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Alice was carefully organizing Bella's breakfast the next morning when Bella arrived in the kitchen. The boys were planning a big weekend trip to go hunting the next weekend and they were in the next room deciding who was staying behind with Bella. Edward refused to leave her unprotected. Alice grinned and flitted out of the room to volunteer herself and Jasper. When she got back Bella was eating but watching her suspiciously. 'Your planning more shopping!'

Alice smiled sweetly. 'It'll be fun Bella, come on. I can see that you'll have fun.'

Bella rolled her eyes and put her bowel in the sink. Before she could respond Edward was by her side wrapping his arms around her. 'I'm sure you can survive one weekend with Alice dear.' Bella glared at Edward in betrayal but he kissed her lips softly distracting her and when he pulled away she had completely forgotten about the conversation.

Once the couple had left for the day Jasper and Alice were quietly working out the details of how the weekend would go. It took them longer than it should have because Alice kept giving off such strong waves of lust that Jasper couldn't keep his hands to himself. By the end of the day Alice was confident that she would be able to seduce Bella. And that Bella would have fun!

Come the weekend Edward and the rest of the family was long gone leaving Bella with Alice and Jasper. They were upstairs in Alice's room on the bed. At least Alice and Bella were.

Jasper was sitting in the window seat reading while the girls flicked through fashion magazines. Alice was pointing out dresses she liked and Bella was pretending to care about mock frills and depressed contour lines. After pointing out a strapless dress Alice began muttering quietly and playing with her top. It only took a second for her to look up pinning Bella with a suspicious look. 'Do you think strapless would work on me?'

Bella shrugged not knowing what Alice was talking about. Alice pulled her top tight across her chest and shook her shoulders. When nothing happened she turned to Bella. 'Mine don't move.' Bella stared at Alice confused so she shook her shoulders again. When Bella still looked confused Alice reached out and shook her shoulders for her lightly making her breasts bounce. Bella blushed but Alice looked confused as she stared at Bella's chest. 'I don't remember what that's like.'

Bella blushed again. 'Uh… sorry?'

Alice smiled softly but stared at Bella's chest still. After a minuet she glanced up at Bella watching her. She looked embarrassed but hopeful. 'Can I feel them? I mean, its just that I don't have a memory to go from. It seems silly I know but I cant believe I don't know what breasts feel like.'

Bella's eyes widened in surprise and she blushed crimson. As embarrassing as the question was she knew she couldn't deny Alice her simple request. She was her best friend after all and she was just curious. 'Oh, um I guess so.'

Alice reached out and gently cupped Bella's breasts in her cold hands. She tested their weight lightly and she could feel Bella's heart accelerate under her fingers. Her body reacted instantly to the touch. Alice gently squeezed them feeling how soft and supple they were under her fingers and Bella moaned under her breath. Bella blushed even harder as her body leant into the touch and she bit her lip embarrassed. Alice smiled at Bella and squeezed her breasts a little harder making Bella's breath hitch. It was obvious now that Bella was extremely turned on by finally being touched the way she had craved for so long. Alice looked directly at Bella as she moved her fingers to roll her pebbled nipples gently. There was no denying that Alice was deliberately provoking Bella's desire now and Jasper was struggling to pretend to read encase Bella looked up at him. The desire the two women were giving off was making it difficult for him to sit still let alone pretend to be oblivious.

Alice opened her mouth and a shrill ring interrupted her. For a second Bella registered the surprised look on Alice's face before she leant over to answer her phone. It was so odd for her to be surprised. Charlie wanted to make sure she was at the Cullen's and that she was with Alice. After struggling to slow her breathing Bella managed to get through the conversation. As she hung up Bella looked up at Alice still sitting in front of her.

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