Author's note

This is obviously not a new chapter, i just wanted you all to know that I had changed my name from Cullenluver to Lizardgirl. I made the name and account back in the days when i was in the phase and actually liked Twilight, however that is long gone. I just didn't want anyone to believe that i still liked it anymore. I'm sorry for the confusion, but it was something that has been bugging me for a while now.

Also, refering to my new story that i said that i would post up soon, well i got a new computer a while ago and my almost finished story was on the old one, and because of some mixup and stupid computer problems, i lost all my hard work. I have been working on it though and i'll try very hard to get it up and published soon.

Thank you for your time. Peace, love, and potter love ~8-)

Lizardgirl7 (formerly known as Cullenluver7)