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"Eowyn! Do not tire the horse—we still have a ways to go!"

I laughed at Eomer's useless rebuke. "I can see Minas Tirith from here," I retorted over my shoulder. "Now hurry!"

Eomer galloped up to me. "Eowyn, do not fear," he said, panting. "The wedding does not take place until next week."

"And I have not seen Faramir nigh on three months!"

"Does he really allow you to call him Faramir?" my brother teased.

"That is his name, is it not?"

"A man of his stature deserves respect."

"He has my respect, Eomer," I snapped, now directing the horse into a slow walk. "Not my subservience."

"You know that I jest, do you not?" he asked nervously.

"You still fear my wrath, do you not?" I mocked.

"I admit it proudly," he said, with all the dignity he could muster.

We fell silent for a moment, the heat of August swirling around us.

"You will come see me, my sister?" Eomer asked quietly.

"If you come to Ithelien, I shall visit Rohan for your sake," I said. "For yours and Theoden's."

I remembered standing at the foot of my uncle's mound, the white flowers of mourning standing tall in the still summer air.

I had almost given into grief again.

But then I remembered. Love endures, he had said.

How I missed my Faramir. I began to gallop again, at the thought of his eyes, his laugh, our talks—

A rider came towards us; his livery was splendid. Upon his chest was embroidered the white tree of Gondor, and above the tree, the seven stars were suspended.

"Faramir!" I cried out.

I dismounted, barely aware of what I was doing, and ran towards him.

"Hail, my lady," he whispered in my ear, as we embraced on the field, our horses prancing around us nervously.

"Hail, Prince of Ithelien," I whispered back.

"And good day to you, Lord Faramir." My brother's voice boomed above us from his steed. His Rohirrim flanked him on either side, and his eyes shone with pride.

Love surged through me.

Faramir bowed. "King Eomer," he said.

"Come," Eomer replied, dismounting and leading his horse by the reins. "We must hurry, for her highness—" he gestured towards me "—is in a hurry!"

Faramir laughed, and I gave Eomer a stern look.

But he was right. All my life, I had hurried. Always wanting to escape, always being dragged back by memories.

But no longer.

That day, I walked slowly and proudly with Faramir by my side.

Redemption, I had achieved. No longer did I revel in stories of battle, but in the quiet comfort of healing.

Faramir smiled at me.

And I knew I had found what I was looking for.

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