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Chapter 13: Who Can You Trust?

"Boy, you sure don't live in my neighbourhood."


Mess Hall

"On the menu today," Chef droned, "is Italian-Hawaiian fusion casserole."

Gwen cringed. "Got anything else on the menu?"

"Yes." Chef deadpanned. "Starvation. Now shut-up and and eat the god damn food!"

Lindsay shuddered down at her food as she walked towards the Gopher table. She sighed, glancing around at the people seated at the table, and went to sit beside Tyler at the Bass table. "Hey."

He quirked an eyebrow. "Hi." He took a sip of coffee. "Heather?"

Lindsay nodded. "Felt... weird going to sit there."

"Um, Lindsay?" Courtney began.

"Yeah?" Lindsay asked, chasing the food around her plate.

Courtney sighed, Duncan cautiously eyeing her, not so subtly hinting for her to shut up. "Aren't you supposed to be sitting over there?"

Izzy walked up behing Lindsay, sitting herself down beside her. "Actually, while it was inferred that we are supposed to sit with our team, it wasn't actually made a rule."

"Welcome to the Bass table." Bridgette said. "Pass me the salt, Lindsay?" Lindsay handed her the shaker.

Courtney started again. "It wasn't that. It's just... isn't your team going to think you're traitors or something?" She said, gesturing at the gaping Gophers. "You're taking a major risk here."

Lindsay looked around. "I understand that." She grinned. "Besides, the company's much better over here."

Geoff chuckled. "I guess you guys are honorary Bass members now." The Bass stared at him. "Well, at least at chow time."

Courtney rolled her eyes, but couldn't help but mutter an, "Amen to that," causing the Bass (honorary and forced) to chuckle.

Chris walked in on the giggling Bass members and the quiet Gophers. "What's going on?" The campers shrugged. "Anyways, meet me by the dock after breakfast. It's challenge time!" He sang, causing the campers to groan.

The Dock- The Challenge Begins

"So," Chris breathed out, whistling as he did, "last challenge brought some Gopher issues to light, and there may be something fishy floating in the Bass pond too." He said, glancing at Duncan and Courtney. Duncan nudged Courtney, who then pushed him onto the dock. "Teenagers." Chris muttered. "Any who, this challenged is focused on building trust, since that department is severely lacking."

Lindsay Confessional

You know, I don't really get the point of this whole 'trust challenge'. I mean, like, what's the point of building trust if our team mates are just going to stab us in the back anyways? (Coughs) Heather.

Duncan Confessional

Trust. Never had much use for it. Seriously, how are you supposed to be all 'trusting' and junk after you've come out of juvie? (Glares) You learn to sleep with eye open. Or else.

"There will be three challenges your team will have to complete." Chris said. "Which have to be completed by two or more members of your team. Usually, we would let you pick your partners, but I had way too much fun picking them for you!" Chris laughed.

Challenge One- A Slight Cliffhanger

"For the first challenge," Chris began, "you will competing in an insane rock climb up this cliff!" He gestured behind him at the cliff, "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"Whoo." Gwen said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

"Teams are... DJ and Duncan for the Bass and... Heather and Gwen for the Gophers." He said chuckling. I think it's safe to say there's a possibility someone won't make it out of this challenge alive... with or without the cliff. "Here's your rope and harness." He said, throwing them to the teams.

Heather caught it, tucking it against her. "What's your problem, Heather?" Gwen asked.

"I... I get really sick when I rock climb. I think it's from the dangling or whatever." She said, looking nauseated.

Gwen glared suspiciously. "Whatever. But if you try anything funny, you are so getting it."

"Now here's how this works." Chris said. "The team mate at the bottom will support the climber by holding onto the rope. However, if the climber falls, the rope and harness should stop them from splattering on the ground." Heather turned a darker shade of green. "The catch is, is that the cliff is rigged with some distractions." Chris faced the cliff, mockingly stroking his chin. "Let's see, we've got rusty nails, some explosives, and a couple patches of oil slicks... so this isn't your average rock climb."

