A/N: So, here is my newest story! It is based off of a role play on Maximum-X, so it isn't totally my idea. If you know , she is a part of this. This chapter is character introductions only, and I'll upload the first chapter later. I did have to change some of the descriptions to make them all have more detail, because some of them originally said only the animal, not the specific breed. Sorry that they are all girls, it's just no boys joined the role play, so... yeah. I also changed the plot from the role play by EVERYTHING. R&R!

Name: Cassandra
Age: 16
Looks: Short, blond hair with purple streaks. Red-brown wings and violet eyes. Tall.
Mutation: 3% red tailed hawk, 3% grey wolf and 94% human.
Other: Nickname is Cassy. Has a small anger management problem. Can morph hands and feet into bird/wolf claws.

Name: Jezzabell
Age: 14
Looks: Short, white-blonde hair. Blue eyes and blue wings. Tall.
Mutation: 78% human, 5% grey wolf, 10% blue jay, 5% gold fish and 2% chamelon.
Other: Nickname is Jezze. She can breath under water and blend in with her surroundings. Can morph hands and feet into wolf claws.

Name: Isabella
Age: 13
Looks: Long blonde hair, tall, skinny, blue eyes. Brown and white wings.
Mutation: 98% human and 2% bald eagle.
Other: Likes to be called Bella or Bell. A bit clumsy, easily distracted, extremely gullible. Reads minds and can turn invisible.

Name: Star (Not real name)
Age: 19
Looks: Short, straight brown-purple hair and blue eyes. Tall. White wings and brown cat ears/tail.
Mutation: 40% human, 50% dove and 10% domestic cat (unknown).
Other: She's of the School's assistants. She was designed to kill the mutants, but although she doesn't want to. She studies other mutants, and even herself. She has been at the School ever since she was little. She does not know her name nor the School.

Name: Becky
Age: 16
Looks: Has long black hair with bangs that cover her purple eyes. She also has huge black wings, that glint purple in the light. Her skin color is pale cause She's nocturnal.
Mutation: 98% human and 2% raven.
Other: People call her Night. Is extremly deadly. Her power is to be able to fade into darkness at will. Becky can also scream at high pitches that can shatter metal. Becky is also well trained with knives and guns (perferbaly small guns).