Galvin trudged in the stacks slamming the door as he went, an odd green blood dripped off of Galvin's long dark coat smudging along the floor as Galvin walked. None of which Luke, who happened to be half asleep on the round table in the middle, noticed because as soon as Galvin walked in his head shoot up off the table and Luke's eyes locked on to Galvin's looking for some hope that Galvin had found something. When Galvin sore Luke he sighed Luke very clearly had not had six hours sleep if the dark circles beneath Luke's eyes were anything to go by.

Galvin reached the table before he started talking "Luke don't get too excited and don't interrupt till I'm finished got it?" When Luke nodded Galvin continued "Right then I don't know who has Mina but I know who took her. No before you ask they are not the same person. To start with who ever has Mina used the brotherhood of entirety to get her, now the brotherhood of entirety is a group of half-lives that came together in the early 20th century because the Van Helsing at the time Richard went on a killing spree because his wife Rupali had an affair with a half-life, when they came together they realised that grouping together saved them so they slowly became more powerful. Now from my uurrr sources they sent three freaks after Mina; Saewicu, Akiumic and Lumicmal. Sadly I know very little about these freaks so that means some more research before we can go after them and get them to tell us where and who has Mina." The look on Luke's face consisted of worry, anger and horror his tired eyes flashed and his hands turned to fists.

Somewhere else in London.

Pain that was the only thing keeping her awake. Pain that shoots up her arms and legs when ever she moved a millimetre. Pain that consistently hung round her head, diming her vampiric senses. Pain from the wounds that dripped blood in an even constant beet, drip, drip, drip never slowing or stopping, diving her mad with its never ending beet. All of this pain however seemed to bring an odd almost pleasure to her captor, who like the bloody beet never left. No, he stayed to watch her as she inured the pain and loneliness.

He had not spoken to her in what seemed like days but logically Mina knew it must have only been hours. He just stood watching like she was going to do something, what she was suppose to be doing Mina had no idea. What she did know was that every couple of minutes a half-life, never the same one, would enter her own private hell and find some way to make it worse for example the last half-life came in and he decided to carve, there really is no other word for it, half-life symbols of honour, murder and lust into her skin.

Mina's blood was splattered on every wall surrounding Mina as well as forming a circular pool of blood around the chair she was strapped to. The room smelt horribly even to Mina's vampire half, of iron and sweat hr captor didn't seen to mind the smell he revelled in it enjoying it as if it were the smell of some expensive deep red wine however he did not drink the blood yet he had already told her he would soon, when her mate came so he could then drink his blood as well as hers.

Three hours later in the stacks.

Luke's eyes were burning he had been reading for almost three hours the only thing keeping him going was his dream, before he had returned to the stacks to wait for Galvin, They , he never sore who they were, were hurting Mina . They used a sharp dagger to carve what he had thought were random lines but after doing some research he found that the lines were symbols of saying honour, murder and to Luke's disgust, lust.

Ruby interpreted Luke's chain of thought by half yelling "Right you two sit around this table so we can see what we know now." Luke and surprisingly Galvin heard the tone of her voice which clearly said 'do as you are told or die.' When they had both set down Ruby pointed at Galvin to start talking "Saewicu was the only one i could find he is a type 4 bit medieval cause he relies on strength, he has dark blue skin and tennis ball size blood red eyes. He joined the brotherhood of entirety in 1869." Galvin came to a stop and Ruby without saying anything stared at Luke, who took this as his clue to start talking "Akiumic and Lumicmal are both type 5's, but that's all i know about Akiumic. Lumicmal however is well a more of a freak that normal freaks, she never looks the same because to everyone with out a mate, no idea what that is, she is perfect for them until she gets close enough to kill you which is when you see her true form which is a very ugly old woman. She can't go in sunlight because she attracts too much attention in daylight." As soon as Luke finished Ruby was asking questions "Galvin what does it mean mate?"

Galvin signed this was not a conversation he wanted to have without Mina but one look at Ruby's face told him she was not letting it go. "Mates, another example of how half-lives are often like animals because as I hope you are aware of some animals that find a member of the opposite sex and then stay with them till they die. Half-lives are like that however a lot of humans are very distantly related to a half-life and therefore have mates. It's were the term soul mates comes from, Mates can be designated as someone/ something with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality and compatility. They are literally made to be mates to each other." Ruby still had a look which said 'keep talking keep living but stop and that might change.' "plato once tried to explain it he said that humans originally consisted of four arms and four legs and a single head made of two faces, but Zeus, who is accuracy a half-life , feared their power and split them all in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete themselves. Half-life mates come with some add benefits like telepathy with each other and they develop empath powers between each other or in other words to channel the emotions of their mate." Galvin was looking pointedly at Luke by now, Luke however didn't notice , he was back in his own mind thinking, Ruby on the other hand did notice and swore she was going to find out what Galvin was hiding when they found Mina.