This is my second time attempting to write a fiction. My first attempt was a Hana Kimi fiction in which I took off of because I lost interest after my computer died to a point in which it could not be revived at all bringing everything of my fiction down with it. After that I looked closely at my fiction and found it had no plot and had nothing to do with the manga at all anyway. I hope this fiction will not be like that because I have thought about it quite a bit. I know every little thing about this story, all I have to do is type it out and add some structure (like transition scenes) to it. Please, when/if you review this tell me everything that you thought about it truthfully. I will accept all types of reviews because I believe that they will help me (even the flames). Now on to talk about this story. It came to me when my sister and I were watching the SB! Anime. It will be RenXKyoko but it will only be moments, not me forcing them together with my own delusions. Well then, that's enough talk from me for now. Please enjoy and review ^-^

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Chapter one: The Return

Story: Life's problems


Mogami Kyoko walked in the studio for Dark Moon thinking that it was a normal day. She went and got her makeup done and then came out to the set. Director Ogata, who was standing with some of the other actors and crew, called over to her. "Good morning Kyoko-san. We were just talking about the on location shoot next week, we will be going to Kyoto." he said with a smile.

Kyoko was shocked but she tried to put on her best actor's smile and said, "OK. Well I need to look over the script a little before my scene so if you'll excuse me please," she said.

"Of course."

Kyoko bowed and then walked off briskly. 'Oh man, what am I going to do?' she thought. 'I can't just avoid the shoot. But I really don't want to run into Sho's parents. Then again Kyoto isn't that small. I might not run into them.' While Kyoko was thinking this she almost ran into Tsuruga Ren.

"Mogami-san, are you OK?" Ren inquired.

Kyoko immediately came out of her bubble seeing as her thought train crashed. "Eh? Oh yes, I'm quite fine. Why do you ask, Tsuruga-san?"

"Because you almost ran into me."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about the on location next week."

"Hm, if I remember correctly, that is in Kyoto. Right?"


"What were you thinking about?" Ren asked even though he could probably guess. It probably would be something along the lines of, 'What if I meet Sho's parents or my mother or someone else I know? Will they recognize me?' Which is of course right, as we know.

"Oh, nothing of importance."

"It must have been important if you thought about it so seriously to not see where you were going."

"No, it really wasn't. I was just happy to go on location again." Kyoko lied.

Ren sighed. She wasn't going to tell him. 'I'll just drop it for now' he thought. "Well don't be too excited and forget your lines."

"I won't." Kyoko huffed.

"OK, well then you best be on your way. I think they're calling you for your scenes."

"Oh, OK. See you later Tsuruga-san" Kyoko said after a short bow and a wave goodbye. Then she headed off to the set.


Ok, sorry it's so short but this is just to see if anyone is interested. The next chapters will defiantly be longer. I can promise that full heartedly. Also this seemed like the most natural breaking point rather than me going on. My talking at the beginning is probably longer than the actual story at this point. So, um, please review and I'll update again next week ^-^