Sorry everyone! I haven't been able to UPDATE IN A LONG LONG TIME and that's because my family (consist of me, mom, brother, and little sister) are moving and my mom weirdly canceled our Internet, so I can't use my computer and my com has all of the chapters for Secrets Revealed and Little Too Late.

I have two chapters done for Secrets Revealed. I know it isn't a lot, but I'm hoping to finish more so once my Internet gets going there will be a lot of chapters going out. Chapter 2 is for sure done. Ch. 3 needs some editing. I forgot about Little Too Late but I know I have something done. xD So I hope you all will understand and also to explain who's Internet I am using: It's my grandma's.

Please understand and THANK YOU!!!

-Julie aka Juuri

P.S. If my uncle can give me back my USB then I might be able to update sooner then I plan. :] Hopefully he does give it to me.