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This is a tale of adventure, possibly love, certainly insanity, and very likely gender-switching. However, mostly adventure and insanity.

If you understand the background of Magic, just skim-read the first three paragrahs.

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The Realmswalker Epics
The Semi-Crack Adventures of Fee or Lixxy

All of the inhabitants of what some would call the Dominarian Planar Cluster know of mana, the five types of magical energy. The white mana of light and order, of plains, soldiers and heroes. The blue mana of sea and sky, of islands, trickery and knowledge. The black mana of darkness and deceit, of swamps, power and the undead. The red mana of fire and passion, of mountains, volcanoes and dragons. And the green mana of life and growth, of forests, elves and nature.

Most intellectuals of these planes know of the existence of other planes, alternate realities that can be accessed only by an inordinate amount of mana. More people have heard myths of the Planeswalkers, legendary sorcerers with the power to 'walk' between these realities, though few know that these myths are in fact truth.

Very few normal mortals know the mechanics of Planeswalking, nor of the Blind Eternities, the cold, empty void that lacks anything, even stars, that must be negotiated to travel between planes.

However, almost none, even among the Planeswalkers themselves, know the full truth. What they know as the multiverse is merely a cluster of planes bond together by its common laws of magic. And it is not the only cluster.

A Planeswalkers power is contained in their 'spark', activated variously by danger, age, or any number of other triggers.

But beings exist, even stronger than Planeswalkers. These are called Realmswalkers. They are not intrinsically stronger than Planeswalkers, though they almost always are. Their true strength lies in their sight.

A Planeswalker can See to other planes, knowing how much mana it would take to travel there in but an instant. A Realmswalker can judge the same thing, but to an entirely different cluster.

Beyond the edges of any one cluster lie thousands upon millions of other clusters, each bound by a common factor, all out of sight of any Planeswalkers not already inside. But the Realmswalkers can not only see them, but travel between them.

Any cluster will always have similarities between its planes. The cluster known by famous Planeswalkers such as Jaya Ballard, or Nicol Bolas would be known to a Realmswalker as the Dominarian cluster. This cluster is bound by its magic, each plane within using those same laws of magic, those same five colours, to a point. The further from the centre of the cluster, the more removed from the norm it becomes. Orbiting this cluster, just out of sight of most Planeswalkers, is a plane where at least seventy-three colours of mana, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, have been discovered.

Other clusters are bound by totally different common ground. One cluster is bound by life energy called chakra, that allows its inhabitants superhuman strength and abilities. Another cluster is held together by its inhabitants, each plane holding strange creatures with magical abilities, that love to fight, and live together with humans.

Very few beings will ever see more than one plane, let alone more than one cluster. The spark of the Planeswalkers is rare, that of the Realmswalkers more so. While any number of criteria will ignite the power of a Planeswalker, only a single criteria can activate the spark of a Realmswalker. They must be struck by an incredibly powerful magical spell, such as that could only be cast by a Realmswalker, or a group of Planeswalkers. The second it touches them, it will activate the spark, the spell itself being absorbed as it runs through their body, unlocking the incredible sight of the Realmswalkers.

Many Realmswalkers were Planeswalkers first. Such as one of these.

* * *

The ancient and incredibly powerful dragon flew upwards, into the stormy sky of Alara. A howling wind swirling storms around him. None of his enemies could follow him, they didn't have wings.

One of the human mages beneath him, a metallic being, summoned four plates of metal and lifted himself and the other three mages into the sky, the metal holding them, adjusting when they almost lost their footing.

The dragon muttered something rude in a long dead language. The four were working together. He formed a ball of coruscating power, throwing it towards the artifact-mage.

A panel of golden light materialised in front of him, absorbing the energy and shattering.

Another one of the group, a feral looking human, formed a fireball between his hands, casting it towards the mighty dragon.

Who smiled, showing his many fangs, and flapped his wings, scattering the flames and almost blowing his opponents out of the sky.

Another one, one of the cat-like leonin by the looks of him, threw a spiral of lightning towards the dragon, as the metal-mage fired sharp shards of metal towards him.

The dragon ignored the pain, just like a wasp sting and aimed another sphere of dark energy at his opponents. But before he could fire it, the female, a human with glittering armour and robes, muttered something that sounded like a prayer, and the leonin leapt forwards into the air, supported by the angels wings that came out of his back, as a golden aura encompassed him.

He slashed at the dragon with a mighty axe, biting deep into his flesh.

Roaring in pain, the dragon blasted a sphere of black power at point blank range, but a plate of metal came between the blast and the cat, shattering and melting with its power.

The feral cried out.

"To me!"

A current of power ran to him from the other three, and the feral let loose a roar laced with incredible power.

From amongst the shattered plane below, five dragons winged their way into the combat. The feral cried out to them in dragon tongue, his words lost in the wind, and they turned on the mage dragon, reluctantly.

The first was turned away by the dragon's claws, screeching in pain from the long gash in its side, the second utterly destroyed by a black sphere. The third died when its head exploded from unnatural fear.

The fourth managed to rake the side of the mighty dragon.

The feral, seeing the injury and death rate among his beloved dragons, called to them to turn away.

The fifth, pretending not to hear, flew towards the sorcerer dragon.

Who stared directly into his eyes, enslaving his will.

The fifth dragon turned, flying towards its summoner with unfocussed eyes.

With a word, the metal-mage severed the bonds that enslaved the dragon. Its eyes returning to normal, it fled after its fellows.

But all five of the mages were tiring, the dragon facing four powerful sorcerers, and they facing an ancient drake with knowledge far beyond theirs.

The four began to focus their power, a sphere of power forming between each of their hands.

A ball of fire somehow coexisting with sharp thorns formed in the hands of the feral, a sphere of crackling white lighting in the paws of the leonin, golden light in the hands of the female, and frozen yet liquid metal flowing in the hands of the metal mage.

The four spheres floated together, uniting in a sphere of white, blue, red and green mana, and flew towards the dragon, tearing the air itself.

Panicking, the dragon threw a ball of darkness towards it.

The two met.

The dark energy vanished into the other sphere, which changed to gold, glowing with the five colours of magic.

The sphere hit the dragon, and vanished into him.

He felt the same.

But he couldn't stay here any longer. Recovering quickly, the four had cast potent offensive spells at him.

He opened the gate in his mind, which felt subtly different, but he didn't have time to think on it.

Seeing somehow both the four sorcerers before him and also part of the Blind Eternities, he chose a plane, and 'Walked.

* * *

The dragon rematerialised on a huge rock. The rock was carved into four heads, overlooking a large city surrounded by forest.

Where in the name of the Elder Dragons was he?

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