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Chapter Four: Mother problems

Story: Life's problems


Mogami Kyoko was in the middle of a group of people who were stunned with shock. They were more shocked than that one time she gave that doll to Maria. More so than when she came back with a new Mio. Everyone in hearing distance of Kyoko let their jaws drop to the floor, or as close as they could get, once they heard that one small word break free from her vocal chords. There were only two people unaffected. That would be Kyoko herself and Ms. Fuwa, the person Kyoko just called Auntie out of old habit. Even Tsuruga Ren could not keep himself from looking 100% unsurprised. Thankfully, Ms. Fuwa once the one to break the silence before anyone broke free of surprise and started questioning her and Kyoko.

"Oh dear, your still calling me that in front of the guests Kyoko-chan? I thought I always told you never to call me that in front of guests." She said in a mildly harsh tone.

"H-Hai." Kyoko answered out of habit and fear. Habit because she would always be scolded for doing that and fear because Ms. Fuwa was not someone you would mess with.

"Now, I never suspected you to be here. I thought that the new talent with your name might be you, but then I thought of how innocent you are. Also the name was spelled differently. You can never be too sure in the show-biz world." Ms. Fuwa was about to continue babbling but she was called by the person at the front desk. She had a phone call. "Oh, it seems I must take this. I'm sorry Kyoko-chan, I'll talk to you later. Do you mind if I stop by your room later this evening? I have something important to talk to you about."

"N-Not at all Ms. Fuwa." Kyoko answered nervously.

"Well then, I'll see you later." And with that Ms. Fuwa left.

By this time everyone was starting to get over their shock. The first to speak was Director Ogata. "Wow Kyoko-san, I didn't know that you were related to the owners of this hotel. No wonder you were so tense on the bus."

"Oh, I'm not related. The Fuwa's took care of me when I was younger. I had ... reasons for not wanting to stay home and they let me come over at anytime. Eventually they started having me work here too." Kyoko answered in a monotone voice that seemed extremely exhausted. "Um, sorry to ask but I do not wish to really dwell on my past right now."

"Yes, I agree." Ren jumped in. "I believe that we are on a tight schedule if we wish to have that last day off. Perhaps, if Kyoko-san is willing to she can tell us her past then. But for now we really should be filming." Whilst saying this Ren had an award winning smile on. He could see that Kyoko was uncomfortable right now and he wanted to help. Even if it was diverting the unwanted attention from her, even if it was just for a little bit.

"Ah, yes. You are right Tsuruga-san. We should be filming. Then on the day off we can all play and listen to stories about everyone. Now then let us start filming." And with that Ogata became Director Ogata and started directing everyone.

Kyoko gave a big sigh of relief and started thinking about the very recent events. 'At least it seems that she doesn't hate me. If she did Aunty would have been really stern with me. At least she left before she spilled anything about Shotaro and I. But then that left everyone with the wrong impression. I'm sure that if Tsuruga-san didn't jump in there we would have spent a lot of time talking about depressing times of my life. Ah! I should thank him.' Kyoko looked up towards Ren who was messing with his cuff and getting ready for his scene that was in a few minuets. "Ano, Tsuruga-san. Thank you."

Ren looked down at Kyoko. He gave her a quizzical look. "For what Kyoko-san?"

"Um, for diverting the attention from my past to the..." What Ren just said finally soaked into Kyoko. "What did you call me?"

"Hm? I called you Kyoko-san, like you told me to. Actually you said to call you Kyoko but I'm been calling you Mogami-san for so long that it feels weird to just start calling you Kyoko. So I figured that I'd add the san onto it. If you like chan better I could start calling you Kyoko-chan." He said with a small smile.

"Oh, I did tell you to call me Kyoko... didn't I?"

"That you did."

"Um, well... OK then. But anyway thank you for asking the director to move onward with the shoot. Because you did that, he stopped questioning me, which I'm sure he would have continued."

"Oh, I did that because I really did want to move on." Ren half lied. It's only a half lie because he was planing on spending that last day with Kyoko. He didn't know what they would do but he did want to at least just take a small walk. That is partially why he asked them to continue. "But it is nice to know that I also helped you out." And with that he headed for the set after giving Kyoko a small parting smile.

~After the shooting that day~

Kyoko walked out of the changing room while giving a huge sigh. Today she had to deal with questions from the staff during breaks while worrying about whether or not people would connect the last name of the Fuwas' to that of Fuwa Sho (whom they knew that Kyoko knew somehow for he had showed up on the set of Dark Moon quite a few times). Thankfully no one did connect that fact or if they did they did not bring it up with the obviously worn out and nervous Kyoko. Now she had to go deal with Ms. Fuwa, who had sent a message during the shooting that she would like to meet with her later tonight privately to "catch up on old times." Kyoko was so scared that she might be hated by the woman who was the first to have somewhat treated her like a human being during the time that she had to live with her mother. Okami-san was the next and Kyoko was very grateful to both (even if Ms. Fuwa had the intentions of setting Kyoko up with *that hateful guy*).

