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"When can you take a break?" Ronon asks her as he sneaks up on her at the infirmary.

"Why?" She asks calmly without looking away from her computer. She's gotten used to his habit of appearing suddenly. The first few time were a bit unnerving, though.

"I'm – how do you say it – horny." He tells her.

Jennifer suddenly turns around and covers his mouth with her hand. Putting a finger to her lips. "Sssh!" She shushes, smiling and looking around to check if anyone heard. Marie is actually pretending that she didn't hear, but fails miserable because the corner of her mouth is twitching upwards.

"Come on. Let's go!" Ronon says, grabbing her waist and pulling her against him.

"Not now, babe." Jennifer says, pushing against him and sitting back down on her stool. "In twenty, okay? And only for fifteen. Coz I already had my lunch." She says as she tries to figure out how they're going to accomplish it in fifteen minutes. They usually last hours when they make love. Oh well, there's always a first time for everything.

"Okay. I'll wait." He tells her as she turns back to the computer. He doesn't leave her side though and instead stands by her very close. Too close. His idea of waiting is entirely different from what she expected.

As she hunches over her laptop Ronon leans down close to her ear and whispers in a low and husky voice. "Baby, do you know what I'd like to do to you?" Jennifer's fingertips stop in midair for five seconds and then she continues to tap on the keys. "I'd like to reach inside your uniform and cup your breasts, pull your bra aside and squeeze your breasts. I would pinch your nipples between my middle finger and forefinger while my thumb rubs the top until they turn hard like pebbles." Jennifer's breathing changes as she listens.

"And then I'd like to shove my hand down your pants, underneath your panties and rub your clitoris until you moan for me. And then I would stick a finger inside you and thrust in and out of you. Five times I would thrust before I stick another finger inside and rub your clitoris with my thumb." Jennifer shifts in her seat. She can't concentrate on her work. "I want you to moan and grind yourself against my hand until I make you come hard and you'd be so wet that when I pull my hand back I can smell your scent and lick your juice off my fingers and –"

Before he says anything else, Jennifer grabs his hand and rushes past Marie, who nods at her in understanding. When they leave the infirmary and steps into the hall, they turn to the left and she swipes her hand over a hidden door and pushes him inside. The broom closet.

She pulls his hand for him to feel the heat of her through the material of her pants. Her chest heaving heavily, she says "Ronon Dex, everything that you just said – you better do it now and you better do it quick!"

The End.