You wonder how he got there. You're hung over from last night. Right after your son got taken to the psych ward. All you remember is a drunken blur and lots of humping.

You've been single for five years now; you knew you needed some action, and FAST. The detective was too cocky, and there were no good men around in Chicago, and if there were, they were either taken or players. You needed what most single moms need every six months: A one-night stand.

You figured Andy wasn't around, so what the hell? You were a grown woman; you deserved to be happy. So thus the fun began….


The way his little legs were kicking when he bit you; oh it turned you on so much. His little teeth sinking into your neck; it made your knees buckle with lust. And you loved it when he called you names. But you never let HIM know that; no, you, Mrs. Barclay, enjoyed being a tease more than you enjoyed the actual act of intercourse.

As many women said, and as you thought, there was no good substitute for a nice hunk of wood. And oh, how he gave it to you. You KNEW it wasn't the size that mattered; it's what he did with it. And this little guy knew how to fuck and fuck good; he didn't just do it and walk away. He planned it out meticulously.


As I said, you wake up hung over and confused. But you're not NEARLY as confused as he is, as he wakes up, his blue eyes open, and he says: WHAT THE HELL!

The End.

A/N: Hope you guys found this funny. XD