Supermassive Decode

A Twilight FanFiction

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Chapter 1: A Supermassive Blackhole

It was a cold day like any other in the town of Forks, the usual clouds in the sky, the expected rain falling from them creating puddles on the ground. Just an average day. But something seemed different, something was about to unravel in a series of twisted events.

Luke Johnson had lived in Chicago, Illinois for the entire seventeen years of his life, that was until he was told he was being forced to live with his mother in Forks, Washington. Now he was sat on a plane cramped next to an old man who was fast asleep, "Excuse me! Yo! Oi!" Why didn't any of the flight attendants ever bother to come over to him, they went to everyone else when they had problems but with Luke, well he was just a nobody to most people. Maybe that would change when he got to Forks, maybe he would change, but hopefully none of his old friends had changed. He had visited Forks at least once a year for the past fifteen years and had gotten quite accustom to it's weather and the people there, it wasn't hat he didn't like Forks, in fact he loved it, it was just the thought of living with his mother that he didn't like.

It was many hours before the plane had landed, in fact it was dark, the only light coming from the airport and the moon. Looking around for his mother's BMW Luke sat on one of the benches that lined the airport's walls. She wasn't here. Figured. His mother never arrived on time and when she did arrive she was normally in a bad mood. Sighing he stared at the ground and began to think about what his life at Forks was going to be like, no doubt his mother wouldn't have told Forks High School that he would be joining them and spending the last of his high school life there, that would be his first priority, going to school would be better than staying at home with his mother. The sound of a car's horn sounded through the silence and rang in his hears, that sound meant one thing, time to go home…

Slowly walking to the car Luke stared at his mom, she was smiling for a change, maybe he had caught her on a good day, or maybe she was up to something. Nobody could tell what Luke's mother was thinking. When he had finally got to the passenger door Luke gave it a quick tug and took a seat, he didn't dare say anything to her incase it messed up the mood which is why he was thankful that she broke the silence after he had slammed the door shut, "Sorry I was late, I was hooked to a call to the head teacher of Forks High School, he seemed pleased to be having a new student." Shock of the century, his mother had actually been bothered to help out, "Are you really Leanne Johnson? You seem kinda… different." They gave each other a quick smile before the journey to, what would be, Luke's new home.

Once again it had been a few hours before they had finally arrived at the house, it was different to how Luke had seen it last year, it was in a different place as well, "new house?" he asked, curious about why she had got a new place. "yeah, new house for a new start. The old owner, Charlie Swan died last week, so I bought the place, I felt that it shouldn't go to waste and plus its bigger than the old one." The reply explained a lot, she wasn't just buying it for a new start, it was probably one of cheapest houses on the market with the guys death so she'd be saving herself a lot of money. "Don't worry Luke, all your stuff is in your room, I brought everything of yours over from the old house!" She shouted after him as he began to make his way through the doorway, what a relief, he wouldn't have to go out and but new things, although it still seemed weird that she had done that, was it kindness or to trick him into thinking she had changed?