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I hate being around stoned people.

"Hey Dean?" Sam said.

Dean sighed and glanced up from his car magazine. He raised his eyebrows at his little brother, who lay in a hospital bed. Sam that morning complained about some serious pains in his stomach and was running a fever.

The eldest Winchester was scared and panicked and even though he hated the idea he took his brother to the hospital. They had just run some tests on him and now they were waiting for the results and so to help with the pain they gave him morphine.

"I hate being around stoned people." Dean mumbled for the hundredth time to himself. He then sighed finally and spoke "What Sammy?"

"My foot fell off." The younger boy grinned, "I can't feel it. It all gone."

"No it didn't its just numb." He patted his little brother's arm "Probably because this hospital takes too freaking long for test results." Dean yelled this and cocked his head towards the hallway.

"Ssh Dean!" Sam whined, "Don't yell or will get in trouble!"

"How much morphine did they give you, man?"

"I dunno." Sam said and then his brain, which was currently stoned, suddenly popped an idea

"Dean just leave me. Go find a beautiful woman and fall in love and get married and have a few kids." Sam reached up his hand and pulled on Dean's collar of his shirt. "Be normal!

"Oh for the love of god I'm getting a nurse in here, man." Dean grumbled as he pulled his little brother's cold hands off his shirt. "I think they overdosed you."

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