Timeline: The morning after Another Lesson, Chapter 29.

Length: 546 words

Dedication: For my lovely Jolly Big Sis, who reminded me that these weren't a lost cause.


"You know, when I said that I wanted the report on my desk first thing in the morning, this wasn't what I meant," Kaiba growled as he stepped into his office and saw Ogata sitting on his desk with a wicked smile.

"I know," Ogata agreed with an impish wink that had Kaiba rolling his eyes at the blatancy of it.

Walking over to his desk with full intentions of shoving Ogata off it if he refused to comply, Kaiba told him, "This better mean you have good news for me."

"Mm...I wouldn't call it good news exactly, but it's useful information," Ogata commented.

Sitting in his chair and glaring at Ogata in the hopes he could somehow mentally shove the man off of his desk, Kaiba said nothing as he put down his briefcase and waited for Ogata to continue his explanation.

Looking over Kaiba with a critical eye, Ogata hummed with interest as he asked, "So who was he?"

"That's what you're supposed to be telling me," Kaiba snapped, his tolerance wearing thing.

"I meant who you spent the night with last night," Ogata clarified, grinning when Kaiba's eyes flashed in irritation. "I should thank him for putting you in a better mood."

"You will do no such thing and we are not having this conversation," Kaiba warned, an unspoken threat underlying his tone.

His face lighting up in victory, Ogata countered, "So you don't deny it?"

"I'm telling you to stay the hell out of it," Kaiba said by way of reply. The subject was making him uncomfortably nervous, so he tried to change topics. "What did you find out?"

"That my boss finally got laid," Ogata retorted with a laugh that made Kaiba want to punch his insolent subordinate. "And apparently he has an adorable side he's kept hidden from me all of these years..."

"That's it, get out," Kaiba coldly commanded as he pointed at the door, having reached the very limit of his patience. He could read the damn report himself with less aggravation, even if it did take more time.

Holding up his hands in surrender, Ogata wisely backed off of the point. "Okay, okay, I'll quit teasing you about your boyfriend, Seto-chan," Ogata agreed, although he just couldn't stop himself from taking that final dig. "Back to business, ne?"

"Get the fuck off my desk," Kaiba ordered, annoyed with himself for letting Ogata stay and get away with as much as he did, "and don't call me that, damn it!"

Silently obeying and sliding off the desk into one of the leather chairs in front of it, Ogata was temporarily shocked into silence that Kaiba didn't correct him on the point. It just made him itch to dig deeper and find out what he could about what other man put up with Kaiba's shit and got the added bonus of being with him sexually. Mentally checking himself at the weird possessive protectiveness that he knew Kaiba would kill him for, Ogata dutifully began giving his report on what he had found out about Tanaka with the occasional colorful side commentary. Even if it was exceedingly difficult to hide his gleefulness over the revelations Kaiba had unintentionally betrayed and he couldn't wait to find out more about it all.

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