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It's been two years since Edward left me...I was changed by Victoria who came to Forks looking to kill me...A Few months later, I learned that I had extraodrinary powers. I could absorb the powers of other people around me. I was litterally indestructable. I couldn't be ripped a part..believe me I had someone try. I now lived with a Coven in Michigan. They were my new family now, the Wilikinsons. There was, Andrea the empth, Jayron the pyschic, me the absorber and shield, Kneah the teleporter, Tiffany the mindreader, Isac the persuader, Corrion he can see the past of things by simply touching things, Tyrone the walking lie detector, and Sly which we called Marbles...he was just well a big he sort of reminded me of Emmett. We were a band, I guess you could say. We were barely home most of the time. Our uniform, consisted of cameflouge, army hats, cargo pants, a white beader and black air forces. The only thing that changed about me, was my weakness, I was tough. I was a bitch when I had to be now. I had never gotten over Edward and I often found myself sobbing tearless sobs. But what did I care? He didn't love me...Why did I have to care? He was probably off with some beautiful vampire.

Edward's POV

I was curled up in a fetal position in a corner in my room. We lived in Michigan, the house was always silent. No one ever left except for hunting. I felt as if a part of me was missing. A few weeks ago we had been informed that Bella had been killed in a car crash. My angel was dead. What was the reason for living now? I heard three quick raps on the door.

"Edward...I had a vision." Alice said as she stared at me with agonized eyes.

"What?" I asked as I looked up at her.

"It's about Bella. She's not dead...like we thought." She told me. She smiled a little. "Edward we have to go get her back..I don't know how much I can take of this. I miss her Edward and I know you do too. She turned on the tv,"And I'm tired of this stupid silence." She said angrily.

"MTV?" I questioned her.

"How was I supposed to know?" I rolled my eyes.

Italics are the things on the screens Just thought I'd clue you in)

Bella walked out on stage, her hair had honey colored streaks in it and was straight. She had died it black though. She wore a white dress that stopped at her knees and a blue jean half jacket over it. She was paler than normal and had brown eyes, with specks of blue, red, green, amber, gold, and black. They were beautifull.

She took a seat in a chair.

"So Isabella we hear you have a new CD coming out.."

Wait? A CD? She was a singer. My angel was alive. I was overjoyed. IfI coud cry I would. I looked at Alice who wore a smilar mask of shock. But...Bella...my angel was a vampire. I got up I was determined to fine my angel. As if Alice read my mind she insisted that she come along. I finally gave in, then every one decided that they wanted to go...even ROsalie. Wow what a shocker.