In the morning, people are sneering and still talking about the new guest, Mariah. Ezekiel is out on the deck with Harold, Cody, Noah and Tyler gossiping about her night with Justin and how they kept everyone awake.

"Seriously dude, Mariah's moans echoed throughout the house! How was Justin even first to hit that bitch!" Ezekiel picks up the basketball from the court and sits on it bummed. "I wanted to be the first in the house! DAMN!" The guys all shake their heads in unison agreeing.

"She is hot though and Justin is a fine looking character." Everyone looks at Harold like something is fucking wrong with him. Who the fuck compliments another dude when you're a dude! Even Noah has the nerve to look at him stupid! "No! I mean.. You gotta admit Justin is attractive.. Guy or not.."

"Just shut the hell up Harold." Ezekiel shakes his head. In the sliding door, appears DJ. He comes out in his doggie pajama's and yawns.

"Sup guys!" He grabs a chair and straddles it wanting to join in the conversation.

"Hey DJ, we're just talking about Mariah." Cody says drinking his Orange Juice. DJ nods his head then becomes excited.

"Did you all see the way she moved. Those curves on her hips and sides.. I mean She's got LeShawna beat!" Tyler starts choking and laughs at DJ.

"Whoaaa man.. Now I know I got a woman and all, but nobody beats LeShawna's un-functional bodily proportions." Everyone outside looks at Tyler like WOOOOWWW This dude has upgraded vocabulary now! DJ bursts out into laughter.

"That was a good one. But for real.. Mariah is slim and good lookin. I'm defiantly tappin that!"

"Well that makes you after Noah." Harold says writing that down on a sheet of paper. DJ frowns.

"What you mean man?"

"Well since everyone wants to hit Mariah, I made a hit list and it's in the order of who goes next. Justin went first, so Ezekiel is next. It was first come first serve basis." Harold nods. DJ seems a little uneasy about the situation.

"And when the hell did we establish this Hit List?" DJ gets up and is now getting kinda angry.

"I know you're not trying to act hard now DJ. You ruined that attitude the first day we were on T.D.I." Noah rolls his eyes and sips on his Coffee with his feet all up like he's big shit. DJ folds his arms over his chest.

"Yeah, well see if I follow that hit list of yours." DJ turns around and goes back inside the house, bumping into Geoff on the way in. Geoff spills his drink and laughs.

"Sup yall! Everyone seems all bitchy today." Geoff stumbles onto the patio and sits next to Ezekiel on the ground.

"You're right about that, but we're just talking about Mariah and our hit list." Geoff seems interested.

"Hit List? You mean whose all gonna get Mariah in bed?" All the guys nod and laugh. Geoff nods.

"She is an amazing lookin gal. Too bad she's not a dude. I'd fucked the life out of her rectum." Everyone just looks at Geoff completely thinking TMI! Who the hell even jokes like that around with a bunch of other guys. Noah chokes on his coffee and makes the ugliest looking face at Geoff. Heather even stretches her neck out of her window looking down at Geoff so disgusted.

"WAY TO RUIN A CONVERSATION YOU ASSHOLE!" Heather screams throwing nail clippers at Geoff's head. He flinches from the pain and the rest of the guys manage to get up and walk back inside the house. Nice Going Geoff.

Others are inside the kitchen eating cereal and chatting about Gwen and Trent. LeShawna

happens to be the host of this conversation. But who the hell is surprised!

"Look, all I'm sayin is Trent needs to find some new pussy. His hand is gonna be tired of wiping tears." Bridgette sighs at LeShawna's smart remark. Katie and Sadie laugh.

"It's not that simple LeShawna." Bridgette says blowing a piece of hair out of her face. "It took me a while to get over Geoff."

"And… you're a white girl. It takes women like you a while to get over a fool like Geoff. If it were a black woman, she'd have a new negro by the next day. You get what I'm sayin?" Heather makes it in the kitchen just in time to have a response to that. Bridgette gives up and walks out of the room.

"Well, you've started the morning off with your black quote of the day." Heather grabs a cup of coffee and sits down at the dinner table chuckling. LeShawna flares her nostrils.

"Look, White and Ugly, I'm just tryna teach-"

"What! Ebonics? No one is interested in your fake ass language or better yet.. Culture! Who would want a bitch like you anyways! DJ even said that Mariah had more curves than you!" Heather dies laughing and Katie and Sadie look at each other shocked.

