Junie B., First Grader

Meanie Jim is Back!


A/N: Really, who DOESN'T love this spunky little girl?! If anyone remembers the book, Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime (yes, that IS how it is spelled, evil flamers!!!), then you'll remember that Meanie Jim told Junie B. he liked her, and made her swear not to tell. So, now it's a year later, in first grade, it's Valentine's Day, and Jim comes back to her. Will Junie B. keep her promise, as she reminisces that fateful day in kindergarten? Let's see! (Also, it's starting in her journal, but I can't do the marks out, so just pretend that they are there.)

Chapter One:

It's Here!!!


Dear first-grade journal,____________________________________________________________

I'm so excited!!! My favorite day of the year the year is coming up!! Can ya guess what day that is? VALENTIMES DAY!!! My old bestest friend Grace used to say it was___ Valentine, but I told her that it was a free country, and I can say my words however I__ want. That day, I found out that Meanie Jim really liked me. And we became secret__ friends. I remember it so much! And I can't believe that it's already been a year since_ then. They past months have gone by speedy quick. Yeah… Hey, why is May looking__ over here at me? Hold the phone—she's reading my journal!!!

I looked over next to me and May got quick back in her seat. She smiled a crookidy smile.

"Wow Junie Jones. What gooney boy would like YOU?" She asked, smirking. Then, hurray! My friends who love me jumped in!

"What boy wouldn't like Junie B.?" Lennie said, defending me.

"Si, Junie B. is cool." Jose agreed. Then we all high-fived.

"You know, Junie Jones. All of the boys LOVED me. I was so pretty. And they just couldn't keep away." She said, fluffing herself. She sounded like Lucille.

"You know, May. YOU KEEP FORGETTING MY B.! My name is Junie B. Jones!!" I growled at her. Geez, it's getting SO hard to be nice to her nowadays.

Mr. Scary clapped his hands. That was a grown up signal that meant "Quiet down, and I mean it!"

"Alright, class. Close your journals." He said. I let out a deep breath. Thanks, stupid dumb-bunny May! Now I can't finish my journal! I did a mean look at May. Trying to see if I could burn her with my eyes. No luck.

Mr. Scary continued.

"So, class. As you know, we are having our Valentine's day party in a couple of days, any ideas?"

I laughed secretly to myself. Last time a teacher suggested a party, everyone made crazy cool suggestions. None were actually accepted. Oh well.

I raised my hand real high. I wanted him to hear my idea! (And this time, it wasn't gonna be silly!)

"Mr. Scary! I have an idea!!" I yelled all the way from the back of the room.

He chuckled.

"Alright, Junie B. Go right ahead."

"Well, I was thinking, maybe we could have the other classes, like Room 2 and Room 3 join us for our party! That way everyone could see their old bestest friends!!

Mr. Scary thought a second.

"Hmmm… That's not a bad idea, Junie B.. What do you think class?" Everyone looked very excited, except not May. "Well that settles it! I'll talk to the other teachers, and we'll get this whole thing going!" This was gonna be the bestest party ever!!

A/N I know, Junie B. was probably a TINY bit outta character. Sorry!! More to come!