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In which Freddie takes action against the big, bad, bully for the years of torture she gave him.

Part One: Retribution


I sat on one of the many benches of the park that Mom had taken me to since I was little, but I couldn't think of its name at the moment. My mind was clouded by thoughts of my worst nightmare: Sam Puckett. She just couldn't leave me alone. She just had to keep bullying me, calling me names, pulling pranks.

As I sat on this bench, I also thought about my growing attraction for my bully. I had accepted the fact that I liked Sam a while ago, but that didn't mean I didn't hate her. I wanted revenge. It was hard to explain. I felt as if I had to deliver some kind of punishment to her. And no, I didn't want to cause her extreme amounts of pain. I just wanted to do something to her to let my hate out. Just one little thing.

I didn't know what I would do to Sam, but I knew that the next time I saw her, I'd know what to do.

I got up and started walking back to Bushwell Plaza. I was going to find Sam.

I stormed through the door of the Shay's apartment. I was on a mission, and that mission was Sam Puckett.

"OH, FREDDIE!!" Mom screamed whilst jumping from the couch. "I was so worried about you!" She rushed over to me and wrapped me a tight hug. She started ranting hysterical things about how she didn't know where I was in the past hour, which I ignored. I was too busy searching for Sam to pay attention to anything else.

Target spotted. Sam was more or less in the fridge, probably looking for some ham, or other meat products. Nonetheless, I shrugged off Mom, and stalked past her, Carly, and Spencer. They were looking at me with shocked eyes, but I didn't care. I had to get to Sam. She was going to taste my hate.

I stopped in front of the prankster girl, and she must've sensed that as she stopping raiding the Shay's fridge, and straightened her back. She stepped back so she could shut refrigerator door, then turned to face me, looked me up, and down, and said: "Dork."

And then, I just... cracked.

I slammed her, full force, on the refrigerator, and assaulted her mouth with mine. I kissed her, forcefully, bruising her lips as well as mine. Her hands started to press against the chest, but I took hold of her wrists, and raised them above her head, and pushed them hard against the refrigerator.

I tightly closed my eyes as I pressed my body against hers. "Ehm," she breathed, and I deepened the kiss in response. I poured all my feelings of hate for her into this one kiss. This was her retribution for all those years of torture she gave me, making me life a living hell.

I bit her bottom lip till blood spewed from it. She gasped at this, and I took my chance, and slid my tongue into her mouth. She tasted like blood, and ham. I hated it, yet... I loved it, too. It satisfied me.

My tongue explored her mouth until it was too tired to even move. It just rested there, on top of hers.

I opened my eyes to look at her. Her eyes were open with only the emotion of surprise filling them. I closed my eyes, again, and made a swift move to deepen the kiss just a little more. Then, it was over. I retracted my tongue, lifted my mouth from hers, and stepped back. And she just slid to the floor, mouth agape, and looking at me.

I smirked at her expression, turned around, and calmly walked past a very shocked Carly, Spencer, and Mom. Their mouths, like Sam's, were agape, and their eyes followed me as I walked to the door.

Before I closed the door to the Shay's apartment, I looked back at Sam, who was still on the floor with the same expression I left her with, and said loud, and clear: "Retribution." Then, I left. I had accomplished my mission.

As I started to unlock the door to my apartment, a scary thought entered my head: what would she do to get me back?

After I got inside my apartment, I locked the door. If I knew Sam, she'd probably come after me soon.

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Well, that was part one. Part two shall be up soon. Its title is Reprisal, and it's in Sam's POV. Can you guess what happens next? ;)