Kyoko let out a long sigh as she stood in front of Ms. Fuwa's personal room. She looked around for something to get her out of what she considered a very difficult task and then finally knocked on the door. "Auntie, it's Kyoko... you asked for me to come talk with you?"

The door opened to a obviously happy Ms. Fuwa. "Yes, yes of course, please come in Kyoko-chan." And Kyoko was ushered in and seemingly forced to sit down at the kotatsu in the middle of the room. Ms. Fuwa sat next to her. "So, Kyoko-chan, how are you? Have you been doing well in Tokyo? Are you going to high school? I hope that your teachers let it pass that you wouldn't be in class much. I also hope that you live in a nice area with nice people near by. I hope that you have no scary stalker fans or anything. I love to watch the dramas that you are in and the guests talk about you all the time not even knowing that you are the same Kyoko who used to serve them when you were younger. I hear that you are close to Tsuruga-san. You should be careful. He is an adult after all and you are only 17. Oh I have a birthday present for you by the way, for both years too. I would have given them to you earlier but I had no clue how to find you. And I couldn't go into Tokyo because it is always busy around here during the holidays. Let me go get them now." Ms. Fuwa got up and headed to a closet in order to get Kyoko's birthday presents.

In the meantime Kyoko was sitting there completely confused. 'She is acting like nothing happened. As if this were just some other day... I haven't spoken to her for about two years now and this is it... I thought that she would want to punish me and ask me to bring Shotaro back. What is with this?!?' Kyoko sighed, 'Well I might as well answer her questions or else I really might get punished.'

"To answer your questions, I am doing well. Tokyo is an interesting place but after you live there for a while it's just like Kyoto. Yes, I am going to high school, the company sent me to a good school for actors. I got 100% on the entrance exam. I live with a nice older couple who own a shop that I part time at when I have time. I pay rent there and I also pay tuition for acting classes and high school. The people who go to the shop are all very nice. In regards to Tsuruga-san, he is my much respected senpai but that is it. And I'm sorry for not visiting for Christmas/ my birthday but the first year I did not have enough money and this year I had work the next day and also I was attending/ hosting a party at the president's house with his granddaughter. I would have invited you and uncle but, as you pointed out, you are surely always busy during that time." Kyoko said all of this almost monotone and then thought, 'Of course the truth is that it never crossed my mind because I had so much fun planing with Maria... then again I'm sure that it would not have crossed my mind either way. And if it did I still wouldn't have invited them because I would have been scared.'

"Oh, that sounds splendid! It must have been a grand party." Ms. Fuwa exclaimed as she returned with two gifts in hand.

"Yes, it was."

"Well here are the two gifts I went to get." She handed them to Kyoko. "Please open them later because now that we have the small talk out of the way there are more important things to be spoken of. The fist is my son, Sho."

'I knew this was coming, it isn't like Aunty to babble on and avoid the important stuff' Kyoko though. Then she sighed, "What about him Aunty?" she asked.

"Don't give me that Ms. Innocent act, you may be a really good actor right now be I know that you aren't stupid. How is he doing? And has he even at the slightest moment considered coming back?"

"Honestly Aunty, I wouldn't know. I don't really speak to him much because..." Kyoko paused, 'Should I tell her about her son? She would probably kill him and then come for me afterwards because I was the one who went with him willing (as much as I hate it myself). But still, I know how it is to be hated... by a....... parent.... No, no matter how much I hate anyone I can't inflict a parents hate on them, I wouldn't even be able to do that to the beagle. I won't tell her. … but what should I tell her now? I've already said too much to tell her a lie about him.'

"Kyoko-chan? You don't speak to him much because...?" Ms. Fuwa prompted.

"Ah! Because, …, because I am an actor and he is a musician... we don't get much time to speak because of our schedules. Plus it's really weird for those two worlds to clash. We barely even met between jobs. Especially with how he's been keeping first place for months right now, he can barely sleep much less speak to me." Kyoko lied through her teeth and she was hoping that Ms. Fuwa couldn't tell how much it pained Kyoko to say such lies... or even that Kyoko's last few sentences were the equivalent of rubbish that even pigs and goats won't touch.

Unfortunately for Kyoko Ms. Fuwa could tell. But she decided to let it drop for now. It seemed that Kyoko had some big reason as to tell a lie and as long as she knew that Sho was still alive then everything was ok. There would still be a possibility of him coming back after he came to his senses. She sighed, Kyoko flinched. "You know, you are horrible at lying. But you seem to always have a good reason to lie so I'll let it go for now... that and there is a bigger matter at hand. It's about your mother. I've had contact with her. And it's not good."