"Explosives?" DJ asked. "Isn't that kind of dangerous?"

Chris paused, as if thinking it over. "Yeah, it could probably hurt. You know, broken bones, internal bleeding, decapitation, deafness, disembowelment... but I'm sure you'll be fine."

Heather and DJ were now very dark shades of green. "Disembowelment?"

More like embellishment. "You'll be fine." Chris said, waving them off.

Heather Confessional

I get sick really easily, okay? I puked my guts out in biology. So the idea of disembowelment, even if it's Gwen, is pretty scary.

Harold eyed the cliff of doom. "Awesome."

Chris rolled his eyes. "Now the person manning or womanning the rope must also harness their partner, helps bring in the trust factor." Chris turned serious. "As well, never, ever let go of the rope. Your partner's life could depend on it."

Gwen sighed. "Chris can we please switch partners, I don't feel like dying today."

Heather looked a little hurt. "Please. I'm not going to kill you. I won't hurt you... yet. Now spread 'em." She said, stretching the harness.

"I've never done this before." DJ said. "Have you?"

Duncan rolled his eyes. "Yeah, because they teach you how climb walls in prison all the time." Sarcasm. Nice.

Bunny then hopped out of DJ's pocket. "Aw, bunny!" DJ said. "Sorry, you can't come up with me! But I'll leave you with Geoff, he'll take good care of you." He said, handing off Bunny to Geoff.

"Yeah, I'll take good care of the little guy." Geoff said, stroking the bunny. "What's up furry dude?"

Heather stood up. "There. You're all strapped up."

"What's the other rope for?" Gwen asked, eyeing the second rope.

"I don't know." Heather said. "Isn't that how you're supposed to set it up?"

Gwen and DJ began climbing, Gwen quickly hitting an explosion and falling. "I've got you!" Heather called out, slightly green again.

"Now since I promised surprises..." Chris said, pulling out a Super Soaker. He quickly soaked Heather with black paint.

"Jesus, Chris!" She said, rubbing at her eyes, managing to catch a falling Gwen at the last second.

Chris then attempted to squirt Duncan, who quickly dodged. "Really, that's it?" Duncan teased. Stupid thing... ran out of paint!

Gwen quickly gained on DJ, more aware of her footing, She, however, slipped and began to fall. The rope danced away from Heather, who in an effort to save her, blindly grabbed for the second rope. The rest was TV history, as the second rope's function seemed to inadvertently rip away Gwen's skirt, causing it to land on DJ's face. "Screw it!" Gwen moaned, resuming climbing.

"I'm so sorry!" Heather called out. "It was an accident, I swear, honest to god!" The Gophers rolled their eyes or glared, clearly in disbelief.

"You don't see that everyday." Duncan stated, gesturing at Gwen.

Courtney slapped him on the shoulder. "You're such a perv, Duncan!"

"No, I meant it literally!" Duncan cried. "Who sees that everyday?"

Leshawna shook her head and sighed. "Boy, you sure don't live in my neighbourhood." Which brings up the question; what kind of neighbourhood does Leshawna live in?

DJ freaked, and fell backward off the cliff. Somehow, the rope had snagged itself around Duncan's foot, causing him to be pulled upwards, causing him to collide with DJ. "Well, this sucks." Duncan said, groaning.

Gwen quickly reached the top of the cliff. "First challenge goes to the Screaming Gophers!" Chris enthused. "And for the love of God Gwen, put on some pants! Really, we don't need to see that."

Challenge Two- One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish...

Chris walked into the Mess Hall, pointing out the two teams; Trent and Lindsay vs. Bridgette and Geoff. He quickly took his place at the podium. "Yeah, I was supposed to have this dramatic entrance where I did a whole bunch of crazy stunts and stuff, but no amount of money in the world could make me do that so... just use your developmental teenage brains and imagine something good okay?" He took a sip of his coffee. "Now after that thrilling entrance, it's time for me to introduce our Insanely Awesome Cooking Challenge!"

