled.

"Oh come on Edward. He imprinted on her! You can't just take her away from him!" I said, annoyed.

"I know that, but I'm just worried about our Renesmee being around werewolves. They could hurt her."

I thought back to Emily, the woman Sam imprinted on, how half her face had been scarred by him. I shuddered.

"Jacob's not like that!" I moaned.

Edward shrugged.

"Let's get the stuff in the car; we have a plane to catch." Edward said, squeezing my waist. I nodded. Once we'd piled everything into the Volvo, we sat Renesmee in her car seat. Emmett was just getting the last of Alice's many suitcases into the back of Rosalie's red, convertible BMW. Carlisle and Esme were finished, waiting in their car with the engine running. Everyone got into their cars; we took one last look at the house and sped off heading for the airport. We might be back here in a few decades, I hoped we would. I wonder how this new life in San Francisco would be. Edward took a hand off the wheel and squeezed my hand. The green lush forest of Forks that I'd gotten used to flashed by.

"Mom, I'm thirsty." Renesmee moaned. I sighed, reached into the travel bag by my feet and got her a flask of blood. It was still warm from when I heated it in the microwave a few hours ago. Renesmee twisted the cup and lid off, and poured some blood into the cup. She replaced the lid and sipped on her drink contently.

We passed the signs that show you are exiting Forks, the place where life had become worth living for me and Edward.