This story is coming out in bits and pieces sorry. I started writing in the middle and just wrote the start, now I just have to get to the middle and decide on the end!

Jasper sat on the sofa watching the television blankly as Bella settled on the love seat with a book. He and Emmett were keeping an eye on Bella while everyone else hunted. He could feel her frustration and sexual tension easily. It was near over whelming and he couldn't wait for Alice to get home so he could relax. He looked over at her deciding to try to distract her in the hopes that the tension would lessen. 'So, Bella. How are you going?' An innocuous enough question.

Bella looked up from her book frowning. 'I'm about ready to explode. Or slaughter the town. Either way I'm going damn crazy.'

Jasper raised his eyebrows evenly. He could tell she wasn't underestimating. He knew the urge. He thought about it a moment before he spoke. 'It cant be that bad, I mean I'm feeling everything you are and I'm not exploding or slaughtering.'

Bella glared at him. 'Oh? And how long have you been waiting for release? How long will you have to deal with this… need?'

Jasper opened his mouth and then shut it again. He had been quite satiated this morning before Alice left and no doubt would be again when she returned. 'Surely Edward will help you manage just as Alice will I.'

Before Jasper could even close his mouth after speaking Bella snorted. 'Like hell he will. I'll be lucky if he even kisses me for more than a second.'

Jasper cocked his head to the side confused. 'I don't understand. Surely Edward will help you manage?'

Bella was too annoyed and angry to even blush at having this conversation with Jasper. 'No, he doesn't ever help me manage.'

Jasper did a double take. 'Wait.. Ever?' Bella repeated him in confirmation. 'Oh god.' It was obvious his horror at the idea. When Edward returned two hours later he was still staring at the wall in horror. Edward looked at him cautiously and pulled Bella to her feet. Alice came through the door then and before Bella could blink she and Jasper were gone and she heard their door slam upstairs. Edward looked at her curious and Bella raised her eyebrows. 'What.'

Edward frowned at the roof. 'His thoughts. He just kept thinking ever!… ever!… two years… ever!

Bella shrugged and threw her arms around his neck kissing him hard. After a minuet he decided that she was being too enthusiastic and he pulled away. Bella glared at the wall over his shoulder and an audible gasp floated down through the floor.

Upstairs Jasper was busy trying not to shred Alice's new jeans in his desperate rush.

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