Geoff leaned over to Bridgette. "You have to admit, the dude may be crazy, but he sure knows how to play the audience." Uh, thanks?

"Now, choose who will be the chef and who will the guinea pig er- taster." Chris exclaimed.

Geoff shrugged. "I was Head Chef last challenge. You should probably cook." Bridgette nodded.

"I'll be the cook, Ted! I use to make cupcakes in my Easy Bake oven when I was little!" Lindsay said.

Lindsay Confessional

'Kay look, here's the deal. I make a mean souffle. I can bake a Tiramisu that would make Gordon Ramsay cry. I aced Home Ec. This should be a piece of cake. (Giggles)

Trent Confessional

Nah, I'm not worried. It's cooking, how bad can Lindsay screw it up?

Chris smirked, and the campers began to suspect this was about more than cupcakes. "In this challenge, you will be preparing Fugu Sushi, which comes from the deadly fugu blowfish. It must be prepared precisely and accurately. If the eater ingests the slightest amount of its poison, it will paralyze the eater's nervous system, and will cause the eater to be out of control in their own body." He chuckled. "Well, have fun!" How lucky am I that I'm allergic to seafood?

Trent turned an unnatural shade of red. "But the- the- fish- poison- cupcakes?"

Chris sighed. "I'm sorry Trent, but cupcakes lack the dramatic tension this will cause. I love my job!" He frowned slightly at the glares he received. Okay, maybe that was a little insensitive. Really I just meant... I'm sorry. Dust to dust, and ashes to ashes, and to dust you shall return!

"Now begin!" Chris said, throwing his arm like the guy on Iron Chef did, sadly the humour was lost on the campers.

Bridgette frowned, carefully cutting away at the pieces, making sure to get rid of the toxic material. Geoff simply smiled, a little uneasily, trusting in Bridgette's abilities.

Trent looked like death. Ironic, huh? He was jittery, pale, and was probably T minus seventeen seconds from puking. Lindsay smiled confidently as she worked around the fish, humming a tune from the Little Mermaid.

Well, Chris thought it was funny.

"Time's up!" He called. "Let's see how our campers fared!" He paused looking between both plates. "Wow... these actually look pretty good. Both of them. I mean I expected it from Bridgette... but the dumb blond, really?"

Lindsay rolled her eyes. "Well, we can't all be smart like you, can we?" She asked sweetly.

Chris chose to ignore that, picking up the sarcasm in her tone. "Trent... Geoff. Ready for a little... sushi?"

"Actually," Lindsay began, "it's sashimi. It's uncooked and raw, therefore making it sashimi. Sushi is cooked. It's a common mistake." She glanced at the looks of shock on the faces around the room. "What? I know things."

"Um, your sashimi,gents." Chris said, placing the two plates in front of Trent and Geoff.

Trent sighed, looking at the plate warily. "You know, it's my first time trying this."

"Sashimi?"Geoff asked. "Me too, dude."

He shook his head. "No... fish. I've never tried... fish."

"Seriously brah?" Chris asked. "I mean... dude, who hasn't had fish and chips before? Tuna fish sandwich? Fish sticks? Crab cakes?"

"My sister Giselle was allergic, okay?" He said. "We never had it in the house."

Geoff shrugged. "It's okay. I mean, it's not a hamburger or anything... but it tastes pretty good."

Trent sighed. "Uh. Sure... yeah."

Geoff sighed. "Kay, look. I'll eat it first, and prove to you there's nothing to worry about." He chewed some of the fish. "See dude, nothing to worry about!"

Trent seemingly encouraged by this, grabbed a piece and threw it in his mouth. "Actually... it's not... that bad." He said, smiling a little.

It was Chris that noticed it first. Before the hacking, the wheezing, and the collapsing, he knew it. Trent was allergic to fish, just like he was.

"What's going on?" Lindsay cried out. "It was fine! It didn't have any poison! I checked a million times over!"

"It's not the poison!" Chris shouted. He panicked, and whipped out his EpiPen, injecting it into Trent's thigh. "He went into anaphylactic shock. He's allergic to fish. So am I." He said, shaking the empty EpiPen back and forth. "I'm not sure if it will work though, I don't think EpiPens are supposed to be used... interchangeably between people."

