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Summary:: Mikan been at Gakuen Alice every since she was 6. Discovering her S.E.C alice at the age of 7 and beginning mission at 9. She had 2 year of training and now is known as Shiro Neko sometimes called "Princess of the Night." But can one mission can her life? Or not?

Beep Beep. Beep Beep.

"What now?" Opening one of her brown eyes, she slammed her hand onto the alarm, turning it off. "Tch. Barely 12 in the morning."

Sighing she hopped off her bed she headed to her bathroom. Washing her face, brushing her teeth and doing all that stuff people usually do when they wake up. Then she changed into her mission clothes. Consisting of a tank top that was underneath a off-shoulder shirt, thigh length jean shorts, and a pair of black ankle length converse. Of course everything was black. Also her mission clothes changes every week. She wore her weapon pouch by her waist and had a gun on the other side of her waist.

Using her Shape-Shifting Alice, she changed her hair and facial looks. Now she has black layered hair with electro blue highlights that fell past her shoulder (in layers), a pair of clear eyes that look almost white with a tint of blue, and pale skin. She made herself a bit shorter than her normal high and changed her normally big round eyes to look a bit more squintier. Also she changed her voice.

After looking at herself in the mirror and giving it a thumbs up, she tied her hair into a low pony tail and walked out to her balcony. Looking at her surroundings, she silently, but elegantly jumped off the ledge and into a tree about 5 feet away.

Hurrying to the meeting place, she landed behind a tree and walked into the field. The mysterious man behind the mask turned around and gave off a smirk. For a moment everything seem to go dead. x.x

But the silence was broken when the man said, " You're early by 5 minutes. I thought you weren't going to come."

"Who do you think I am?"

"Oh.... Your Sakura Mikan, my little neko-chan. Or should I call you Hime-sama?"

She glared at him. " Don't try to piss me off Persona."

"Be careful of your choice of words. You wouldn't want them to suddenly disappear from this place now do you."

She made a low growl at him. "I have no friends. Or family."

Persona gave a deep throaty chuckle that could give anyone a chill. "You know what you're here for correct."

"The only reason you would call me out here would be either giving me missions or training."

"You know me too well." He grinned.

"So what is it today? A rescue mission, recovery/capture or survival mission?" She asked with one hand on her hip.

"Oh you missed one, and this is also your mission. It a murder mission." His grin never left his partially covered face.

Her emotionless face didn't changed a bit, keeping her facade on she asked, "Who is it this time?"

He handed her the folder that contained all the information she needed. "Sakumoto Hiroto, he is said to be kidnapping alice users and selling them to others. Like a bid."

Her eyes squinted a little, barely noticeable to the naked eye. She already hated this guy. She opened the folder and there was a picture of Sakumoto. There was every single personal information listed in the folder. No details were left out. Under the picture was a information on where he was going to be at and what time. Right now was 12:47 and the meeting was scheduled at 4:30a.m.

It said that Sakumoto would be the spokesman for the auction and also the manager of it. There was going to be 4 alice users that are going to be auction today. Apparently it was at the harbor about 5 miles from the academy.

"When am I leaving?" Was the only thing she could say, since her almost white eyes were scanning through the papers and recorded everything in her head.

"At exactly 1. The car has been prepared. You have till that time to...." He wasn't able to finish his sentence since he was cut off by Mikan.

Lifting her head up, she said,

"I don't need the ride. I am fine with using my legs."

Persona grinned and replied back, "If that's what you want then fine."

"You didn't say this, and I know it's on purpose. You want me to bring the kids back too don't you?"

Persona's smirk answered her question. He threw her a white cat mask that covered her whole face and it had red Sakura petals that went from under the right eye down to the chin and had a black nine petaled flower a bit under where her eye is suppose to be. She disregarded the feeling, that told her that something strange might happen and place the mask on her face.

She jumped up to a branch. Looking at the map -that lead to the harbor again- she placed it back into the folder and threw it down at Persona. Then she disappeared into the wind.

A soft sentence was carried in the wind. It was, "You sadistic."

"Hmm..." Looking at the folder in his hand, he activated his alice. It then disappeared into nothing and the dust disappeared with the wind. With that he disappeared too.

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