Heya. How's life? Anyway, time for more randomisity and realmswalker inspired crossovers.

Chapter 3-Doubles

"Wait… what just happened?" asked Felix weakly.
Rin sighed.

The two mages were in a small, forested area, part of a park. Felix had just woken up.
"Planar doubles, Fee. Have I ever explained them?"
"No. Never. Not when I was listening." said Felix.

Rin sighed.
"Yeah, that rules out a lot…"
"Anyway… Throughout the planes, there's only one you. But. In each plane you go to, there is a chance of their being another you, that planes own version of you. You met this worlds you today. Following me so far?"
Felix nodded.
"Right, well this is where it gets weird. Part of the innate abilities of a Realmswalker is that they get drawn to their doubles if they are on the same plane as each other. Also, on meeting them, part of their personalities and innate abilities and knowledge is copied. This means that a well travelled Realmswalker could have detailed knowledge in thousands of styles and techniques. Also, the two have a bond, unbreakable b all accounts, that gives the 'walker any new abilities." explained Rin.

Felix stared at her.
She sighed again.
"When you meet the other you, you get their powers."
"Cool!" exclaimed Felix.

Rin groaned.

"Wait, what powers will I have got here?" asked Felix.
Rin shrugged.
"Depends on your double. But, I hear that those whose doubles are trainers actually get doubles of their pokemon."
"The weird animals."
"So, anything new on you? Little red and white balls?"
"No. Oh, wait, yes." said Felix, noticing some in his bag that had previously been empty. "I'm gonna open one!"
"Fine. They should recognise you." said Rin. "Don't blame me if one eats you, though."

Felix rummaged through the bag, and finally picked one of the red and white spheres.
Pressing a small button on it's front, a red light issued from it, taking the form of a catlike creature, before solidifying.

It had two long ears, and whiskers like tufts of hair, giving it the appearance of having four ears. Its tail split near the end. It was black furred, and had blue eyes, and a jewel seemingly set in its forehead, also blue.

"And who are you?" it said. "Wait… you look like Felix…" said the creature.
There was a flash of purple light, directed at Felix, and a strange sensation in his mind.

The creature grinned. "Hello! You are Felix. And you are POWERFUL. I mean, you might even beat me! I'm Ebony." she said.

Felix was silent. Then a slow grin crept across his face.
"I know… I remember… kind of… Rin, this is weird as hell!"

Rin shrugged.
"How was I supposed to know? You've gained new powers and however many new friends, why are you complaining?"

Felix laughed.
"Good point."

There was a sudden wave of dark energy, and both Felix and Ebony, the cat-creature, fell unconscious.

With a whisper of movement, someone stood behind Rin, a long, golden bladed katana held against her throat.
"I'm very sorry about this… Rin, was it?" said a woman, twenty-something. She had long, brown hair down past her shoulders, red-brown eyes, a long black cloak. In her belt was another sword, this one simpler, a long metal katana, and a few of the pokeballs. Her eyes were almost apologetic, but there was a kind of fire in them.
"I don't like doing this, but there's so much out there… I want to see what you can see." she said. "By the way, my name is Ellen, Ellen Kaosu Lorn. Just so you know. Now you can take me somewhere. I don't really mind where. But somewhere new."

Rin gulped. Was there time to cast a spell before the girl attacked..?
She began to speak, and the sword cut against her throat, drawing a bead of blood.

Rin cast the spell of Realmswalking, carrying herself, Felix, and both the girl and the pokemon with her through the Blind Eternities.

Carefully, as they arrived, she adjusted the magic, throwing the girl from her.

They burst into reality in a strange city, the girl, Ellen, nowhere in sight.

It was almost silent where they were, in what seemed to be a market. The stars shone in the sky, distorted by something far above them. There were people walking around, strange people, certainly not human, some of them having wings, extra arms, tails, strange skin colours, features for which Rin did not even have a name.

The buildings around were tall and curved, flowing upwards from the ground in organic structure with no hard lines, spires piercing the sky above with their shining blue substance, tough yet strangely beautiful.

Among the stars were craft, strangely built machines that flew like graceful predators. There were no lights around, the cool starshine bathing the alien city in white light.

One person walking amongst the crowds was as out of place as Rin and Felix, a beautiful woman with green hair and skin. She wore an earthy coloured dress with slits down the side, probably for freedom of movement.

Her eyes met Rin's.

A blast of flames shot across the street, so strange under the blue tint of this alien world.

"Rin." said the green skinned woman. "How... nice to see you." she said, dodging to the side away from the flames.

"Leah." growled Rin. "How I wish I could say the same."

"Wait… where are we?" said Felix, waking slowly.

With a gesture from the green girl, roots rose up, entangling Felix and Rin. Felix set alight, flames flaming into existence from nowhere, slaying the roots that sought to hold him. Putting his hand on one of the roots holding Rin, he created a flare of power that burnt the roots around her to cinders.

"Thanks." said Rin. "Now stay back."
"Stay back?! I way outclass some stupid plant girl!"

With another word, the girl, Leah opened a hole in reality, drawing on the magic of a far-off world, summoning a huge, horned creature, a great brown beast with curving horns.

It lumbered towards Felix, and a blast of flames struck it from the side.

The girl from before, Ellen, stood there, one hand alight with flames, a smirk on her face.

"Oh, there you are."

Without turning, Rin threw a spiral of lightning at her.

There was a crack, and an unpleasant smell, and she vanished.

Rin turned, saw what had happened and groaned.

"I'll be back for YOU in a minute." she said to the green girl, holding out a hand towards her. "Ring of Oblivion."

Strange designs painted themselves on the floor around her, and she became translucent, almost see through, hammering on the side of the circle as Rin opened a door in the air and vanished.

Felix stared at the beast as it stood again, and gulped.

* * *

Yay Ellen! Yay Leah! Yay random evil girls!