Five times Chuck and Sarah were happy (and one time they weren't)

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i. He sits on Graham's desk, mouth twisted in a wry smile as Bryce laughs next him; the joke's on him and he slides off the desk just as Graham comes in and---

That's when he sees her

She has a guarded mouth; he doesn't imagine she gives up her secrets easily and he's already looking forward to the challenge.

Bryce's mouth drops a bit as he takes in her gold locks (he's always been a sucker for blonds) but Chuck notices only her eyes; they're light, blue, like the sky Ellie loved (loves?) when they were younger but darker, guarded (maybe there are storm clouds gathering)

She crosses the room in two, three, four steps and holds out her hand.

He takes it and his mouth quirks into his geek smile, and he can tell she likes it because her eyes lighten up and her lips twist to form a smile.

her hand is warm is his and he's a little nervous so he takes his hand back and watches her lips part to reveal her two front teeth, bigger then the others and he finds it adorable.

"Chuck, here's your new partner, Agent Walker."

Her smile is soft around the edges then, and he ignores Bryce's nudge to introduce him. His answering grin wavers a bit (he's nervous, nervous) but he still answers

"Hi. I'm Chuck"

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