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Emmett: Halleluja!

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It was another usual night at the coffee shop. tomorrow would be my last performances before camp. I dance and I sing. TOnight my singing partner/step brother will be here. I sat at the table and waited quietly. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hey Bells." I remembered that voice.

"Hey Jake." I Said. HE sat down next to me.

"PLease welcome to the stage, Jacob Black and Isabella Swan." Came the announcers voice. I mix of emotions ran through me. Fear, nervousness, happiness, sadness because this would be my last night for about a month. We were ushered onto stage and behind the curtain by the roar and applause of the audience, Jacob massaged my shoulders.

"You'll do great." HE was truly the world's best step brother.

"Thanks." I said. We walked onto stage and all my emotions fled. All I wanted to concentrate on was the music. THat was it, just the music. Jacob started...his voice was an inspiration.

No father figure in the house
and i'm wonderin' how i'm gonna work it out

oh my friends keep on tellin' me how i don't need that man but they don't really understand

there's far too many presures in reality but dealing with the pain and stress and poverty
and i gotta be myself because there's nobody else for me (ohhhh)

(heading there with me)

I recognized those voices, Jacob's friends from LaPush. Sam, Seth, Leah, Quil, Embry, Paul...all of them were here

sometimes it takes a different kind of love to raise a child
(so don't give up)so don't give up
(when presures come down)sometimes it takes a different kind of dream to make you smile
(so raise it up)so raise
(hang in there with me)sometimes we need another helping hand to show the ways
(so don't give up) so don't give up
(when presures come down)sometimes it seems inpossible and that's why we pray
(so raise it up) we raise

It was my turn...I shuddered inwardly

seems to be nothing left for me mommas gone daddy didnt wanna be and now im all by myself wonderin where is love or
should i just give up

life falls down on me, cuts into my soul but i know i got the strength to make it throgh it all cause im still standin tall
breaking throgh this wall im gonna give my all

feelin like a motherless child hankered into my soul its bringing me down cant find my smile on a face of a
motherless child
im gonna break down these walls gonna give it my all ya know
yeah yeah yeah yeahhhh
(hang in there with me)sometimes it takes a different kind of love to raise a child
(so dont give up)so dont give up
(when pressures come down)sometimes it takes a different kind of dream to make a smile
(so raise it up) so raise it up
(hang in there with me) raise it up
sometimes it takes another helping hand to show you the way
(so dont give up, when presures come down)
sometimes it seems impossible thats why we pray

SO RAISE IT UP We both shouted. The music ended abruptly. We had done it...I don't know why I was so nervous I did it everyother night. Jacob hugged me as cheers errupted. The person that really caught my eye was a small little pixie in the back row jumping up and down...she must have really liked it. We walked off the stage...There were lines at the door to tell us how good we were. The pixie was there. She had spikey black hair and was unbelievably beautiful. She gave me a big hug.

"Oh you were so wondeful. Jacob and Bella!" SHe was so happy and peppy.

"Thanks...but how did you know I liked to be called Bella."

"Just a guess." I smiled. Jacob hugged me again. "Anyway my name is Alice Cullen. It's a pleaure to meet you, we just moved here. I can tell already Bella we're going to be the best of friends."

"Sure that sounds good to me." I said.

"Hello Alice." Jacob said.

"Hi Jacob.. so are you guys going to that teen camp ?"

"Yeah...I am but Jacob's not. Hey you wanna come over." I asked. Jake elbowed me.

"Sure, sounds like fun. Let me just tell my brothers." Then my best friend Rosalie ran up to me.

"Bella you were so wonderful."

"Hello,, I was great too."Jake said in an annoyed tone.

"Bite me!"She said.

"Of course, you were great. You were wonderful, simply spectacular!" I told Jake. HE smiled smugly.

"At least someone appreciates me." He said resting his chin on my head. Ever since pre-school Rose and Jake have had this feud going on, it all started when Jake took one of her crayons...huh how adorable. She beat him down and ever since they haven't forgiven each other.

"Oh come on you two let it go." I said. Alice was watching the whole exchange with a wide grin on her face,

"They said yes."Alice said excitedly as she jumped up and down. Someone had a little too much sugar today. But I liked Alice she was cheerful and bright.

"let's make it one big slumber party!" I said. Jacob sighed a sigh of relief.

"It is such a good thing that I don't live with you!" He said laughing. He had his own apartment and I got to see him from time to time. Sam and the others gave us huge hugs.

"You guys were so wonderful." I told them.

"Oh come on take some credit girl!" Leah said smiling.

"Guys this is Alice and Alice, this is Seth, Sam, Leah, Paul, Jared, Quil, Embry, and Collin."

"Nice to meet you guys,"

"ANd this is my other friend and Jacob's arch enemy. Rosalie!" I said. THey hugged each other.

"Leah you wanna stay over?" I asked.

"Nope sorry, I have to get back to the reservation the help mom." She said glumly. "But maybe some other time though?" SHe asked brightning up a bit.

"YEah maybe some other time. " They left and I went to go get changed, I had to dance in a few minutes.

"Alice are you gonna stay for the next act?"

"If your in it Bella of course."

"I am the next act." I said smiling,,

"Oh well come with me." SHe said. She pulled me to the girls bathroom.

"WHere's your outfit?" Alice asked. How had she known? I wondered. I pulled my blue dress. THe one I wore for ballet recitals. It had sparklies and was a royal blue and stopped at my knees. I changed quickly and I put on my blue ballet shoes and laced them up around my legs.

"Now come here and let me do your hair," She said. Minutes later my hair was in a stunning ballerina's bun.

"You look beautiful." Alice squeeked.

"THanks Alice." I said giving her a hug.

"No problem. That's what friends are for right?"



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