Confessional: Katie: I cannot believe DJ would lie like that! I mean.. Everyone knows that LeShawna has the lumps and the clumps.

"Whatever hoe, all I know is.. I have a goal here! It's to bring a brutha in this bitch and fuck like there's no tomorrow!" LeShawna backs it up and drops it low on the kitchen floor. Duncan happens to walk in on this madness and twitches when he sees that un-heavenly sight. LeShawna stops and looks at him stupid.

"Don't be mad cuz yo girl can't move and drop it like this bitch can!" Duncan laughs.

"Well at least she doesn't struggle on the way back up." Duncan winks and makes a cup of OJ. He hears the guys in the Chill Room and decides to hang in there. Katie and Sadie start talking loudly, agreeing with LeShawna.

"You know Katie, we haven't had sex since the day those one dudes poisoned us! I'm starting to miss the pleasure. We should definitely make LeShawna's goal one of ours!" Sadie says all giddy. Heather sneers at Sadie.

"I would rather fuck LeShawna over you. She may look 300 pounds but you…. You Sadie.. You just look trifling. Clothes don't fit, boobs all sloppy, and coochie is probably screaming I need to be cleaned!" LeShawna is on the ground screaming at that one hitter quitter. Katie and Sadie leave to room mad as hell. Heather even finds herself in tears. The guys in the Chill Room even hear that shit through the window and are crackin up laughing.

"Damn.. That was the best joke of the day!" Duncan cries banging on the coffee table. But Tyler insists on telling him the real joke that happened while he was outside.

"No! What was funny was when Geoff came outside and said that if Mariah was a guy.. He'd fuck the hell out of her rectum! HaHAHAhAA! Isn't that hilarious!" Everyone in the Chill Room looks at Tyler in complete silence. What the fuck! If all the guys walked away from him earlier thinking, WOW why the fuck would you admit that in front of a bunch of straight guys the first time, why would you bring it up again! Courtney, Justin, even Mariah come down the steps to look at Tyler like the dumbass idiot this boy seems to be. LINDSAY EVEN SHAKES HER HEAD AT HIM! And of course LeShawna has her long ass black neck stretched to the core to eye Tyler. Nobody is looking at Geoff, just Tyler because he stupid ass brought it up.

"Look bro, Ima pray for you." Justin says patting Tyler on his shoulder. At this point, everyone has jumped up from their seat in the Chill Room and made their ways back to the rooms.

"There's always that one fool that has to ruin it for everyone else!" "Fuckin Moron!"

"What a loser!" "I bet his ass is still a virgin!" "AND WHAT…YOU AINT!"

"Bitch it's obvious you open your legs for anyone who pleases!" "Don't Hate."

"Who the fuck is hatin on you!" "WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU!"

"Give you THE night of your fucking life!" "More like the disease of the century!"

"Damn! Is that shit even possible!" "For her ugly ass it is!" "SHUT THE FUCK UP"

Mariah is angered to the bone from the smart remarks. I'm talkin face all red, fist all clenched and teeth grinding together.

"I thought we were talking about Tyler's lame ass! How the fuck did this subject turn to me!" Mariah yells at the house. LeShawna ain't shy now and she is the first to answer this bitch's question.

"CUZ BITCH, you had thee nerve to say something about him being a virgin! You made yourself completely figured out when everyone heard yo shoutin "OMGG HARDERR DEEPERR HARDERR" ass throughout the fuckin house. Betta go on with all that bullshit. I ain't the type to fuck wit!" LeShawna throws a dish rag down and marches her thickass up the steps. "You think you gon come up in this bitch and fuck everyone's head up, got me fucked up!"

Mariah screams out loud and roars like the fire breathing bitch she is. Heather is on the floor laughing and Courtney is absolutely ashamed.

"You all are so immature and rude! Treating the new house guest this way!" Courtney walks over to her and pats her back. "It's hard to get use to at first, but it will all be over sooner than you know it." Mariah seems to calm down after Courtney's fake ass mature conversation.

"Thanks girl. I needed to hear that." Courtney smiles at Mariah and they shake hands. Duncan studies these two ladies hard. Something is on his mind… and he has to get it out.