Trent seemed to be getting better, he got some of his colour back, and after he was able to talk again, but some of the wheezing was still there. "What happened?"

Lindsay smiled slightly, rubbing his back. "As it turns out, you're allergic to fish."

Chris sighed. "I really hate to do this but... Geoff and Bridgette are the winners. Trent technically can't consume the whole plate of fish, disqualifying you two from the challenge. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules, I just enforce 'em."

Lindsay shrugged. "It's okay... our team already won one of the challenges, right?" She asked, weakly.

Chef sidled up to Chris. "Things ain't looking good for you pretty boy. First you get into... an accident," he said, motioning at Chris's leg, "and now you have no defense against an allergic for a week now when we get more food."

Chris shook his head. "I need an appointment to get another EpiPen. You know I'm not allowed to leave the island."

Chef grunted. "Crazy world we live in, hey?"

My thoughts exactly.

Down The Rabbit Hole

Geoff and Bridgette laughed, racing down the dock towards the water. "Last one in is a rotten fish stick!" Geoff cried.

Bridgette giggled. "Oh, you're so on!"

They soon neared the edge of the dock. "Wait!" Geoff cried out suddenly. "I forgot about Bunny!" He pulled him out of his pocket, where he had been resting. "I'll just put you over here, little guy!" He cooed, setting him on the dock post. "Wouldn't want you to get hurt!"

"Wow," Bridgette said, "you're really being responsible about this."

"And you're surprised?" Geoff asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Bridgette blushed. "Umm... no. I just-"

He laughed, cutting her off. "Chill dudette, I'm just joshing ya." He frowned. "I'm usually not that great when it comes to pets. I accidentally killed the class guinea pig."

Bridgette chuckled. "That's okay Geoff. I'm sure you were too young to actually care for it."

"No," Geoff began, "that's not it. This was just this year. You see, it was my chem class's pet, you know, because in experiments they call the test subjects guinea pigs? Anyways, I was setting up the Bunsen burner one day and Fluffy got too close and..." He trailed off, sighing. "I still have nightmares about it."

Bridgette looked mortified, amused and scared all at the same time. "Um, last one in is a rotten fish stick?"

Geoff smiled, jumping in, soaking Bridgette. "Ha! Who's a fish stick? That's right, Bridgette's a fish stick!"

Bridgette rolled her eyes, smiling. "Yeah, yeah." She dived in.

"Isn't it awesome that we're this close to a beach everyday?" Geoff asked.

"Yeah." Bridgette nodded, until something caught her eye. "Ohmigod! Geoff! A snake has Bunny!"

"What?" He yelled, scrambling to pull himself out of the water. "Bunny! No!" It was too late, the snake had already swallowed Bunny.

Bridgette gasped. "Get the snake!" Yeah, like that's going to help.

Geoff inched towards the snake, and was barely five feet away from it when the eagle swooped in and picked it up. "Seriously?" Geoff moaned, making his way to the eagle.

Bridgette climbed out, trying to send the eagle towards Geoff, accidentally startling it into flight. "Grab it's legs!" She yelled.

"I'm trying!" Geoff said, leaping for it and missing. Fortunately, it landed on the edge of the dock. Unfortunately, one of the Wawanakwa sharks decided it would be an excellent snack. Bummer.

"Oh come on!" Geoff said, stamping his foot.

"I guess you really aren't good with pets." Bridgette cringed.

Geoff sighed. "I'm not good with kids either. This one time-"

"Geoff?" Bridgette said, patting his back.


"I don't want to know."

Challenge Three- The Three Blind Mice

"Now, the third round actually consists of three more challenges!" Chris said, causing the campers to groan. "I know! Bet you didn't see it coming! Ironically enough, these challenges are called the three blind challenges!" He chuckled. "Can anyone guess why?"

"Because we do them while blind-folded?" Izzy asked. "It wasn't that hard to guess."