Kyoko froze. Her mother had left her with the Fuwa's when she was around 12 and when ever she came back she would never tell Kyoko. Kyoko would always visit her house though, every day. To tell the truth it was a bit of a relief when Shotaro asked her to come with him to Tokyo, then she could run away from her broken and abandoned family and live in her fairy tale world. By the time Shotaro threw her away she didn't even have time to wonder where her mother might be and when she did get a chance to think about her mother, she was always too scared to even try anymore.

'Surely just up and disappearing with a boy from a wealthy family would have not made mother happy,' Kyoko thought, 'though nothing seemed to anyway. In fact, mother was probably happy to be rid of a nuisance like me and hasn't thought of me sense. That is probably what happened.'

Kyoko started to slip into a world of despair. Ms. Fuwa had no clue as to what to do but to let out the truth. But then again who knows what would happen after that. After all, Kyoko was very unpredictable, even if Ms. Fuwa hadn't known her these past two years, she could still tell how weird Kyoko had gotten. Ms. Fuwa sighed. "The truth is, you mother, Saena-san, is in the local hospital because she has leukemia and..."

Kyoko couldn't believe what she just heard... even as Ms. Fuwa continued talking about Saena-san Kyoko could not hear a thing. She slowly started to stand up and then left the room. She didn't notice Ms. Fuwa calling out to her and following her. She didn't notice almost bumping into Momose-san as she started to run towards the forest behind the hotel... she didn't notice anything around her. All she knew was that the person who she unconsciously yearned to have love her was dying and she hadn't even been contacted. Mogami Kyoko ran as fast as she could to somewhere... she didn't know where, she just went wherever her feet took her.


Ok, long time no see. This chapter took me FOREVER to write because it is so depressing and also it's hard to have two characters interact if I have never met one of them before except for in my head.... meaning that I didn't create Kyoko or Ms. Fuwa and I'm sure that lovely Nakamura-sensei has their character down way better than I do (considering she created them) and so it's hard for me to base how Kyoko would react to Ms. Fuwa and how Ms. Fuwa would react to Kyoko if the only reference I have are short flashbacks to when Kyoko was something like 6. That is reason #2 for why this chapter is so late. Reason #1 is made of two things. I'm lazy and I lost interest. Interest is coming back now though because I re-read all of the chapters that are out right now... which was great because this leads me to the second or third thing (can't tell right now, I wanted to go to sleep hours ago but this was bugging me telling me to finish it *cries*) I wanted to talk about. Saena-san is the name of Kyoko's mother that I did NOT make up. It was in something that was mentioned like chapter 3 or 4 or 5 (I think it was chapter 4) and never again was her name ever mentioned. Now this might be a name that the translators made up (I don't know because I haven't read the books that are published in America... only the chapters online(I'll buy it eventually).) but if it is I have no clue... so I shall be using it because it was also another thing that was holding me back from writing this chapter (what to call Kyoko's mother? I dunno. Let's re-read skip beat and see if it is mentioned there... I haven't slept much recently if you can't tell). Oh and I mentioned that Kyoko and Fuwa mama and papa haven't been in contact for two years... this is not 2 years of acting... this is 2 years of the total time that Kyoko has been in Tokyo. First year is when she was doting over stupid Sho, and the second year is the almost full year that we have seen in the manga ^.^ NO PROMISES ON WHEN THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE OUT! I will be visiting my grandma for 2 weeks and I can't write if I'm not alone in a quiet place where I'm sure I won't be bothered for at least an hour. And at my grandma's house there is no quiet (especially with 3 of my brothers, my 2 cute cousins, my sister, my aunt and uncle, my mom, AND my grandma there... I mean she has a big house... but not that big). That and I am still experiencing some writers block and don't seem to be quite as interested... but I will be thinking about it because I have found some stuff (while thinking about the plot) that seem OOC for the characters and also improbable for Mogami-mama (what I called her before I learned her name, it's habit now... she wouldn't have been called that in the fiction though) to do. That and it all seemed very newbieish type of plot that I MUST fix. It all seems so childish when I think about it now... I've re-read my first chapter and I HATE it now *cries in a corner* I'm so sorry that you had to read it. I hope this one is better. But I'm going to sleep before I post it so that I can re-read it in when I wake up tomorrow. I've been re-reading all my chapters and keep finding horrible mistakes so I shall correct them and then re-post ALL of my chapters... anyway, I tend to jabber when I'm tired and this little ending thing is almost a page long so I'll cut it off here. Once again, no promises on the next chapter. Night night.