He pinned me against the wall, and his lips were on my. We stayed like for what seem as forever. We broke apart for air.

"That .....was......awsome." I talked as I tried to suck air into my lungs at the same time. "I feel so safe with you David, it's like lo......." I stopped. I was afriad to say it, every thing I love seem to just dispeeperd. But I was in love with David. And then I feel him in my mind, he had hear what I had said. He lened down and kissed my neck.

"I love you." He said, his voice was like velvet.

"I love you too, Daivd." He kissed me again with even more passion.


It had been been two weeks with me living with Daivd and the boys. This was the first time in many many years that I was truely happy.

I had when to grandpa's house one night to say bye. He laughed, he had known all-a-long about vampires in Santa Carla. He was glad that I had found love. Two days later he past away.

"What is it Daivd?" I laughed

We were the only ones in the cave tonight. I was sitting on Davids lap. He kissed and bit at my neck, I let a small mone escpad my lips.

He flipped me around so I was facing him. He kissed my lips so feriously and passionly. I loved him so much. He picked me up and walked as both in to the back of the cave where a small room was, never taking his lips off my. He lided me down on the bed, we never said another word to each other then 'I love you'.

From then on we were happy. I was happy with David, that night and forever.

-----------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------