Chris sighed, muttering, "Teenagers. Hire them while they still know everything." He smiled. "That is correct Izzy!"

"Do I get a prize?" She asked, hopefully.

"What?" Chris asked. "No!"

She glared. "Some Regis you are."

"Anyways," Chris continued. "It starts with the Blind William Tell, the Blind Trapeze, and last but not least, the Blind Toboggan of Doom."

DJ nudged Geoff from the sidelines. "So... where's Bunny at?"

Geoff frowned. "I'm I left him back at the... cabins. I'll just to get him now." He walked off, shooting a panicked look at Bridgette. She shrugged.

Bridgette Confessional

It's not really Geoff's fault. I mean, DJ should NOT have left Bunny with Geoff. Geoff's my friend and all, but he's also the most accident prone guy there is.

Chris went on to explain the Blind William Tell challenge, which mostly consisted of hitting an arrow off somebody's head with an apple. "So... does everybody get it?" He asked.

"Uh, Chris?" Courtney asked. "Isn't it the other way around?"

Chris paused. "Why yes, Courtney! What an excellent idea! I'll just get someone to shoot arrows at your head while blindfolded and hope they hit the apple and not your cranium!"

Courtney paused. "Oh."

"Yeah." Chris said. "Now, our two partners will be... Tyler and Courtney and Leshawna and Owen! Step on up!"

"Oh! Oh! I'll be the shooter!" Tyler said. "I have excellant aim!"

Courtney frowned, recalling Tyler's so-called athletic 'ability'. "You better!"

Leshawna grabbed the slingshot. "Yo, home skillet, I'll be the shooter."

Owen chuckled. "Okay!"

The two shooters were blindfolded, and took aim. "Ready... set... fire!" Chris exclaimed.

The two shooters, Tyler and Leshawna, were actually pretty good. They were hitting mostly close to the arrow, with only a couple of really wide shots. In the end though, Leshawna and Owen won, Tyler hitting the arrow off Courtney's head a fraction of a second after.

Courtney sighed. "That was... actually pretty good Tyler!" She said, congratulating him. She went to move closer but, she managed to slip on one of the apples, and twisted her ankle. "OHMIGOD!" She yelled, clutching her ankle.

Tyler was the first to recover from the sonic boom that was created when she yelled. "I guess I'll take her to the infrimary!"


"I said, I'll take her to the infirmary!"


He sighed, picking up the groaning Courtney bridal style, and began to carry her off to the infirmary. Is it just me, or has Tyler's athletic ability improved dramatically since coming here?

"Now," Chris said, when the shock had worn off, "onto the second challenge." He led them over to a trapeze contraption... which happened to be hanging over a pool filled with jellyfish.

Harold frowned. "That can't be safe."

"Who said anything about safe?" Chris scoffed. "Okay, the partners will be Lindsay and Heather vs. Bridgette and Harold."

DJ confronted Geoff about Bunny again. "So... where is he?"

Geoff sighed. "I'm sorry dude... he must have hopped away."

DJ nodded. "It's not your fault. I'll just... go." He sighed, walking away.

Duncan noticed this, frowning slightly.

"You jump." Harold said. "I'll catch you."

Bridgette felt a shiver run through her. "O-okay."

Lindsay rolled her eyes. "Look, Heather. I know we aren't alliance buddies anymore, but you can trust me to catch you. Alright?"

Heather nodded, appearing queasy again. "But the heights..."

"It'll be okay." Lindsay reassured her, nudging her towards the stand. "You can do it!"

Bridgette and Heather took to the stands, and put on their blindfolds. Harold managed to successfully catch Bridgette, but Heather had accidentally jumped late, causing her to fall into the pool.

"Heather," Chris said, "I'm sending you to the medical tent, You don't look that great." He paused, all smiles. "Victory... to the Bass!"

Husha, Husha...

Courtney sighed, grabbing her swollen ankle, watching as Heather walked in. "What happened to you?"

"Shut up!" Heather spat. "At least I didn't trip on an apple!"

Courtney blushed. "I-"

"Look," Heather sighed, "I'm sorry. It's been a rough day."

"How?" Courtney asked.

Heather frowned. "Nobody will believe me that what I did to Gwen was an accident. Then I fell into a pool of jellyfish. Either Karma doesn't believe me either, or the Man Upstairs is giving me my penance."

Courtney bit her lip, not sure what to say to that. She looked out the medical tent's flap and frowned. "What's Duncan doing with that rabbit?"

Heather shrugged. "He's been trying to catch the damn thing for a while now. I ran into him a few times on my way here."

"I'll just... find out what he's doing." Courtney said, biting her lip and limping her way out the door.

Heather smiled softly. "Oh, she so likes him."

Courtney soon found Duncan, who was now petting the Bunny, and feeding it carrots. "Duncan?"

He froze. "Um, this isn't what it looks like!"

"Yeah, sure." Courtney said, rolling her eyes. "That may work on the cops, but it's not working on me."

Duncan sighed. "Fine. Geoff somehow killed DJ's Bunny, and rather than hear him whine about it, I figured I'd catch him a new one."

"Oh... how nice of you, Duncan." Courtney smirked. Yes, how nice of you, Duncan.

Duncan growled. "I'm. Not. Nice!"

Courtney smirked, and practically sang "Don't worry! Your secret is safe with me!", as she limped away.

Duncan Confessional

I'll say it again. I. Am. Not. Nice! (Frowns) Stupid rabbit!

Bells on Bobsleds Ring...

"And now for our final challenge..." Chris began, "the Blind Toboggan Race of Doom!"

Izzy rolled her eyes. "Really? Was the doom necessary?"

"Yes!" Chris whined. "Now... Geoff, DJ, Leshawna and Gwen suit up!" He threw DJ and Leshawna their blindfolds.

"Wait... hold up!" Izzy said. "Time out! Geoff gets to be in three challenges and I don't even get to be in one?"

Chris sighed. "Fine. Izzy, trade places with Gwen."

"Score!" Izzy exclaimed. Leshawna groaned. Uh oh.

Chris led the contestants up to the top of the sled hill. "Everybody ready?" He asked, helping Leshawna and DJ tie their blindfolds on. "Now go!" He exclaimed, pushing the sleds down the hill with his foot.

"Uh, Chris?" Leshawna asked. "Weren't you supposed to wait for us to get on them first?"

Chris chuckled. "Uh, no! You would think that but... the point of this challenge is for you to direct your blindfolded partner down the hill, and try to catch the sled before it passes over the finish line. Who ever catches the sled first, wins." Clever, no? "Oh, yeah. The hill may also be rigged for some stuff so... be sure to watch out for that! Good luck!"

Izzy smiled. "Okay, Leshawna! Let's do this thang!"

Leshawna smirked. "You may just have a little bit of hood in you white girl. Respect."

Izzy smiled. "I do my best." She then directed Leshawna down the hill, slowly but surely.

Geoff, meanwhile, had grabbed DJ by the shoulders. "Look man, I know you're upset about bunny but we need to win this!"

"Sure. Let's do this." DJ said, shrugging off DJ's grip.

"Left!" Geoff called out, directing DJ down the hill. "No, your other left!"

DJ ambled down the hill, half-heartedly listening to Geoff's instructions, Leshawna however, was carefully acting out on everything Izzy said, finally approaching the sled.

"Now dive!" Izzy shouted. Leshawna dove, barely missing the sled. "Good try! Come on, let's do it again!"

Leshawna picked herself up, diving for the sled again, catching the corner. Chris smiled "And looks like we-"

And explosion went off, suddenly propelling DJ into the air, knocking him to the ground. I was wondering how that all managed to avoid the bombs...

"Are you okay, dude?" Geoff asked.

DJ nodded, and picked himself up. "Yeah, I'm alright man."

"Well, it looks like we have a winner!" Chris continued. "Bass, I'm sorry. You've lost the challenge, so I'll be seeing you tonight at the campfire ceremony!"

Roasting Chestnuts by the Fire

Tyler Confessional

I'm not voting for Courtney, even though she's got that wonky ankle thing. She's actually a lot nicer than she seems. (Pauses) Plus, Duncan would kill me. So I'll get back to you, kay?

Duncan Confessional

(Petting Bunny) I'm voting for DJ. Dude got that worked up over a rabbit, for god's sake! Can you imagine if one of his friends got voted off?

Bridgette Confessional

Well, now that I've voted... I hope Geoff doesn't get eliminated. Really, the Bunny thing was partly my fault. I'd feel horrible if he got eliminated tonight!

"Bass, I can't say I'm surprised. I mean, the Gophers were on a losing streak, they had to bounce back sometime!" He chuckled. "Anyways, since you all know the rules I'll just cut to the chase tonight. Courtney, Duncan, Bridgette..." he called out, throwing the marshmallows to them. "Tyler. Now... DJ, Geoff... I'm surprised to see you two here. However, the votes have been counted and the camper that is eliminated is... DJ. I'm sorry man."

DJ shrugged it off. "No... it's cool."

Duncan stood up, feeling slightly uncomfortable that everyone was staring at him. He cleared his throat and said, "Uh, I was walking in the woods earlier and- well- here's your damn rabbit, okay?"

DJ smiled, taking the rabbit from Duncan's hands and petting it. He sighed, and looked at the Boat of Losers and pushed the bunny towards Geoff. "Here. Geoff, I want you to take Bunny."

"Me?" Geoff asked. "But I was the one that lost him in the first place!"

"I know that!" DJ snapped uncharacteristically. "And if you can't take care of a fucking rabbit, how do expect to take care of yourself? Here, take good care of him, and take good care of yourself." He handed the rabbit over to a confused Geoff.

"Thanks." Geoff muttered.

DJ smiled sadly. "You'll see." He muttered, boarding the boat. "You'll see."

A Game of Telephone

Chris picked up his phone on the fifth ring, poking at the remains of the nights campfire. "Chris here."

"Hello, little brother." Emmanuel smirked, from the other side of the phone.

Chris sighed. "It's been a long day. What do you want?"

"We would just like to say that we're very impressed with your work, Chris." Emmanuel spoke. "Unlike our mother and father."

"Really?" Chris exclaimed. "You called to rub it in my face that our dead parents liked you better than me?"

"Of course not, Chris... that was merely a bonus." Emmanuel said. "We are sincerely impressed with you work. In fact, we're thinking of rehiring you the next time we do this."

"You're doing it again?" Chris exclaimed.

Emmanuel chuckled. "Oh, Chris. We're always looking for new members to replace the old ones... this is the best way for them to improve their worth."

"That's disgusting! Find them some other way!" Chris said. "How can you do that?"

"How can you stand back and watch it unfold?" Emmanuel retorted.

Chris sighed. "It's different. I have no choice."

"And do I?" Emmanuel said. "Do we ever have a choice?"

"Yes." Chris shot back. "The choice between right and wrong."

Emmanuel smirked. "Still a holy roller, I see."

"Still doing the devil's work, I see." Chris mocked.

Emmanuel chuckled. "No, I'm afraid Westing works for me."

Chris sighed. "That reminds me. Look, Duncan really likes Courtney. Please tell me Courtney's not one of your illegitimate children, it would kill him."

Emmanuel broke out laughing. "Westing? Ha! I wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole!"

"Good. Look, I have to go." Chris said.

"Wait a minute." Emmanuel said. "I've been thinking about what you said... about finding new members another way."

Chris sighed impatiently. "And?"

"I think I might have the solution." Emmanuel spoke.

"Which is?" Chris asked.

It was too late. The line had already gone dead.

Ooh. Is it just me, or do Chris and Emmanuel kind of remind you of Dan and Keith from One Tree Hill?


1. Find out the GRAVE riddle, and it's meaning.

2. Can anyone tell me why I used the nursery rhyme Husha, Husha to use as the title for the infirmary part? It shouldn't be too hard... if you know the meaning.